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    Needs Outside the Workplace and These Motivational Factors

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    Motivational Mountain illustrates the different factors that motivate an employee in their job and influence their behavior at work. These factors are the different workplace needs that an employee seeks to achieve and are represented like the different faces of a mountain that a person may seek to climb. The Motivational Mountain looks strictly at workplace motivators – it is independent, though arguably interdependent, upon physio-psychological needs outside of the workplace and those motivational factors.

    The Mountain combines the top motivating factors found from business researchers and authors. The base of the mountain represents the motivator of a person’s need for fair pay, reasonable working conditions, and a sense of job security. This is the most basic motivation for employment. Employees who are in fear of losing their job will have less drive to perform their job. Low compensation can not only hinder motivation and performance but can create resentful employees.

    The foothills of the mountain are an employee’s need for trust, recognition and supportive feedback from their supervisor, which motivates them to do well at work. Trust is a foundational component to any relationship and one that is essential for employees to be motivated. Those that are trusted to do their jobs are much more motivated. Employees have a very real need to be recognized for their contributions. Motivation also increases when employees get supportive feedback. Most employees want to get better and progress in their careers and when a supervisor shows interest and shares ideas on how to improve, most are highly motivated. The middle of the mountain represents employees’ desire to have collaborative working relationships, encouragement, and the ability to maintain self-care. Employees who feel part of a team and who get to build collaborative working relationships with others in the company are more highly motivated.

    The left slope of the peak represents a person’s desire for empowerment and purpose. Motivated employees feel empowered to perform their jobs and make a difference in the company. People with a purpose are more resilient and focused and are motivated by the knowledge that their work has a larger purpose. (Marr, 2017) The right-hand slope represents employees’ yearning for challenging work, and a path for advancement. It’s important for employees to see a way to advance within a company to continue to stay motivated. Employees are motivated by the quest to be the best versions of themselves and seek to continually grow and face new challenges.

    Unlike other theories, the motivational factors do not necessarily have to build upon each other – one need does not have to be satisfied before moving on to the next. Once one factor is met, a person may or may not be motivated to attain another facet. They may be content to continue working for the satisfaction from the factors at that level. On the mountain, they may set up camp on the current precipice. A person could be motivated solely by the purpose of the work, despite the pay, working conditions or recognition. For example, Peace Corps and missionary volunteers are not paid, often work in dangerous conditions, receive little recognition for their work, but do so because they believe they are serving a purpose, the greater good.

    Many employees do not seek advancement in their organizations and are content maintaining a job at a certain level. Some people only prefer a work environment where they feel comfortable with their coworkers, appreciated by their supervisors, and have a healthy work-life balance. They do not seek additional responsibilities, challenging new projects, increased pay, or independence in their job duties. A “career waitress” who has waited tables for years does not always wish to become a lead or manager or own a restaurant. She is perfectly happy just waiting tables, interacting with customers, if the atmosphere is positive and the pay is fair.

    Understanding what motivates employees is crucial to effective management. Motivated employees can increase the productivity levels and improve the overall success of an organization. Because individual employees are motivated by different factors, there is not one single method that will work to motivate all employees equally. Leaders and managers in the organization must take the time to get to know what’s important to each employee to determine the best ways to ensure that each individual employee is motivated and engaged.

    Contrary to popular belief, compensation is not the sole or primary motivating factor for most employees. Money can be a motivator, but only if the company does not pay fair or equitable wages, in which case, money can become a de-motivator. Additionally, common motivation theories suggest that if you reward something you’ll get more of that behavior and if you punish something you’ll get less of that behavior. (Oswald, 2010) However, studies have shown that the traditional reward and recognition programs do not work, and that they can actually decrease overall morale.

    Examining the Motivational Mountain, managers can use the factors to help motivate employees. To start, the organization must monitor the surrounding market environment, to make sure they are compensating employees at competitive rates, providing good working conditions, and ensuring the company is sustainable enough to maintain job security for its employees. Additionally, some ways that managers can motivate their employees, depending on their facet of motivation, can include providing recognition and feedback, showing trust, establishing a common purpose, and allowing them to take leadership roles (Nelson, 2018).

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