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    Reason and language Essay (628 words)

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    She not only quits her jobs because she had had a lack of access to education, but she also makes the wrong decisions because she is so clueless about what is going on in the world that surrounds her. But she is not the only one who has to deal with this problem. A lack of access to education is one of the biggest problems in lower economically developed countries. Because they do not have sufficient schools, or schools at all, they are very likely to not know a lot. Another great characteristic of language is, that it enables us to pass down knowledge that our ancestors have had before us.

    What would we be for example, if we hadn’t had language to be able to build cars, housing, electricity and all the other vital things of everyday life? Nothing. I’m telling you. Nothing. Who knows, for the sake of god, we might still be living in forests, using bon fires to keep us warm, bathing in the river nearby, hunting deer, and riding horses for means of transport. But luckily, great people before us invented language. It began with sounds and noises, than a few word, and then way more than a whole dictionary can keep track of. Language is one of the biggest, or maybe even the biggest way of communicating.

    It is so unbelievably necessary, and its importance is increasing every day. Language does not control everything in life though. It would be possible to live without language, even if it would make life a lot more difficult and complicated. After all, isn’t it that a deaf, illiterate person can also know? Or a deaf and blind person? What is the use of our senses, if not to help us through life even if we have certain handicaps? Can you not taste the sweetest honey without language? Can you not feel the heet of the sun in the summer without language?

    Can you not smell the descent scent of a rose without language? Tell me, do you deny, that this is possible? But that is not all. Decades ago, when we were left without language, we used our body to communicate what we want. A kiss to show love and appreciation, a slap in the face to show disapproval and anger. We can understand people from other cultures, speaking a different language. This is all due to behaviour. How can you know anyway, that what you read, write and say is also what others read, write and hear? Have our senses not deceived us many times before?

    You can also gain knowledge through experience. We only know that fire is hot if we have touched it once and burned our fingers. Betrand Russell (1872-1970) once said, that ‘Most people rather die than think; in fact they do so. ’ This would mean that every human alive can think, and to think you need knowledge. This means, that without knowledge you cannot survive. Therefore, a small baby, it might even still by contained in its mother, must already have knowledge. If you cannot survive without knowledge, this means, that cells, and anything else that is alive must also have knowledge.

    It is impossible to know everything because there is too much information for you to remember and because there are simply too many things yet to be discovered. Knowledge has its limits, and these limits lead people to start believing. Not all ways of knowing are controlled by language, but they might be influenced by it. A person living without language can also know, which herewith proves, that language does not control all the other ways of knowing. 1. 249.

    Words ________________ [1] http://de. wikipedia. org/wiki/Explizites_Wissen [2] http://de. wikipedia. org/wiki/Implizites_Wissen.

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