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    Statement of Service Philosophy

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    Service is an opportunity to build relationships not only within the department but between the Institutional Advancement and the college community. My service philosophy is to engage in activities where I can most effectively apply my professional knowledge, unique skills, and professional experiences for the enrichment of the college and community. Service comes naturally to me and fits my position as it gives me the opportunity to introduce initiatives, play an integral part of campus-wide projects and collaborate with faculty and staff teams. I have had a unique experience with Farmingdale State College as I first began my career with FSC as a visiting professor in the Visual Communications department after teaching as an adjunct for five and a half years at the Sage Colleges.

    I had the opportunity to work with students and learn first-hand of their experience with the college. I developed new course materials and made myself available to the students to further foster their success. During that time several students approached me to give a presentation to the Graphic Design Club that covered professional resources not generally covered within the classroom setting. The experience was successful for both the students and myself as I was able to provide some much-needed guidance not always provided in a strictly academic setting and provided me with unique insights into their student experience and needs. I have taken these insights with me as my opportunities led me to work within the Institutional Advancement office.

    Departmental Service

    Departmental service is integrated within my everyday work, so I do not consider it as an independent element when it comes to my service philosophy but it is an integral part of my daily service to the college. I believe that the key attributes for successful service are a willingness to help, share knowledge, collaborate and be involved with collective concerns and institutional development. I continue to integrate these qualities on a daily basis usually represented in my entering into any meeting asking, “How can I help?”.

    Community Service

    I strongly believe that one of the main roles of an academic professional is to an active participant within their communities – especially when the community initiatives fall within my area of expertise. Partnerships with other universities, agencies, community organizations, and influential individuals, help in strengthening the community, increasing the college visibility, and further foster the strong reputation of Farmingdale State College. Through my work, I have had the opportunity to work with D3, Art Corwin, Theresa Santamann, and several other benefactors of the campus as well as help advertise many of the campus community events and initiatives. Professional Service Another important area of academic impact is contributing to the professional community. I have been an active member of several professional organizations such as the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and the University and College Designers Association (UCDA).

    Most recently I have been volunteering with the SUNY CUAD organization working to build a graphic design component to their annual conference and award ceremony. These professional organizations provide the opportunity to present your work, get feedback, interact with other academics and professionals, share knowledge and to better the profession and foster creativity. I have also volunteered for the past 5 years to serve as a judge for the graduating senior Graphic Design show. College Service Finally, college service is an essential aspect of any successful campus employee. I have always looked at college service as an opportunity to build campus-wide networks and increase the communication and visibility of our many impressive departments and programs.

    Over the years, I have been a member of three search committees, and several campus-wide committees including the Tobacco Policy Committee, the Commencement Committee, the Public Art Taskforce, and most recently requested to serve on the SUNY Micro-credential Task Force. I continue to be committed to student education and success while fostering the branding and success of our institution. To conclude, service should be looked at holistically with the sum of its parts creating an ever-expanding impact on the campus community. – taking into account its various facets: departmental, community, college and professional. I believe that my continuing involvement in service provides opportunities to learn, share knowledge, build networks and relationships and be a positive contributor to the Farmingdale State College campus community. Thank you for your time reviewing my service philosophy.

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    Statement of Service Philosophy. (2021, Aug 26). Retrieved from

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