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    My Pet Peeve Essay (1115 words)

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    Elements within life can either put us in a bad or good mood. We, as humans, are usually bound to instinct to try to change how we want to live our lives. Regardless of the stress we put on ourselves, we sometimes cannot help using an excuse to hurt others around us. We all express and receive aspects of life differently. How I prefer to express love, for example, may not be the same as someone else. They might comprehend it differently and receive it as something annoying or offensive. Pet peeves can come into play here for they are defined as the experiences that annoy someone a great deal. The longer someone tries to annoy someone else the bigger the hole in between the two friends becomes. My biggest pet peeve, the thing that annoys me faster than anything else, is when people read my text messages and snapchats and then do not reply back.

    Technology has given us several ways of communication, such as texting and snapchatting, that lets people from states away or just simply inches talk to one another. The distance does not matter anymore to getting to know each other as long as each individual has a phone to communicate. Snapchatting even goes beyond texting for it gives people the chance to see each other face to face while having a conversation. Yet, when an individual leaves the other one in the dark by ignoring that person, it starts to ruin the friendship that already had started building up between the two. Each person’s schedule should incorporate time for friends and family so the other individuals will not get the impression that you are ignoring them. Being rude leads to hurting other’s feelings and not being a friend who is there for each other within the ups and downs of life.

    My friends have started to do this recently, and thus, my experience with my pet peeve has developed more. When I try to start a conversation with people over snapchat, they now just open my snaps without replying back. Certain people are more capable then others, but each individual person has done it. I did not really care about people doing this to me in the past; however, the more people I talk to, the higher the number of people that have grown distant from me gets. The more friends I meet leads to increased diversity within my life for each person has different attitudes and personalities, and I get the chance to experience an individual friendship with each one of them. I am a person who holds friendships dear to my heart. The opportunity to have more friends within my life makes my personality what it is today. Friends are my support system when I feel down. I feel comfortable enough to go to them. Therefore, when my friends do my pet peeve, I feel less myself because I lose the trust of being comfortable within our friendship. Texting and snapchatting are meant for communication between friends and acquaintances to share aspects of life between just two or multiple people.

    I react differently to each person depending on how close we are to one other. Close friends are supposed to be there for one another. Thus, I have confronted my close friends before about my pet peeve when they do it, yet some people still do it and those people I am no longer close to anymore. Seeing that read caption beside their name makes me think that even my closest friends do not want to talk to me anymore, although they have the time to. When someone ignores me then I get very annoyed with that person, because I feel like they don’t appreciate our friendship as much as I do.

    People have stopped texting and snapchatting me right in the middle of talking about something serious, which needed to be discussed at that time. The rush to move onto the next conversation and not pay attention to the small details annoys me. The little things are essential to me, because they are very important to getting to know someone on a deeper level. At the beginning of each friendship people only know the basic things about each other. However, as people get closer and talk longer they start to learn more things about one another, such as what they like to do during their free time or what their personality is like. I have started to make more friends this year from church events that are in different states other than Georgia. This has let me reach out to others that I would not usually meet from the University of North Georgia. The opportunity to get to talk to each individual separately shows how much technology has advanced in modern society today. Even though two of my friends are six hours away, we each one of us chooses to make the time to get to know one another. Moreover, when we do not talk for a week or month we start to lose the connection of closeness we built on each day we talked. The friendship begins to fade from being close friends to friends to acquaintances and then just to being nothing. The distance should not matter how much people choose to talk to one another through texting and snapchatting. One should choose to make the time for the friendships that they care about and when it is a friendship that experiences seriousness, sticks with it.

    My pet peeve that annoys me faster than anything else is when people read my text messages and open my snapchats and do not reply back to them. Conversations within text messages and Snapchat help people get to know each other more personally if they don’t have the chance to meet face-to-face. Friends are meant to be there for others and lend a helping hand when it is needed. Friendships are a significant part within my life for they make me who I am today. Each individual friendship is unique and different from one another. When anything happens throughout the day, good or bad, they are the first people I want to talk to about it. They make me feel comfortable to be my complete self, knowing that they are not going to judge or make fun of me for it. No one wants to be that person who does not have a friend to turn to when they need one. Everyone wants to have a “person” who they share everything and anything with. People reading my text messages and snapchats and then do not reply back will probably always be my biggest pet peeve.

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