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    Meaning re-birth
    A fresh start
    French for re-birth
    The study of humans a new outlook of renaissance.
    Religious change.
    People who protested against catholic church
    Where did the Renaissance begin?
    In Italy in 1350 A.


    When was writing invented
    3000 B.C
    What TWO important inventions happend during this time period . WHY were they do important?
    ~Allows new discoveries to be made around the world
    •Printing Press
    ~Monks don’t have to write whole long books, takes a shorter time so books will print faster.
    What religion formed during this time period.


    Protestants, because they protested against Catholic Church.
    •Julius Caesar
    ~Antony and cleopatra
    ~romeo and Juliette
    ~mac beth
    Impacted because he inspired people through poetry to write, wrote in native language brought ideas through writing.
    ~Mona Lisa, The last supper, designed canals, disected corpes.
    His impact is helping people learn about human body and showing emotion and character in his paintings
    •Created a 8 dome cathedral for Florence.

    His impact is greatest engineering of the Renaissance.

    What is one way Leonardo’s insight affect us today?
    Since he designed helicopters and many other flight ideas. We wouldn’t have them or know of them today.
    Why is Leonardo da Vinci considered a “renaissance man”?
    Leonardo Da Vinci is considered a renaissance man because he has a huge effect on us today and he covered all bases.

    How did the invention of the printing press help science?
    The invention of the printing press helped science because scientist couldn’t publish their words.
    Who was Nicholas copernicus AND what was his accomplishments during the Renaissance?
    Nicholas copernicus was a polish priest and he was the man who discovered that the sun was in the center of the solar system and that our planets orbit it.
    Who was Tycho Brahe AND what was his accomplishments during the Renaissance?
    Tycho Brahe was a banish astronomer who built on copernicus theory and created a system for charting the presents of the planets positions.
    Who was Johannes Kepler AND what was his accomplishments during the Renaissance?
    Johannes Kepler AND was a man who was genius his accomplishments during the Renaissance was confirmed as knowing sun is in the center of the universe.

    Who was Galileo Galilei AND what was his accomplishments during then Renaissance?
    Galileo Galilei was the ideal renaissance man. He discovered and made the telescope which changed new age of astronomy.
    Who led a movement against the Catholic Church and WHY?
    Martin Luther led a movement against the Catholic Church, he was selling indulgence.
    What was the movement called AND what did it form?
    The movement led by Martin Luther was called the reformation.

    It reformed the protestant against Catholic Church.

    How was the printing press a key to the Reformation success?
    Someone copied his protest .95 theses against church in about 6 years a million copies were printed.
    Martin Luther belive people were being tricked into buying a place in heaven.

    Explain what Luther wrote But this and how it became widespread so quickly.

    Posted it church door, copied. Wrote 95 theses, or statements. HEShhhemee doneeeeee

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