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    Schools in Saudi Arabia (816 words)

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    In recent years, schools in Saudi Arabia have suffered accidents, suicides, violence, disasters, abuse and many other tragedies, which seem to be increasing rather than decreasing. School violence is widespread, affecting many students. It is mostly committed by their peers.

    School violence: is any activity that can create disruption in the educational system. Including verbal and physical altercations. Also, violence in schools’ harms school attendance, contributes to low school achievement results and leads to high school drop-out rates. Ultimately, it harms the future of students.

    Physical violence: The use of physical force to strike a student or used as an instrument to carry out punishment and harm to his body. Physical violence is one of the most common forms of violence, and there are many examples of physical violence being beaten with hands or tools, thrust, strangulation, injure him, or even kill him.Verbal violence: It is the most influential in the psychological state of the abused person, as it is directed by insulting to the other, mocking, insulting and threatening him, and the aim of it is intimidation, such as bullying.

    Psychological violence: represented by directing an act, or behavior that would cause psychological harm to the victim, such as: isolating the student from the rest of the students, or controlling, and imposing influence on him, locking the student.

    Organized violence: It is a new type of violence whose heroes are groups of pupils organized in the form of gangs usually led by a student characterized by an aggressive tendency, and these gangs terrorize the other pupils and blackmail them and compel them to pay some money , seize their mobile phones, and take away valuable items.

    Nowadays, most students spend their time using the world of the Internet and browsing social media. This world can be a factor in increasing awareness of this phenomenon, reducing it and it impact on student achievement. The digital platform also plays a major role in educating parents and faculty to understand the importance of this violence

    1. Production of a documentary or cartoon to raise awareness of this phenomenon.
    2. Place advertisements on TV to treat this phenomenon

    Teachers have big role in this phenomenon because students spend half of their day in school. Teachers must contain and understand students’ characters and behaviors. Also, provide them with an educational environment free from aggression and violence

    Teachers should teach students and cultivate a culture of tolerance and kindness with their classmates. It is important to organize meetings with parents to know the student’s behavior.

    Review the school discipline system to become a system for modifying behavioral and preventive behavior. Enhancing student self-confidence and awareness of the positive aspects.

    Putting importance on the role of social counselor, limiting students with repetitive aggressive behavior so that we can deal with them, know the reasons for their behavior and communicate with parents.

    The necessity of paying attention to preparing preventive programs and activating it through holding seminars and lectures to introduce students to the concept of violence, its forms and manifestations and how to deal with it.

    Parents must spend with their children, talk to them and know who their friends are, which has a clear effect on the limit School violence phenomenon. Parents should study modern methods of education and the use of Effective strategies to implement to deal with school violence.

    Promoting values and morals among children and directing them towards the right path, instilling noble values and good principles in the hearts of children and encouraging beautiful values such as: tolerance, altruism, love of others and kindness. Parents constantly monitor their children, monitor their behavior, and implement the principle of reward and punishment in proportion to appropriate behavior.

    Caring for the children’s psyche, and this comes with the necessity of providing a stable family atmosphere free from family problems and unrest as possible Directing children’s anger and violent behavior, at times, towards a specific sport in which they can release negative energy from anger.The government focuses on increasing public awareness and debate on issues of school violence, addressing the social and physical causes of school violence in the environment and providing care and support to victims.

    They are Restructuring of cultural and sports activities, this point is important for freeing students ‘energies, showing students behavior and adopting motivation to discover and encourage students’ talents.

    Effort to improve the environment of the school community to reduce the potential for violence include improved classrooms management practices, promotion the learning techniques, student monitoring and supervision, and involvement of parents and caregivers.

    Simple environmental design features that can improve safety include Monitoring the placement of cameras in buildings and classrooms. Ensuring that there are not preventing visibility from building windows.

    In conclusion, I hope that violence in schools in Saudi Arabia will decrease rather than increase. Also, the schools to be more concerned with this problem, seek to eliminate it and protect students’ rights

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