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    Professionalism in Nursing Essay

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    Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose whether it be scholastic or on a professional level. Furthermore, in order to be successful in any aspect of life, one must adopt a mentality of professionalism and conform to the policies of corporate etiquette. According to Belvins (2016), “Professionalism is characterized by values of a profession and individual behaviors,” according to research. In this instance, the focus of professionalism is in the field of nursing; the term professionalism is used widely to describe behavior. Such behaviors are very critical and contribute to the success or detriment of an individual in the nursing field. In as much as being that professionalism is one of the most important qualities that nurses should possess. Every nurse should recognize his/her weaknesses based on the characteristics of professionalism and strategize how they will become successful in the nursing program.

    In addition, characteristics of professionalism in nursing include integrity, respect, accountability, communication skills, ethical behavior, and a neat appearance. First, integrity is the quality of being honest and manifesting strong moral principles in executing one’s medical obligations. The adherence to and conformity to moral standards is what distinguishes and potentially identifies one as professional. According to Bindon (2015),

    “In 2014, for the 13th consecutive year, nurses topped the list in Gallup’s (2014) annual U.S survey of Honesty and Ethical Standards in Professions. The 2014 survey results show that 80% of respondents (composed of a random sample of 805 adults) rated nurses as “very high” or “high” in honesty and ethics, a solid 15% higher than the next highest-rated profession.”

    Fundamentally, the cornerstone of professionalism rests solely in the observance of work ethics and prescribed corporate statutes; it entails dissociating and severing every fragment of understanding and familiarity with prospective clientele, customers, and other individuals that endorse the established corporation. When in one’s professional environment, it is important upon that person to displays the qualities of honesty, diligence, initiative, congeniality with one’s corporate equivalents so as to foster a good environment. According to Burton (2015), “A good nurse must make certain that the professional nurse-patient relationship boundaries are never crossed and relationships with your patients must be kept on a personal level.” Secondly, respect is another important aspect of professionalism in that it is the means of receiving politeness and cordiality from others; even to a greater degree, outside of one’s work environment. Brohan (2015), states that one should “be kind and supportive of other nurses and healthcare officials and avoid criticizing the mistakes of others, since you will undoubtedly make mistakes too.” Besides, every medical employer should realize that he will employ individuals of diverse cultures, aesthetics, medical principles, and foreign backgrounds; which would doubtless fill the atmosphere with diversity and uniqueness. Matteliano (2015), conducted a study from that study “both physicians expressed the conviction that physicians need to be involved in the communities they serve and regarded their participation in the community health fairs and neighborhood health promotions as important contributions to their patients’ cultural communities.

    To all intents and purposes everyone (whether employers or the establishment) should accord respect to the opinions and judgment of others as it would be expected of his/her not to exclude anyone based upon others opinions. Third, accountability is an important quality regarding medical professionalism as it forces one to be transparent and will improve the organizations progression. Likewise, it is crucial to the structure of a medical organization that every individual, both staff and administrative official, take responsibility for his or her demeanors and actions by not only owning up to the good things that he/she has done, but also revealing the not so good things that he/she has done. Burton (2015), “As a nurse, you are held to a certain level of professional accountability, that is, you are responsible for your own actions.” Fourth, communication skills are vitally important because a mastery of the techniques of oral versatility are what enhance the marketability of the medical field. Fifth, ethicalness and moralistic conformity are intertwined in the foundation of a medical environment due to the fact that honesty dictates the very degree of customer reception by a medical corporation. Professionalism exacts medical righteousness and upholding the framework of uprightness in administering medical activities for the unethical and immoral practitioners tend to avoid ethical principles when pursuing medical duties. As being a professional requires one to be able to put his/her “foot down” when they feel that something is questioning their integrity or honesty. Lastly, neatness is expected from every credentialed professional due to the fact that order preserves the course of events in the professional environment. This is also important because you are judged based off how you look and present yourself.

    Furthermore, everyone has strengths and weaknesses and although weaknesses have a negative connotation, they can always be improved and developed into strengths. Based on the characteristics of professionalism, my strengths are integrity, accountability, and ethical behavior. Integrity is one of my strengths, because I consider being honest and upholding my values a very critical part of life itself. Being honest with myself and others, does not just satisfy me, but it also forces me to hold myself accountable. Accountability is another one of my strengths because I am able to hold myself accountable in all situations. I am not ashamed to admit my wrong doings and correct myself when necessary. Also, it is one of my strengths because I am aware that are very few tasks that can get completed by a single individual, so I make the most of everyone to get a task done. Lastly, ethical behavior is a strength of mine, because I am aware that distractions will appear, but I am also aware of the consequences involved with getting distracted. According to the Texas Board of Nursing (2017), some consequences of non-ethical behavior includes and the board shall:

    “Temporarily suspend the license of a nurse as provided by Section 301.455 if the nurse is under a board order prohibiting the use of alcohol or a drug or requiring the nurse to participate in a peer assistance program, and the nurse: (1) tests positive for alcohol or a prohibited drug; (2) refuses to comply with a board order to submit to a drug or alcohol test; or (3) fails to participate in the peer assistance program and the program issues a letter of dismissal and referral to the board for noncompliance.” (p.68)

    On the other hand, I am not a perfect being, so I do have weaknesses that I would like to develop into virtues to enhance my intellectual capacity and moral constitution. Based on the characteristics of professionalism, my weakness are respect, communication skills, and a neat appearance. I understand that respect is a quality that all nurses should possess because of the daily interactions that they have with people as a part of their profession. Respect is not included in the list because I do not respect other individuals, but because I sometimes have difficulty respecting opinions that do not align with mine. In order to improve this weakness, I plan to become more open-minded and learn to agree to disagree with opinions that do not correspond with mine. Communication skills is on my list of weaknesses because I have a tendency to talk more than I listen which is not a communication skill. I have this tendency not because I do not value others feelings, but because I sometimes value my interests over others. I plan to improve this weakness by practicing active listening and realizing that others interests matter just as much as mine. Lastly, neat appearance is a weakness of mine because according to Burton (2015), one should “Remove studs, barbells, and gauges from piercings as required by facility policy” (p.8). I am very fond of my jewelry sometimes have a tendency to forget to remove them, so that could result in my first impression being tarnished. Being that jewelry is not a part of professional attire, patients and my peers may view me as unprofessional.

    Based on research, I will become successful in the nursing program by implementing two strategies into my daily routine; improving my communication skills and developing leadership skills which are both of the utmost importance to my success as a student as well as a future nurse. Improving my communication skills are essential to my success in the nursing program and to do so I plan to strategize and study the art of communication by practicing effective communication daily. Effective communication is comprised of verbal, written and nonverbal communication, which are all mandatorily applied in the nursing program. In addition to communication skills, leadership skills are required of nursing students and nurses. Burton (2015) explains that students in the nursing program have access to opportunities that will “develop leadership skills that future employers often see as a benefit.” (p.8) This statement implies that one needs leadership skills while still in the nursing program and for future endeavors. To build these leadership skills, I plan to learn to discipline myself while in the program in ways such as meeting deadlines for assignments and being organized which will allow me to excel in all aspects of life.

    Briefly, being that professionalism is one of the most important qualities that nurses should possess, every nurse should recognize his/her weaknesses based on the characteristics of professionalism and strategize how they will become successful in the nursing program. Some characteristics of professionalism in nursing include integrity, respect, accountability, communication skills, ethical behavior, and a neat appearance. My areas of strength include integrity, accountability, and ethical behavior for various reasons. On the contrary, my areas of weaknesses include respect, communication skills, and neat appearance for different reasons. Those reasons contribute to the strategies that I plan to implement into my daily routine which will be a major reason for my success in the nursing program.

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