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Shakespeare,Renaissance,Queen Elizabeth, and Elizabethan Theater

Shakespeare was
A great British playwright and poet
Shakespeare’s birthday
April 23
Shakespeare was christened in
Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

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Shakespeare’s wife
Anne Hathaway
Shakespeare married when he was how old
Shakespeare has how many kids
Name of Shakespeare’s kids
Susanna, Hamlet,Judith
Which of Shakespeare’s kids were twins
Hamlet and Judith
Shakespeare’s name first appeared in print in the year
Shakespeare’s died on
April 23
As well as a writer Shakespeare was also an
Shakespeare was part of an acting troupe called
Lord Chamberlain’s Men
Shakespeare is the part time owner of the
Globe Theater
What types of plays did Shakespeare write
Comidies, Tragedies, and histories
The Renaissance began in
14th century Italy
Renaissance means
During the renaissance only royalty could wear purple because
it was expensive to make the dye
Types of marriages in the Renaissance time period
Arranged marrigaes
In the Renaissance time period, women
had no legal rights
Queen Elizabeth was
The queen of England from 1558-1603
Queen Elizabeth’s father
King Henry VIII(8th)
Queen Elizabeth was part of the
Tudor family dynasty
Since Queen Elizabeth never married she was given the nick name
Virgin Queen
Queen Elizabeth stayed single in order to
Keep her power
Elizabethan Theater was
A large open area with a stage
Shows in the Elizabethan Theater were in the
Shows had no
No bathroom or intermisson
The main theaters were
The Rose and The Curtain
There were no lightning or
special effects like we have today
London official hated the
Theaters and often closed it down
The theater helped spread
the black plague
Women were not allowed to
appear on stage
Ned Alan was
a famous actor of the Elizabethan theater
Christopher Marlos was
more popular than Shakespeare
Theaters had 3-4 tiers with seats were the
upper class sat
Theaters had a pit in front of the stage where the
lower class(groundlings) stood
2000-3000 people could
fit in the theaters
Men had to play the roles of
Both men and women

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Shakespeare,Renaissance,Queen Elizabeth, and Elizabethan Theater
Shakespeare was A great British playwright and poet Shakespeare's birthday April 23
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Shakespeare,Renaissance,Queen Elizabeth, and Elizabethan Theater
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