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    Poem Variation on the Word Sleep by Margret Atwood Essay

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    This is a verse form about traveling into a dream. The talker wants to kip with a loved one and travel into their dream and protect them from the subconscious frights. The talker besides wants to convey the loved one dorsum from the dream safely and shelter that individual. The talker wants to be really of import in the other person’s life.

    The poem’s thought is clear in but the verse form has a batch of words that help readers understand her message. Some of the significances are actual. and some are topological. The different usage of words in this verse form assist the reader to see what the talker is experiencing. Actual significances are words that don’t have hidden significances. Wordss like smooth intending without borders. non unsmooth. lets the reader know that it was non hard to come in the dream. The word walk means to go stating the reader that the talker wants to travel with the loved one through the dream. As the talker goes farther into the dream the word descend is used to allow the reader know. Topological significances are figures of address. similes. metaphors. fanciful. personification. or symbolism. The mention to the Ag subdivision. and the little white flower do non intend that the talker truly wants to give the points to the loved 1. These points are symbolic of award. power. good-luck. good. peace and hope. The talker wants to do the journey through the dream as easy and peaceable as possible for the loved one.

    Besides. the talker could non go a boat or air. these are personifications. The talker would wish to be a boat that would take the loved one to safety. The talker would besides wish to go air to give the loved one life. The talker besides references the loved one to a fire. she means that is his being. The talker in this verse form is an inside talker. She describes what she wants to make with the loved 1. how she would wish to go with him or her in the dream. She tells of what she would wish to give the loved 1. She besides tells of how she wants to suit into the loved one’s life “unnoticed and necessary” ( 30. 1027 ) The tone of the verse form is hankering. The talker is insistent with the words “I would like” evidently she can non travel into the dream with the loved 1. but she may someday kip with them. She would wish to be every bit of import to this individual as air is. it does non state if the other individual feels the same. Each portion of the verse form has important significance. Lines 5-7 explain that the talker wants to go with her loved one into their slumber.

    These lines describe the journey into slumber. The talker describes the entryway into the dream as easy to come in and smooth as if she were really come ining. In lines 8-9 the talker goes into the fantasy portion of the dream. She describes a hesitation wood and blue green leaves. The descriptions are fantasy because woods aren’t hesitating and foliages are non bluish green. The wood besides has important significance because in dreams you confront your subconscious feelings the forest symbolizes the many feelings and ideas. Line 10-11 travel deeper into the dream utilizing the word cave to intend subconscious and the word descend to intend travel deeper. These lines trade with the subconscious frights that come up during deep slumber. The talker understands that the loved 1 has to work through the frights to emerge through the dream. When the talker refers to the “small white flower” and the “silver branch” in lines 13-14 she is seeking to assist the loved one header with the fright in the dream and aid be a usher.

    They show that she would wish to work the jobs for the loved one but can’t so she gives what she can to do it easier for the loved one to acquire past the fright. Lines 18-19 are the two easy coming out of the dream. The talker tells the loved 1 that she would wish to follow him or her up the long staircase. The staircase refers to a way out of the dream. Because she is behind the loved one implies that she is person to fall back on for support if the loved one stumbles or falls. The talker continues to demo desire for support in lines 20-22. She states that she would wish to be the boat that rows the loved one dorsum. significance that she wants to transport the loved one over the unsmooth Waterss back to the world of them together. She besides shows that she would wish to be in control rowing back carefully. Line 22-23 speak of a fire intending the loved one’s life. being held in her cupped custodies.

    This is once more refers to her screening the loved one from any injury. Fires are easy put out and because the custodies are cupped is the protection of the fire. The concluding lines of the verse form tie together all the protection and control she would wish to hold over the loved 1. She wants the loved one to love her but she doesn’t want to smother him or her with her love. The talker wants to as of import to the loved one as air is to life. but at the same clip every bit unnoticed as external respiration.

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