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Renaissance Definitions

The revival of art, learning, and culture
A movement that focused on the human potential and achievements
People who financially supported artists

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A technique used by artists that involves creating the appearance of three dimension figures on flat surface
The everyday language used in that country or region
A writer who is known for writing the Prince which was a guidebook of how to be a Prince.
Renaissance Man
The Universal man, excelling in many fields and very educated
Leonardo Da Vinci
Known for the painting of the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper . He was a painter, inventor, and sculptor
A painter, sculptor, architect, and poet known for his paintings in the Sistine Chapel.
A humanist known for writing about a woman named Laura.
Created by Thomas More, a world with just perfection no evil
Shakespeare: A famous writer during the Elizabeth Age known for Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth
Gutenberg: A German inventor who made the printing press and produced a large mass of books
A patron is released from his or her son
A call for Religious Reform
Founded on the teachings of Martin Luther
Founded on the teachings of the Reformation
Founded on the teachings of the Reformation
Martin Luther
Founded on the teachings of the Reformation
Henry VIII
A king who took over the church and took the pope’s power away
Mary I
A daughter of Henry VIII and sister of Elizabeth and once ruled Europe
Elizabeth I
Ruled Europe and brought Protestantism
John Calvin
Led the Huguenots and Calvinists
God knew who was going to be saved
Religious ideas based on Calvin John
Catholic Reformation
A call for reform in the Catholic church
Members of the Society of Jesus
Council of Trent
A meeting between Roman Catholic leaders
Worldly rather than spiritual.
Renaissance Woman
Upper class woman knows the classics and be charming.
(1386-1466) Sculptor. Probably exerted greatest influence of any Florentine artist before Michelangelo. His statues expressed an appreciation of the incredible variety of human nature.
(1483-1520) Italian Renaissance painter; he painted frescos, his most famous being The School of Athens.
(1313-1375) Wrote the Decameron which tells about ambitious merchants, portrays a sensual, and worldly society.
Vittoria Colonna
who was a famous writer who gained fame during the renaissance by writing about personal subjects rather than politics?
Pieter Bruegel
A Flemish painter that lived from 1525-1569. , captured scenes from peasant weddings, dances, harvests; painted proverbs that taught morals; portrayed large numbers of people; used vivid details and rich colors
christine de pizan
highly educated Renaissance-era woman who was among the first to earn a living as a writer; wrote books, including short stories, novels, and manuals on military techniques (in French); her The Book of The City of Ladies and other works spoke out against men’s objections to educating women, and championed formal education for women
Peace of Augsburg
1555 agreement declaring that the religion of each German state would be decided by its ruler
Make void or null, cancel, abolish (usually of laws or other established rules)
A government controlled by religious leaders
A Protestant Christian religion characterized by governance by a group of elders and traditionally Calvinistic in doctrine
Protestants who insisted that only adult baptism conformed to Scripture. Protestant and Catholic leaders condemned Anabaptists for advocating the complete separation of church and state.
Also known as the Society of Jesus; founded by Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) as a teaching and missionary order to resist the spread of Protestantism.
John Knox
This was the man who dominated the reform movement in Scotland. He established the Presbyterian Church of Scotland so that ministers ran the church, not bishops
Ignatius of Loyola
(1491-1556) Spanish churchman and founder of the Jesuits (1534); this order of Roman Catholic priests proved an effective force for reviving Catholicism during the Catholic Reformation.

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Renaissance Definitions
Renaissance: The revival of art, learning, and culture Humanism: A movement that focused on the human potential and achievements
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Renaissance Definitions
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