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    Excellent Driving Performance (1503 words)

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    The new Magotan has different driving mode choices, among which the comfortable mode is close to the standard mode, which is very suitable for driving in the city. In the economic mode, the gearbox responds quickly, and can accurately understand the instructions given by the driver. The DCC dynamic chassis system of the top model is also integrated into the selection of driving mode. Under different driving modes, the software and hardware of the chassis will have different settings. In terms of suspension, the new car’s shock absorber has a high matching degree with the spring, and the handling of road bumps is in place.

    Super Large Internal Space

    Thanks to the MQB-B platform of Volkswagen, the new Magotan front looks more low and flat, and the line transition from the C-pillar to the rear is more smooth, creating a stronger sense of movement. The whole line is dynamic, elegant and atmospheric. In terms of space that Chinese consumers are most concerned about, the new generation of Magotan is 59mm longer than the old one, reaching 2871mm. In terms of the size, the length, width and height of the new Magotan are 4866 / 1832 / 1464mm respectively. The wheelbase is 2871mm.

    Fashionable Shape Design

    Magotan’s shape design has been carefully designed by German experts, which integrates the fashionable elements of current automobile design. The dynamic and atmospheric design represents the latest automobile design concept in Europe. The firm V-shaped front face is steady and atmospheric, and the dynamic and fashionable streamline body lines make the wind resistance coefficient of Magotan as low as 0.28.

    The ‘compound fish eye’ type follow-up and turn compound Bi-xenon headlights, which represent the latest design concept, are full of wisdom and calm; the exquisite and simple LED taillights design embodies the perfect combination of technology and art. Its waist maintains the classic ‘Diamond ratio’, The washing is smooth, and the interior space is expanded to the maximum extent under the premise of moderate size of length, width and height.

    Exquisite Interior Workmanship

    When you enter the car, the interior design is more simple than the old one. Although the layout of the buttons on the center console has some heritage relationship with the old one, when you see the full LCD Meter, HUD head up display system and flat bottom steering wheel, all of these elements pay homage to sports and technology. However, from the perspective of the quartz watch on the center console and the assembly of Dana sound, the new generation of Magotan’s creation of luxury quality atmosphere seems to be defending the market position of the benchmark of medium and high-end cars.

    Here, what’s more, the new generation of Magotan is also equipped with Nappa leather seats, which brings a comfortable and soft touch. It can be called luxury enjoyment with the front seat ventilation function and the driver’s seat massage function.

    When you live in the cockpit, you can enjoy the brilliance of real leather and wood, experience the comfortable sleep headrest designed by bionics, and enjoy the super hospitality. It’s amazing. It will also give you the illusion of identity exchange, which is probably the appeal of enjoyment.

    Meanwhile, the new generation of Magotan is equipped with intelligent three zone automatic constant temperature air conditioning, and the three temperature zones in the car are all It can be controlled independently, so that every passenger can enjoy the appropriate temperature. When looking up, the new generation of Magotan is also equipped with a large panoramic skylight, so that the unique innovators can have a better view of the beautiful scenery along the way.

    In the back row, the first thing that attracts you is the aviation headrest. For different passengers, you can fold the headrest, and you will always find the best way to ride. And the independent rear row partition control, plus the 220V AC socket, and USB interface configuration are also very considerate. And this kind of back row, Magotan is completely built according to the C-level administrative standard, whether it is home travel or business reception, it is your best helper.

    From the new generation of Magotan, we can see that in addition to the extensive use of technology equipment, Magotan still retains the pure tone of high-end business. Science and technology equipment can attract a large number of young generation elite consumer groups, but for the old generation of social elite, Magotan also maintained a good attitude to meet. So, the new generation of Magotan, it is facing the customer group is completely no age class restrictions.

    High-End Safety Equipment

    In the part of security configuration, the new Magotan is able to say and do in place, and its security system is very comprehensive. In terms of active safety, the new Magotan is equipped with panoramic 360 ° parking image system, TravelAssist full journey driving assistance system, HOD capacitive steering wheel off hand detection function, advanced adaptive cruise, lane change assistance, pedestrian identification and traffic sign identification, which can identify pedestrians and riders on the road and ensure driving safety.

    In terms of passive safety, in addition to general airbags, the new Magotan is equipped with knee airbags, which are normally developed in accordance with the C-NCAP 5 star standard, and won unanimous praise in the safety collision test.

    In the whole mid-class auto market, the new generation of Magotan occupies an absolute advantage. It can not only meet the decent needs of the generation in appearance, but also give the best driving experience of the same level in practical experience.


    Magotan precisely locates the elite group. For Magotan users, a very important point is business travel. Most of the consumers who buy Magotan are new generation. They are not only the best in the business competition, but also love life more, have a broad mind and a healthy lifestyle.

    Nowadays, the post-80s and post-90s have become the main force of entrepreneurship, and they are emerging in the wave of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship has become a popular trend and lifestyle. Catering to the needs of this emerging elite is equally important for the new generation of Magotan. Compared with the traditional luxury brand BBA, Magotan with VW logo has a more mature and stable business, which can make young entrepreneurs leave a better first impression on customers.

    Place Strategy

    At present, the total number of FAW-Volkswagen brand first level dealers has reached more than 1000, and the overall coverage rate of prefecture level cities has exceeded 90%.

    FAW-Volkswagen is the first vehicle manufacturing and sales enterprise in China that successfully introduced 4S marketing mode. In 1999, FAW Volkswagen introduced the umbrella model exhibition hall, the global brand standard exhibition hall of Volkswagen, which officially opened the process of the standardization construction of the network of Volkswagen brands. In September 2000, the first FAW Volkswagen brand international standard 4S shop in China was completed.

    In 2008, FAW Volkswagen introduced the second generation of Volkswagen global brand standard exhibition hall – Modular Model Exhibition Hall, which was applied to the network construction of new dealers and the upgrading of existing network image. The brand-new appearance of the exhibition hall brings freshness and vitality, echoing the product style. The design element of ‘instant image’ aims to create comfortable and fashionable car buying space for customers.

    From 2009 to 2019, the number of mass brand distributors has nearly tripled, and has experienced a long process from rapid expansion to steady development. From 2008 to 2014, FAW Volkswagen brand expanded the dealer network pattern with the guiding principle of quickly filling the blank market, consolidating the weak market and focusing on the key market, with an annual average of 90 new operating dealers. Since 2015, the network development strategy has changed from large-scale expansion to refined layout, paying more attention to the rationality of dealer network layout.

    In order to optimize the network layout and investor structure, we need to analyze and classify the market, make corresponding network coverage strategies, implement differentiated investment standards, and cover the target market quickly and accurately.

    At the same time, actively develop and promote various secondary network modes, such as mini 4S, satellite store, franchise service store, contact network, mobile network, etc., promote the rapid sinking of dealer network, and realize the rapid coverage of urban automobile hypermarkets, county-level cities and other types of blank markets.


    Push strat: All the activites push the product in to the trade. Volkswagen is the first vehicle manufacturing and sales enterprise in China that successfully introduces 4S marketing mode. In 2019, the total number of first-class brand distributors reached 1003, and the overall coverage of prefecture-level cities exceeded 90%.

    At the same time, actively develop and promote various secondary network modes such as mini 4S shop, satellite shop, franchised service shop, a small network, mobile network, etc. Promote the rapid sinking of the dealer network, and realize the coverage of the county-level market and other types of blank markets of urban automobile hypermarkets.

    All these measures make it easier for target customers to make choices and improve their loyalty to the brand by finding sales outlets and after-sales services near them.

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