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    My Personal Goals and Dreams (694 words)

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    During the 2016 Presidential Election, I became very aware and intrigued in politics, and have always tried my best ever since to read as many articles and be more informed about the world we currently live in. The Election of 2016 was a turbulent one, marked by ideological divisions within many people from different backgrounds, I saw the bitter rivalry between the two parties and how it divided people from each other how so much hatred aroused all around the country with protests and marches. I wanted to get involved but I didn’t know how I was just 14 at the time, and I wanted to vote already as funny as it sounds but there was a passion within me that lighted up.

    I told my parents about my aspirations for the future and what I hope to accomplish later on in my life, my parents told me ‘if you want to see change, then you have to create it, change has to come from within you and that’s only possible through a good education and good intentions’ after I heard that I was so motivated to excel in school, get the best grades, take on challenging courses, and seek opportunities to be a leader from a young age. When I graduate high school I hope to be enrolled into UC Berkeley where I hope to study and double major in Political Science and Foreign Policy. UC Berkeley has a long history of shaping many of America’s greatest lawyers in politics like Dean Rusk or Earl Warren to whom I look up and admire and hope to someday follow in their footsteps, but I want to be unique and different in all the good ways one can hope to be. Politics would be a major step in my career as a lawyer and having role models to whom I can look back and learn from is very important as the saying goes ‘imagine doing something that you can’t fully see, how do you plan to be an explorer, a great scientist, or a leader in society, if you don’t see role models’, role models can teach you a variety of things like leadership and the importance of good ethics and morals.

    When Grad School comes by I can only hope to attend Yale Law School where many of America’s greatest politicians and lawyers have emerged from, because when I become a lawyer I will have to take an oath to defend the constitution and the laws and I want to be as best prepared as possible. I always told myself that if I go anywhere, if I go somewhere else, if life changes, it changes, but even though I have goals and aspirations to achieve in other places those same goals would bring me back home where I hope to practice law for a few years before launching my very own congressional run for my home district and hope to have the opportunity to serve on the House Judiciary Committee or House Foreign Affairs Committee. After a few terms in the House of Representatives, one of my many goals would be to run for the United States Senate and serve as a Senator for my home state because I know those words from my parents will keep resonating within me many years from now. The peak of my career would be the important role of Secretary of State because of the opportunity to influence and shape diplomatic affairs with other nations and people would be one of my greatest achievements in life.

    Although I was never raised in a way that I would be wanting to run for public office and serve in politics, I see this as my way of contributing as a citizen to people who need it the most and who need a champion and role model. I believe that there is nothing more wholesome in the political process than the increased participation of young people and people of diverse backgrounds. I know my dreams are uncommon and some may say I’ve gone crazy, but I believe in dreams and the opportunity and chance to serve one another through hard work, humility, and determination.

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