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    Significant ideas explored in “Solstice Poem” by Margaret Atwood Essay

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    Write about 250 words saying what important thought ( s ) are explored through this text. and how. Use quotation marks to back up your points.

    The verse form. “Solstice Poem. ” by Margaret Atwood is about a female parent sharing her ideas and inquiring herself how to raise her girl good so that she will be able to look after herself when she is older.

    The 3 chief thoughts recognized in this verse form are the artlessness of her daughter/children in general. the protection female parents feel the demand to give to their kids. and the importance of being true to oneself as we grow up.

    In the beginning of the verse form the female parent is depicting her girl at Christmas clip in a contented manner. She says. “my girl cracklings paper/festoons herself with Ag. ” which instantly shows readers that her girl is at a really immature age. an age where they believe blowing on trees will hopefully assist do them populate. and an age where adorning themselves with bubbling tinsel is all they wish for.

    This shows that her girl is merely excessively immature to understand the complications of life and is content in her ain small happy universe. therefore meaning the artlessness of kids at that age. During the last stanza the female parent says. “Iron amulets. and ugly. but/more loyal than mirrors. ” which shows that artlessness is impermanent hence some portion of it is traveling to be destroyed.

    In the 2nd stanza. the female parent starts to oppugn herself on the things she can make to assist protect her guiltless kid from all the atrocious things in life once her kid grows up.

    The female parent uses rhetorical inquiries. “what can I give her/ How can I learn her. ” which illustrates the uncertainness she has in raising her girl up because she feels that holding the function of the female parent. she should be the 1 who protects her girl from bad influences and to assist learn her girl to go independent so she will be able to do her ain picks and be proud of them.

    Throughout the terminal of the verse form the female parent negotiations about all the things she wants to state her girl. for illustration. “I would wish to state her. Love/is plenty. ” which demonstrates that the female parent wants to state her that her life will be great but she can’t because she knows from her ain experiences that it won’t be all that great.

    She says. “Be ruthless when you have to. tell/the truth when you can. /when you can see it. ” which means that she wants her girl to be true to herself and ne’er let other people to alter who she is. because there will be people out there who will state her otherwise.

    The writer besides uses capitalisation in “Love/Dance. ” to demo that these of import constructs are of import things in life which will assist her stay true to her beliefs and what is true to herself.

    In decision all these thoughts of artlessness. protection. and being true to oneself contribute to one major thought which is “Love. ” The poet has proven to readers that giving the gift of absolute love to your kid is what will assist them with life which finally is the best gift female parents can give to their kids.

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