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    On Being a Musician Essay (782 words)

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    Since we all played different instruments e figured out amazing ways to mock a door being knocked, the evil queen planning her sinister plan, and the iconic song the dwarfs always sing. Through the skit we had to work together and learn a lot about everyone in order for it to be astounding. We were all connected at that moment not because we were all stuck in the same place, but because we were young musicians passionate about what we do and relate to each other.

    For example, Yesterday we had rehearsal and as I was sitting in my seat I looked around the room of San Notation’s most talented players and realized hat we weren’t there because our parents made us, but because we enjoy bringing great pieces to life through our instruments. Playing each note I feel the music and I enjoy that feeling of accomplishment and refuge in what I love doing. Unfortunately, some people see being a musician as a lame activity or a waste of time. They use semantics such as “performer” and “entertainer,” we don’t prance around or sing we make music with instruments making us “musicians”.

    I made the decision to be a musician when I told my mom at three years old that I wanted to play the piano. I not sure why I said that, but ever since then I have stuck with it and it is a tremendous part of my life. To be honest, I prefer using the word “musician” it is a straightforward term for someone who uses a physical instrument to give life to our world. To me a, “performer” is someone whooshing or acts on a stage like they are contained in a small creative box. As a person involved in fine arts, you need to be able to push outside of those creative boundaries. But, I especially dislike the animosity of the word “entertainer”.

    An entertainer makes people seem like a show animal at a circus with no meaning. They practice and work Just as hard as anyone else, but aren’t specifically musicians. Whatever term people use to describe or say what I do doesn’t matter to me as long as I know that I am a musician. Of course I haven always been a musician, but notably it has been one of the best blessings in my life. It has brought me happiness, created great memories, been a fortress, given me a loving group of friends that I consider family, awards and recognition I didn’t know existed, and a possible Job in my future.

    Of course these are great things I have received from it, but it isn’t always fine and dandy. It always comes with a price of course , long countless hours of practice, aches in your body, and calluses on your fingers. Being an outcast, not being appreciated by others who just don’t get it, people always telling you it’s not a real Job. By Inanely-Rodriguez passionate about. I definitely look at my orchestra directors as a perfect example of that, they are always happy and excited to teach and learn new music, sometimes even more than us. My teachers always tell me don’t put yourself in something if you’re not going to give 100 percent.

    I completely agree. Why am I going to be ascribable in an office if I don’t like it. The time I realized I wanted to become a musician was not when I was three and I told my mom to put me in lessons. It was in middle school, when my father attended my first concert after I had switched from violin to double bass. He said as he was watching me play he could see himself as a child when he was in band. He explained that he regretted not following his passion of being a music director and now he is stuck in an office. At that point I realized I was going to stick to my passion no matter what anyone said or did.

    Music is a wonderful thing to do and have the ability to do it is a blessing in disguise. My favorite saying is by Artier Shaw, ” Life without music can only be seen in black and white. It takes music to add the color. ” this quote is exactly how being a musician is special and has a great impact on our everyday lives. The dictionary says that the antonym for music is “silence”. However the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, said ” music is not in the notes, but in the silence”. Music is all around us you can’t escape it that is the beauty of being a musician, I am a Musician.

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