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The Connection Between Gun Violence and Mental Illness and How It Is Presented by Mass Media

Gun Violence

Mental Illness

Words: 2902 (12 pages)

Introduction Mass shotings, contrary to popular belief, only account for a small number of American gun deaths per year. However due to the grand scale and tragic nature of these events, mass shootings often receive a large sum of mass media attention. Mass media, especially in the age of the Internet, plays an intricate role…

The American Nurse: A Career Option I Am Pursuing for My Future

My Future


Why I Want to Be a Nurse

Words: 1228 (5 pages)

It took me a long time to realize I wanted to be a nurse. Although some people know what they want to do for a career when they’re children, I was still completely undecided in high school when I began to feel pressured. I decided that healthcare sounded both interesting and fulfilling, so I decided…

The Evolution of My Perception of Nursing


Why I Want to Be a Nurse

Words: 1098 (5 pages)

“It is often thought that medicine is the curative process. It is no such thing medicine is the surgery of functions, as surgery proper is that of limbs and organs. Neither can do anything but remove obstructions; neither can cure; nature alone cures. Surgery removes the bullet out of the limb, which is an obstruction…

The Socialization Process of Nursing


Why I Want to Be a Nurse

Words: 865 (4 pages)

Professional socialization (socialization) is the process of learning roles, values, attitudes and norms of a protession (Blais & Hayes, 2011). The socialization process of nursing begins before nursing school and continues through nursing careers. There is no specific pattern to this process; it sometimes moves forward and sometimes backwards, and its progress and activities are…

The Evolution of the Diagnosis and Classifications of Mental Diseases


Mental Illness

Words: 1137 (5 pages)

The history of mental health has been ever-changing. It has been susceptible to change ever since the idea came about. Every aspect from the names in which we categorize disorders, to how we treat the patients, to who treats the patients, where they are sent, the ways in which we communicate with each other about…

The Benefits of Nursing Language Development and the Nursing Classification System



Words: 862 (4 pages)

ANA in Nursing Language Development and the Nursing Classification System The application of nursing language for documentation of nursing care is important to both the profession of nursing and the direct care nurse. Recently, the ANA has sanctioned 13 languages that promote the nursing practice, of which 10 are taken to be specific to nursing…

Addiction as a Disease: A Crucial Classification




Words: 1002 (5 pages)

When a person finds themselves faced with addiction, there are also faced with choices that might seem impossible to make. The choice to be honest and come to terms with the reality of their addiction, the choice to seek help, and even the choice to stop using the very thing that holds them prisoner. Although…

A Personal Account of the Reasons Why I Pursue a Career in Healthcare

Health Care

Medical school


Words: 498 (2 pages)

Novelist Henry Miller stated, “One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things.” With becoming a physician as my destination, my journey in medicine began with my birth in India. As one of the only female physicians in her district, my grandmother introduced me to many patients who were unable to…

Accepting the Challenge of Pursuing a Career in Medicine


Medical school


Words: 1008 (5 pages)

A two page statement of purpose explaining how the program will facilitate the achievement of an applicant’s professional goals is required. Why are you a good fit for the program, and your educational goals and expectations from the program, especially how the completion of the certificate will contribute to your professional or personal development? The…

The Challenges in My Journey to Becoming a Physician


Medical school


Words: 906 (4 pages)

An exam room had just opened up. I picked up the next file and brought in the patient to record his vitals and concerns. Inside the room, he smiled and told me he didn’t speak English. There was only one translator available that day, and she was busy working with the physicians. I smiled back…

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