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    School Violence in Saudi Arabia

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    Violence is increasing in schools in Saudi Arabia, as well as in all countries. Which is Every operation is affected on any person in the school environment, whether it is physical or psychological, the problem of violence against children has become a widespread phenomenon in our societies today, which has made it the focus of attention of most researchers and researchers in various fields in order to know The social and psychological dimensions of children so that the multiple factors that lead to violence such as the disintegration of the family, cruelty, neglect and emotional emptiness and thus reflected on the child’s behavior and the behavior of parents towards their children, which leads to misconduct and aggression in educational institutions, which are known as school violence.

    School violence make some students feel fear and dread, as well as showing lack of self-confidence, depression and stress. As well as not feeling safe. It was represented in social inactivity, whereby a violent student by his professors loses his vitality in the department. It may affect his studies by the low level of achievement, school failure, late school attendance or frequent absence.

    Types of Violence in schools in Saudi Arabia

    Nowadays we have a lot of violence types, but the most popular in our schools is:

    1. Verbal violence. It is every behavior or act that psychologically harms the feelings of mankind, cursing, insulting, insulting and despising, it may be infringing a student over another student or a number of students or one of the teachers or school staff in words or deeds.
    2. Physical violence. Any behavior or action that physically harms someone in the school environment, is injured, scratched or causes bruising.
    3. Sexual violence. It is any sexual act or any attempt to obtain a sexual act through violence or coercion, or pressure and squeeze individuals for a sexual purpose.
    4. And bullying it is an aggressive, recurring behavior to fix another person intentionally, physically or psychologically. Bullying can be acted individually in certain ways.

    Bullying victims can have emotional and behavioral problems in the long run. Bullying can cause loneliness, depression and anxiety and lead to low self-esteem and increased exposure to disease, and the majority of students may generate the desire to commit suicide.

    How can we handle the violence in schools using digital platform?

    We can educate children and even all age groups by using digital platforms because the impact of TV shows, social media and violent video games is largely underestimated in society at this time.

    1. Open awareness accounts for students to spread positive messages
    2. Creating a special account to solve students ’problems through the student’s communication with psychological specialists, explaining their problems and expressing their feelings. Thus, the specialists begin to calm them down, change their aggressive thinking and Enhance their self-confidence.

    Role of Teachers in reducing Violence

    1. By spreading a culture of tolerance and non-violence, and by spreading a culture of listening and communicating with their students.
    2. Holding seminars and lectures to introduce students to the concept of violence, its forms and manifestations, and how to deal with it.
    3. Intensifying social counseling and preventive awareness classes through school magazines and wall stickers to protect students from the tendency to violence.
    4. Doing cultural and sports activities to motivate students, discover their talents and encourage them.
    5. The teacher have to deal directly with violent behavior in the classroom. This is to make the student realize that the teacher does not tolerate this type of behavior.
    6. Participation of students in building norms and standards of behavior against violence in the department.

    Role of parents in reducing violence

    1. Parents should study modern methods of education and effective strategies to implement them to confront school violence
    2. Promoting religious and moral values ​​for children and directing them towards the right path.
    3. Continuously monitoring the parents of their children, observing their behaviors, and implementing the principle of reward and punishment in proportion to the appropriate behavior.
    4. Caring for the children’s psyche, and this comes with the necessity of providing a stable family atmosphere free of family problems and unrest as much as possible.
    5. Directing children’s anger and violent behavior, towards a specific sport in which they can free negative energy from anger and violence.
    6. Contact the school continuously to learn about their children’s situations, needs and problems.

    Measures taken by the Government

    1. A social counseling unit has been established to provide social, psychological and educational counseling in strict confidentiality.
    2. A general department for social protection was established.


    We conclude that students often tend to violence, especially after the occurrence of discounts between them, and violence also increases when children are left unattended in the classroom by the teacher, and at home by parents, but despite the existence of many cases of school violence, there has become a great awareness of the state And teachers and parents, there is awareness of the dangers of school violence and its negative impact on students, which is addressed and attempted to reduce it in our country more. (Altun and Baker, 2010)


    I recommend that attention:

    1. be devoted to creating a school environment that encourages discipline.
    2. Holding regular meetings with the parents of the students.
    3. Training students on self-control and emotion control.
    4. Diversifying student activity programs in schools to suit all students, allowing them to vent their repressed feelings, such as plays and trips.
    5. Holding students in the upper graters responsible for the lower graters of their work, and also to reduce the phenomenon of violence and bullying against younger students. (Violence in Schools: Causes and Solutions, 2020), ,(توصيات للحد من ظاهرة العنف, 2020)


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