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Essays About News

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I Heard It On The News Essay

To prepare ourselves for this unit in class, we read two plays; ‘Find Me’ and ‘Equus’. We also read two poems; ‘What Ever Happened To Lulu’ and ‘I Heard It On The News’. To begin, we studied a wide variety of different newspaper articles and stories, because ‘Find Me’ was originally written after Olwen Wymark saw…

News to go to London Essay

Pip feels very blank and confused about becoming apprenticed to be a black smith because it was his childhood dreams of becoming a blacksmith but now as he crew up and had a ‘Great Expectation’ of becoming a gentleman he changed his mind and didn’t want to become a blacksmith any more and he felt…

Does news provide unbiased facts or manipulated stories? Essay

I found the article, “It’s news, but is it true? ” quite intriguing because I am often fooled by the misleading information on the news myself. I already knew the presence of “a new study” is made in science but I never really questioned its validity as more so its precision. In a section of…



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How the Newsround creators change the 6 o’clock news to be suitable for a younger age group Essay

In each programme of Newsround the music is strange but a bit fun aswell. The mood it sets is that it is for younger children and not for adults. The first image that the public sees is of a computer generated Newsround logo, which then leads into a still camera shot of the presenter. The…

Writers develop original fiction and non-fiction for books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, television, movies, and radio Essay

Writers develop original fiction and non-fiction for books, magazines, newspapers, online distributions, newsletters, television, movies, and radio. They either select a topic or are assigned one by an editor. Research is needed to write fictional stories, and non-fictional stories, and this is done by personal observation, library research, Internet research, and interviews. Established writers, people…

Newspaper article critique Essay

In his article “Check diseases coming in the back door”, V. K. Chin, an editorial adviser to the star, comments about the reasons and also the dangerous of diseases that spread all over in Malaysia by the foreign workers. This is a quite serious problem if the diseases really spread fast in our country. The…

A Newspaper Article on The Murder of Mrs. Tyler By Lennie Smalls Essay

On 19th August two days ago Ms. Tyler from Salinas California was brutally slaughter by a lunatic called Lennie Smalls. With in minutes of the body being found there was a search party sent out to “seek and destroy” the murderer. Ms. Tyler the wife of Curly Tyler was found dead in one of the…

Excavating Egypt Newsprint Essay

This article tells of a typical working day for an archaeologist in Egypt. It tells of an experienced archaeologist named, Dr. David O’Connor. He speaks of his working site, Abydos, and tells of what he has discovered since he started working on the site. In his 30 years of working there, he has uncovered 12…

Hard News vs. Soft News Essay

Hard News Vs. Soft News News stories are basically divided into two types: hard news and soft news. Hard new generally refers to up-to-the-minute news and events that are reported immediately, while soft news is background information or human-interest stories. Politics, war, economics and crime used to be considered hard news, while arts, entertainment and…

Fake News Essay

Introduction The concept of fake news is defined as made up information, presented in a specific format, to make it look like authentic, real news, with the sole intention of deceiving the consumers. False news versus fake news Situations may occur when someone presents facts having in mind the purpose of being informative, only to…

Parts of a Newspaper Essay

Business – tells you the things that are happening business-wise. (media and advertising, world business, economy, stock markets, mutual funds, etc. L. Technology – contains things that are going in and out of style in the technology world. J. Science – contains things that are happening in medical world. (e. G. Outer space, environment, etc….

Cowley, Geoffrey. Sleeping With The Enemy. Newsweek. December 9, 1992. Essay

Pg. 58-59. Major points: 1. Syphilis is still rare compared with other sexually transmitted diseases. 2. Gonorrhea is not as popular as it used to be, but chlamydia on the other hand is the most common sexually transmitted disease. 3. Genital herpes and genital warts have no cure. 4. Sex is the leading mode of…

News Essay

California School ShootingOn March 5, 2001 a fifteen year-old freshman at Santana High School in Santee, California shot and killed two classmates and wounded thirteen other people. The San Diego Country District Attorney, Paul Pfingst says, “The fifteen year-old will most likely be tried as an adult”. One student John Schardt saw the shooter stepping…

News in the Bay Area Essay

News, there are all types of news these days. There is good news where news casters talk about serious no nonsense stuff that concerns the economy, government, peoples safety, and just the significance of the story provided by a news broadcasting station. On the other hand there can be news that have no kind of…

Birth of American Newspaper Essay

The Birth of the American NewspaperIt has been said that the true newspaper must meet these qualifications: (1) it must be published at least once a week; (2) it must be produced by mechanical means (to distinguish it from handwritten “newes letters”); (3) it must be available to anyone willing to pay the price, regardless…

Corporate Newsletter-Social Influences; Group Judg Essay

ements and DecisionsIn recent months, the management team of this organization has been working tirelessly to diminish biases among group members and to establish a proposal focusing on the elimination of in-store employee theft. This criminal activity associated with inventory shrinkage and major revenue loss has proved to be a detriment to our company, but…

Colombia newsleter Essay

Before Spanish Explorers Prior to the Spanish conquest, Colombia was inhabited by the Chibchas, and Cariban people, but the first people to establish villages were the Mesoamericans. They arrived around 1200 B. C. They introduced the farming of fruits and vegetables. The main things they farmed were potatoes and corn. They also made finally crafted…

radio news Essay

Radio News SpeechGood morning, Sioux City. This is Adam Lewis and you are tuned to KL&R on this delightful March 3rd for all your news so youll know whats going on. This story coming right out of good old Sioux City. Eleven businesses in a strip mall on Gordon Drive are all wet after a…

The Cost of Fake News During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The government can require limitations and laws on what is posted on the internet, digital software engineering should take the lead in minimizing fake news on technology platforms, because the immediate spread of misinformation and false news is harmful to society. If misinformation can populate social internet mediums, then, what does that mean for the…

Problematic of Fake News

In recent years fake news has become more problematic due to the attention it has been receiving. One of the biggest reasons for this is that it is taking credibility away from all journalist, and is even giving other countries the confidence they need to wrongfully punish journalist for fake news. It has also made…

Detection of Fake News

“Neil Armstrong is convinced that the moon landing is fake” The above headline was reported by few media houses throughout the world and by the time the mistake was realised, it had already reached to millions. And thanks to internet, anything published online is turned to stone instantly. The meteoric rise of internet and social…

War against Fake News

In this day and age, the internet is one of the most prominent ways that information is distributed. Unfortunately, the internet does not always provide individuals with valid information, but attract individuals to inaccurate information, also known as fake news. In a recent study conducted by Stanford University, roughly 82% of middle-schoolers struggled to distinguish…

Fake News and Media in Our World

Rhetoric is a persuasive use of a language that has been around since philosophy ages. The term rhetoric can completely change the way we think critically by engaging us emotionally. We have the ability to communicate in different ways using the same information while adding our own little personal twist to it. In doing so,…

Youtube and Fake News

At least 80 people died and more than 500 people went missing in a massive forest fire that took place in California in November, 2018. Even though local police and authorities said the fire was caused by damaged power plants, the conspiracy that had nothing to do with the authorities’ announcement began to spread quickly….

Fabricated News in a Fabricated World

In the United States around two thirds of adults say that they get their news from social media platforms*. However, in recent years, the inaccuracy of these sources have come to light in the form of controversy, fabricated news stories, and inaccurate statements. As news continues to become more and more readily accessible, many consumers…

Necessity of Filtration of Cyber News

Since the beginning of time of the technological era, the media has played the main role of news broadcasting. Due to the great power that this entails, large entities have made use of them for their own benefit, giving access to different forms of information manipulation. There are different ways to manipulate the news. From…

The Epidemic of Fake News

A comprehensive report An examination of how false news stories have influenced our political process and how we can prevent these stories from controlling the press. The recent presidential election was undeniably one of the most controversial and perplexing elections to date. The term “fake news,” popularised by US President Donald Trump, became mainstream when…

Increasing of Fake News

The number of Google searches for the term fake news increased by more than 1,000 percent in the last four months of 2016 (Google). It has been used extensively by people like now-president Donald Trump, often in reference to mainstream media and news organizations during and after the 2016 election. Since then the term has…

Problem of Fake News

Nowadays, technology becomes one of best methods for students to get information. However, the more development of the technology, the more sources for students to be confused. What is the fake news? How can we spot the fake news? Students are the majority of getting online information. They get more bad consequences from the fake…

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