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    The Effect of Impaired Vision on Hand Eye Coordination

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    The intention of this research is to see how impaired vision, makes hand eye coordination worse. Distracted driving causes nine deaths a day. Whether that be from cell phone use, lost thought, or eating and driving , not having your full attention on the road is dangerous. I believe when you impair your vision your hand eye coordination will be worse. Only because you wouldn’t be able to see the direction and distance you are throwing the bean-bag.


    The materials needed for this experiment are easy to get. First, you will need tape to mark where the person that is throwing will be standing and mark the target. Then you will need a bean-bag to throw. You will also need a object to use to impair the person thats throwing eyes, we used a blindfold. Lastly you will need measuring tape to measure the distance between the subject throwing and the target to see how close the bean-bag is to hitting the target.


    The testing was very close between altered and un-altered data but our hypothesis was correct. When your vision is impaired it is harder to have an accurate hand eye coordination. When the person that was throwing vision was impaired the bean-bag was further away from the target. And had more less than a chance to correctly hit the target


    Through the experiment we were able to learn that impaired vision people to be less accurate in a task. If someone was texting and driving they would be distracted and would be driving like they had a blindfold on them. It is dangerous and could cause the person to be inaccurate in staying in their lane. Having their full attention on the road is very important.


    Hand-eye coordination is the ability to do activities that requires the simultaneous use of our hands and eyes, like an activity that uses information our eyes perceive to guide our hands to carry out a movement. I threw the bean-bag towards the marked target without my blindfold to see if I could hit it, after I put my blindfold on I tried the same attempt to see what would happen.

    By being blindfolded with this alteration I got the target the first time, but without the alteration I had to do it multiple times to hit the target. Our results show that I have hit the target more times with the alteration then without the alteration. We discussed that I did better with the blindfold on, then with it off and we concluded that I was not worrying if I could hit the target with the blindfold on.

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