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    The critical factor responsible for jollibee success in the philippines Essay

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    Critical Success Factor- analyzing the country in the operation to accomplish the ends of the company

    Rivals – the company or organisation in the same industry that offer the same merchandises and services.

    Leadership – a function in the organisation which provide information, and organizing each of the employee to accomplish the vision of the company.

    Low Cost – offering low monetary values with the merchandises and services to derive net income.

    Mission – it is something to be accomplish and it is the cardinal focal point of the company.

    Reliability – an instrument usage to mensurate to depict a trial.

    Shared Valuess – it is a beliefs that guide employees and direction with their determination in the company.

    Skills – it is the ability and competency of staff or employee in the organisation.

    Staff – employee or forces which plays an of import function in the operation.

    Supplier – the 1 who supply and distribute natural stuffs in the company.

    System – a method or a process to execute one ‘s responsibility.

    SWOT Analysis – an analysis of internal and external factors in the company such as strength, failing, chances and menaces.

    Validity – refers to whether the trial or survey answer the theory of the trial mark.

    Executive Summary

    The research proposal is about the Jollibee Food Corporation based in the Philippines. They spread outing and developing and has outlets locally and abroad. The chief rivals are Mcdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Burger King. The research worker will research and analyze about the critical success factors responsible for the company ‘s success. The research worker proposed to analyze if the low cost operating system set up by the company is the critical success factors or non and what act upon them. The survey include different construct and theories that will be usage to analyze the concern competitory schemes like SWOT Analysis, 7-S Model by Mckinsey, Porter ‘s five forces and PEST Analysis that are utile tools that will back up the research survey. The research worker besides draw the research design, trying techniques, informations analysis and measurement and roll uping informations. The research worker discourse some ethical deductions at the terminal of the study and decently appraised the beginning of stuffs through Harvard referencing. At the terminal of the study, the clip graduated table are discussed that outlines the viability of the research.


    Fast nutrient concatenation in the Philippines refers to the nutrients that are being prepared and served rapidly to the clients. It is besides known as a Quick Service Restaurant. There are legion concatenation of fast nutrient in the Philippines. The Jollibee Food Corporation which sells Hamburger, Fries, Spaghetti, Chicken, and Jolly Hotdog with local gustatory sensation. The biggest rivals are McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, and Pizza Hut. Jollibee Food Corporation is the figure one fast nutrient concatenation in the Philippines and it besides enters the planetary market. They have mercantile establishments in United States of America, Guam, Kuwait, Brunei, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hongkong, China, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and United Arabs Emirates.

    The company started in the Philippines as an Ice pick parlour and subsequently on develop and expanded as one of the biggest fast nutrient concatenation in the Philippines viing Mcdonalds. They have the same bill of fare as Mcdonalds but Jollibee Food Corporation function their merchandises with local gustatory sensation unlike Mcdonalds which brought American gustatory sensation in the Filipino market. Jollibee Food Corporation introduced merriment atmosphere, friendliness and client focal point and the joy and spirit of household while eating in their eating houses.

    Jollibee developed through franchising. It is active in Television commercials, it improve acknowledgment through mascots and logo. It is rather popular in the Philippines because it supports good household ties and household values which is the most adhering qualities of Filipino households. Jollibee besides supported different charities in the Philippines and assist assorted civil and non civil organisations.

    As of 2009, Jollibee operated 686 shops in the Philippines, 355 are franchised and 331 are company owned shops and 57 shops in international market.



    The research is about the success factor of Jollibee Food Corporation, a local trade name in the Philippines comparison to American based fast nutrient concatenation Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken ( KFC ) . This research analyse the success factors of Jollibee Food Corporation in the Philippines one of which is the low cost operation system of the company comparison to their cardinal rivals. The research worker will roll up some informations about the competitory schemes of Jollibee Food Corporation and how they manage to acquire in to the top against elephantine fast nutrient concatenation companies.

    The research worker will analyze if the low cost operation system of Jollibee Food Corporation is the critical factor which is responsible for the success of the company. It is of import and relevant to analyze the competitory scheme of the local company in the local market against the American based company that are established globally. The monetary value competition normally makes the difference with the fast nutrient concatenation that offers great quality nutrient and service but different in monetary value.

    Analyzing the critical success factor is really of import for the organisation in order to cognize which countries they need to concentrate clearly to achieve their concern positions and ends. Without analyzing the countries of which they need to concentrate to derive success the organisation will probably neglect to run into their ends and aims. The critical success factor drives the company ‘s scheme to win over their rivals. It drives the organisation to entree their public presentation and to achieve their vision and mission. It is really interesting to analyze the Jollibee Food Corporation ‘s CSF because they are figure one in the Philippines, and really successful in the market. In order for the organisation to last in the concern universe, it is indispensable to find their potencies and develop scheme to vie with their rivals.


    What are the factor ‘s responsible for Jollibee Food Corporation ‘s success in the Philippines against Mcdonalds, KFC and Burger King?

    It is of import to analyze the factor ‘s responsible for the great success of Jollibee in the Philippines. To cognize what are they competitory advantage against their rivals chiefly Mcdonalds which is known globally and already established their company around the Earth.

    2. Is the low cost operating system, responsible for the success of Jollibee Food Corporation?

    It is of import to research and analyze if the low cost operating system of Jollibee is the 1 responsible for their success or are at that place any other factors that are responsible for it. The research worker needs to set up the relationship of low cost operation to organisation ‘s public presentation in the market.

    3. What is the franchising construct of Jollibee Food Corporation? It has something to make with their success factors?

    The research worker needs to cognize the background of the company, and its relationship with the franchisees and any support to the operation of the company. To measure the construct of franchising if it has something to make with their success in the market and abroad.

    4. Who are the clients and the rivals of Jollibee Food Corporation?

    In concern operation, it is critical to cognize who are the rivals in the market. To develop the right scheme and to cognize their clients and the mark group in the market.

    5. How is the fast nutrient concatenation market in the Philippines?

    To analyze the state of affairs of the fast nutrient concatenation in the market in the Philippines. If there is any impact with the local and American based fast nutrient concatenation.


    The low cost operation system of Jollibee Food Corporation is non responsible for the success of the company but there are many other factors contribute to their success.


    Analyze the factors that are responsible for the success of Jollibee in the Philippines.

    What are the competitory scheme of Jollibee Food Corporation that other fast nutrient concatenation company does n’t hold?

    Study the mark group or the consumers of the company based in the Philippines.

    Study what is the market state of affairs in the Philippines.

    To find what the clients value in Jollibee Food Corporation

    Significance of The Study

    Better the literature sing the fast nutrient concatenation in the Philippines and it ‘s critical success factor.

    Fulfil MBA demands.

    Inform the concern sector sing the success factor of Jollibee Food corporation in the Philippines against elephantine American based nutrient concatenation.


    The Theories and Concepts in the Research.

    1. The critical success factor analysis is a method of analyzing the country that needs betterment. It is required to guarantee the success of the organisation to accomplish it ‘s mission.

    It is a cardinal country where satisfactory public presentation is required for the organisation to accomplish it ‘s ends. It is a agency of placing the undertakings and demands needed for success. The critical succes factor method start with a mission vission statement. Develop ends and their success factors. ( Austin, 2002 )

    2. Porter ‘s five forces- Michael Porter proposed that the organisation is being influenced by five forces. These are competition, supplier power, power of the purchaser, menace of entry, and the menace of replacements. ( Hollensen 2003, 74-79 ) . Understanding the five forces will supply the organisation to develop scheme in order to take advantage to their rival. A ( Thurlby, 1998 ) .

    It is of import to cognize your rivals in the concern industry. To cognize what merchandise and services they are offering to their clients and what competitory scheme they are making in order to be successful in the concern.

    It is besides of import to cognize your provider. The company needs some resources and stuffs in order to bring forth goods and merchandises for their consumers. There should be a good relationship between the purchaser and the provider.

    The purchaser should be given importance because the concern depends on how many purchasers the company have. They are the plus of the company and they give net income to the organisation. They are the 1 who set the monetary value of your merchandise.

    New rivals enter and exit the market. Some stay some will travel. Some will be successful and some are non. It is of import to cognize what ‘s traveling on to the market. If they are new rivals that are come ining, it will impact your company ‘s net income.

    The menace of replacements, this is of import to cognize what other companies are offering the consumers and happen any alternate to your merchandise and services to do it successful.

    Menaces of New


    Small poulet store

    Are turning


    Jollibee Vs






    Strength of



    Buyer Power

    Merchandise cost

    Against other


    Menace of Substitute


    Chicken store are

    More likely low-cost

    Fig. 1 Porter ‘s 5 Forces Model of JFC

    SWOT ANALYSIS it is a techniques of analyzing the company ‘s strength, failings, chances and menaces. The purpose of this is to place the internal and external factor that influences the company ‘s aim. The internal factors are the strength and failings, and on the other manus the external factors are the chances and menaces. ( Marketing Teacher )



    Low Cost Operation

    Local Taste

    First Comer ‘s Advantage


    It is franchised store so the service bringing vary from shop to hive away


    Develop high engineering to do certain of good quality merchandises.


    Menace of new entry- little poulet store

    High Rivalry with Mcdonalds

    Economic crisis- client has less money to pass for their repast


    Jollibee Food Corporation ‘s Strength are the low cost operation system. They are selling their merchandises in lower monetary value comparison to Mcdonalds and with local gustatory sensation. They

    acquire the advantage of being the first comer, in the market. They enter the market in the Philippines foremost in 1975, in otherhand Mcdonalds enter the market in 1981.

    The chances of Jollibee Food Corporation, should develop high engineering in the operation system to better merchandises and services they offer to their clients. Make more inventions so that it will derive advantage against it ‘s rivals specially Mcdonalds that is American based company and besides known worldwide.

    The failing of Jollibee is that it is a franchised shop, so the service will change from shop to hive away. The quality of service depends on the employee of the shop and the franchisee.

    The menace of Jollibee is the high competition against Mcdonalds, and the menace of new entrants, there are figure of little poulet store that are opening in the Philippines that are cheaper than Jollibee and Mcdonalds. Due to economic crisis in the Philippines, people have less money to pass on their repasts.

    7-S Framework of Mckinsey- a method of efficaciously forming the company through seven factors.

    Shared values- it is the nucleus of the company ‘s ends and what they believe in.

    Strategy- it is their method on how to make their ends.

    Structure- it is the manner how each division in the company interact with one another.

    System- process and procedure that needs to be done

    Staff- the employee, or the forces in the company

    Skill- the qualities and competences of each employee in the organisation.

    Style- how each leader of one organisation interact with their subsidiary to set up leading. ( Value Based Management )


    Jollibee Food Corporation ‘s scheme are supplying cheaper merchandises compare to Mcdonald ‘s. The company besides provide merchandises with local gustatory sensation. The company besides has confederations and acquired different fast nutrient companies in the Philippines which are, Greenwich ( Pizza- pasta ) , Red Ribbon ( Cakes ) , DeliFrance ( Sandwiches and drinks ) , and Chowking ( Chinese Food ) . ( Jollibee The Official Website )


    The JFC is a franchise company, with 686 mercantile establishments in the Philippines and 57 shops in international market. The company are divide into different divisions. From the President of the company, Director, Corporate scheme division, Engineering, Human Resources, Information Management, Procurement, Real Estate, Audit and Commissioner.

    ( Jollibee The Official Website )


    JFC value every Filipino household. It focus chiefly in their clients and supplying merriment atmosphere for every group and household who are eating in their eating houses. They respect every person who choose to eat in their eating houses.


    Jollibee provide developing to their employees and appraisal whenever they improve their public presentation in the company. The company provide inducements and fillips to their staff.


    The franchise fee for Jollibee

    P 15- 30 Million ( local currency )

    $ 266,455- $ 532, 890 ( US Dollar )

    ( Get down up Biz Hub )

    5. PEST- ANALYSIS- ( STEEPLE ) this is a method of analyzing the political, economic, societal and technological facet of one organisation in order to make a seeable scheme. ( Value Based Management )

    Political factors- create a large impact in the concern operation. It includes policies regulating

    revenue enhancement, legal issues, and employment ordinances.

    Economic factors- it has a immense consequence in concern operation if the clients afford to purchase your merchandise and the cost of concern production, rising prices rate and exchange rate.

    Social factors- it has enormous impact in the operation, through the life style that clients create in the society. It includes household, instruction and faith, age and calling.

    Technology- it has something to make with the new invention that has high impact in the concern.


    Political issues affect the economic system in the Philippines, political confederations and employment ordinance have a great impact in the operation of fast nutrient concatenation


    Due to economic crisis in the Philippines, some household can non afford to purchase their repast in Jollibee.

    There is a job with the rising prices rate in the state


    Jollibee has partnership with Department of Social Welfare assisting kids in the Philippines. The company provide fiscal aid with different charities in the Philippines


    JFC has a web of distribution installations to provide to their shops nationwide.

    Fig. 3 PEST ANALYSIS of Jollibee Food Corporation



    The research worker will do usage of explorative research design to garner information and cognition about the company ‘s background, history and other utile information for the research. I will do usage of the cyberspace, and other published stuffs such as published articles, newspaper, and diaries to garner farther information.

    The research worker will besides utilize of primary research design like study questionnaire to garner quantitative informations. The study will be divided into two parts. The first parts will be the inquiries sing the aim of the research and the last portion will be an unfastened ended inquiries sing the demographics such as age, sex, location, calling and income.

    The research worker will besides do usage of qualitative research method in order to set up the relationship of one variable to another and correlates with the theories.


    The research worker will do usage of non-probability sampling, in other words the respondents are non indiscriminately selected. The sample will be about 150-200 respondents. The topic or respondents are those who are willing to take portion in the research or to reply the study inquiries. The focal point of the research will be the client ‘s of Jollibee Food Corporation in the Philippines. The research worker will utilize the cyberspace to garner information through uploading study questionnaires in Facebook, My infinite and Friendster web sites.

    DATA Gathering

    Data aggregation will be through online. Due to the location of the research worker and the location of the market in the Philippines online studies will be utile and will bring forth faster response. The respondents will be ask to make full out the study questionnaires. The questionnaires will hold five responses. ( Strongly differ, differ, impersonal, agree and strongly hold. ) The first portion of the study will concentrate chiefly on the aims of the research. The last portion will be an unfastened ended inquiries and the respondents personal informations

    like age, income, position, calling and their location and race. Survey will be use as it is more inexpensive and flexible to utilize for the research. Through on-line study the research worker can make the Filipino respondents who value the Jollibee Food Corporation. The research worker will utilize flow charts and diagrams to show informations.


    In order to mensurate the responses with the study, the responses for the study will be codification

    like ( 1 ) for strongly disagree, ( 2 ) for disagree, ( 3 ) for impersonal or neither agree or disagree, ( 4 ) for agree and ( 5 ) for strongly agree. After that the likert informations will be analyse through descriptive statistics. It is an ordinal graduated table which measure the degree of agree and disagree and it has five responses. Therefore we will utilize the non parametric trial.The research worker will so sum up the responses and show it to charts and graphs. Through responses with the study, the research worker will utilize the codification for each responses to mensurate the manner or in other words the most frequent responses by the samples and the median every bit good to mensurate the cardinal inclination.

    After that, illative statistics will be usage to prove the hypothesis. Kruskal Wallis Test will be use, it is one manner analysis of discrepancy by William Kruskal and W. Allen Wallis. ( Wikipedia ) .Kruskal Wallis trial plants by replacing the information set. It will so cipher the amount and the H is calculated every bit good. H is already given in the expression stand foring the discrepancy in a group. The opportunity of acquiring the chance of a true void hypothesis, when H is equally distributed in qi square step of frequence, the grade of freedom minus one is calculated. ( Handbook of Biological Statistics, 2009 )

    The expression for Kruskal Wallis trial:

    H = 12 ( Tg ) 2

    ________ ( I? __________ ) __ 3 ( N + 1 )

    N ( N+1 ) nanogram

    After utilizing Kruskal Wallis Test, the research worker needs to mensurate the degree of agree and disagree responses through chai square trial. The qi square trial expression:

    ef = row entire x column sum


    over all entire

    Where ef = expected frequence

    [ ( O – Tocopherol ) – A? ] A?

    xA? ____________



    The study questionnaire will be test by sample respondents to prove the cogency of the study. The inquiries will be scrutinize and enhance to clear up certain countries of concern. Through trial tally of the study questionnaire, the research worker can observe any mistakes that will impact the cogency and dependability of the study questionnaire. The questionnaire will be enhanced and edited consequently based on their remarks and suggestions of those who will take part in the trial tally.

    Reliability defines every bit, if the consequence is remains consistent, and if the consequence acquired with the consequence can be replicated under the same methods, it is hence dependable. ( Joppe, 2000 ) . Test re trial can be usage and the same consequences can be obtain, it is hence dependable. On other manus, cogency define as if the research survey truly mensurate what it wants to mensurate it is hence valid. ( Joppe, 2000 ) . The research survey is said to be valid if the measuring with the informations gathered are right and accurate.


    In maintaining the unity of the research, the research worker follow the regulations and guidelines to detect ethical ordinances. All resources used for the research such as books, diaries, articles and other published stuffs are decently recognized and referenced. The research worker use the Harvard citing usher to avoid issues of plagiarism. The information that will garner in the study questionnaire such as personal information of the respondents will non be unwrap and will maintain it confidential. The personal inside informations of the respondents will be kept anon. and confidential.

    The research worker will avoid to be biased with the study consequences or responses. The responses will be collected and sum up consequently and avoiding incorrect readings or describing incorrect decision on findings.

    The research worker develop a study questionnaire that will be uploaded online in Facebook, Myspace and Friendster and all information that will garner with the study will be carefully assess and sum up the information that will be collected and trial and step the cogency and dependability.

    The research worker has a limited cognition about statistics, with the aid of SPSS package downloaded from the cyberspace, it will assist me mensurate exactly the cogency and dependability of the responses from the study and utilize different statistical method to mensurate mean, average and manner and the standard divergence.

    The method of assemblage and roll uping information is besides limited because the location of the research will be in the Philippines. Merely on-line study will be usage to acquire 150-200 respondents who are willing to reply the study inquiries online. Most of the respondents will be Filipino or those who live in the Philippines who value Jollibee Food Corporation other than its rivals like Mcdonalds.


    The research worker will continuously gather more information about the Jollibee Food Corporation, the company profile, background, issues and do extended research about the jobs through farther reading of published articles and diaries and books related to the subject. The first and 2nd hebdomad of March will pass on working out with garnering farther information and cognition about the research subject. Upon waiting for the consequence of the classs for Research proposal, I will pass the staying hebdomads to travel to British Library to entree the related stuffs for my research subject. The study will be administered and uploaded online on March 25, 2011 after the consequence of classs will let go of for the research method assignment to acquire some thoughts and if they are corrections with the proposals written.

    If the study questionnaire sample will necessitate to be enhanced or edited before uploading it to the cyberspace. Prior to that a trial tally will be conducted for the study questionnaire to prove if it is effectual and will be understood by the respondents. After uploading the study to the cyberspace, the research worker will work on the reappraisal of the literature until the terminal of March 2011. The concluding aggregation of study online will be on the 1st hebdomad of April. It will so be analyse and sum up on the same hebdomad and step the cogency and dependability utilizing statistical methodological analysis. The research should be completed before the 2nd hebdomad of April for the deadline of entry of the concluding thesis to finish my MBA grade.

    Assignment was given ( Research Proposal )

    January 25, 2011

    Deadline for Submission of Research Proposal

    February 25, 2011

    Visit British Library to Gather Related Information about the Topic.

    March 5-12, 2011

    Release of Grades for Research Methods Assignment

    March 25, 2011

    Survey Questionnaire will be Uploaded Online

    March 30, 2011

    Final Collection of Survey

    April 5, 2011

    Complete Analysis of Data Collected

    April 8, 2011

    Complete Final Report

    April 15, 2011

    Deadline for Submission of Dissertation

    To be Posted

    Fig. 4 Time Scale of the Research


    The fast nutrient concatenation market in the Philippines are continuously turning and spread outing. Rivals keep on come ining the market supplying the same service and merchandises with Jollibee. But still Jollibee is the figure nutrient concatenation in the state. Technologies and invention are maintain traveling to supply quality merchandises locally and abroad. The research worker suggest moreover research about the company ‘s competitory scheme and other factors impacting the company ‘s success non merely in the Philippines but still turning around the Earth. The company continuously geting different corporation locally and in the international market. The research worker will continuously analyze about the other factors lending to the success of local company against the elephantine fast nutrient concatenation that is widely known internationally.


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