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    Parts of a Newspaper Essay (665 words)

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    Business – tells you the things that are happening business-wise. (media and advertising, world business, economy, stock markets, mutual funds, etc. L. Technology – contains things that are going in and out of style in the technology world. J. Science – contains things that are happening in medical world. (e. G. Outer space, environment, etc. ) K. Health – talks about modern day human health and health problems. L. Sports – talks about games. (ball games, Olympic games, SEA games, etc. ) M. Education – contains the trend n the world of education. (students’ Achievement, schools, etc. ) N.

    Weather – contains the weather for the day O. Obituaries – contains people who passed away and their death should be mentioned to the community, p. Classified Ads ? contains open jobs and job description plus job requirements. Other parts include: Cover Page Story, Table of Contents, Editors pool, Entertainment, etc. Commentary is a series of giving explanations and interpretations Guidelines in Writing a Commentary: There is no recipe for doing commentaries The elements that make up a successful commentary tend to vary and will depend on the nature of the text and on particular approaches to it.

    Nor is there a single ‘right answer’ to any passage for commentary. A good commentary may well consist of a number of pertinent questions raised by the passage. However, certain tendencies should be avoided: 1. A commentary should not be pr©CICS of the passage. Summary and description are not commentary. 2. A commentary should not dwell on the context of the passage and should in general avoid venturing into other parts of the work from which the extract is taken.

    IT should likewise avoid excursions into the wider oeuvre of the author 3. It is not necessary to write out quotations from the passage this can waste valuable time. The following points should be considered: 1. A commentary benefits by paying close attention to the use of language. 2. 2. IT is important to pay attention to the means of representation and to address not only the quest of WHAT is said but of HOW it is said. 3. There is no need to ascribe to the text a definitive meaning or structure. It is fine to problematic the text.

    Critique – is a method of disciplined systematic analysis of a written or oral discourse, Critique is commonly understood as fault finding and negative judgment, but can also involve merit recognition, and in the philosophical tradition. It also means a methodical practice of doubt. The contemporary sense of critique has been largely influenced by the enlightenment critique of prejudice and authority, Which championed the emancipation and autonomy from religion and political authorities. Critique is an accepted format of written or oral debate.

    Stating a Purpose: k It is important to state your purpose clearly at the beginning of your talk. Here are some ways to do this: * *talk about – to speak about a subject Example: I’d like to talk about our plans for the new site. * *report on – to tell you about what has been dine. * Example: I’ll be reporting on the progress we have made since last meeting. *take a look at – examine * Example: First, let’s take a lo at what we have achieved so far. * *tell you about – to give someone information or instruction. Example: Our reporters will tell you about what is happening in Visas. *show – to explain something y doing * Example: The object of the orientation is to show you how to put the theory into practice. Outline- to give the main facts or information * Example: Give me an outline of the new policy. K Fill you in on – to give extra or missing information k Example: will till you in on the details you just missed during the meeting, * *Give an overview of – to give a short description with general information but with no details. *highlight – draw attention to or emphasize important facts. * *discuss ? to talk about ideas or opinions on subject in more detail

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