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    Goals and Values in My Personal Life

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    Life has brought me love, laughter, and endless memories. It is more than just a stroll through the park, it is an element that holds true to its value. It helps to create meaning, which sets the foundation for success. After briefly thinking, I decided upon three core values that’ll drive my success. The core values are family, integrity and enjoyment/happiness.

    The first core value is family. Family is a big core value for me. I believe that if you have a good family you can achieve anything. When you have a strong relationship you’ll be able to make a good living and it will make it easier for you to do the things you want to do. Someday in the future I want to have a family of my own and do able to accomplish my goals with the people I love. My family on my dads side aren’t close at all. I never want that to happen when I have a family of my own. Family is everything to me. Secondly I want to have enjoyment/happiness because without that I won’t be able to live my life to the fullest. When you are happy you enjoy life so much better. You’ll have a great experience at work, your life won’t be chaotic and overall life will be a breeze. If I want to have an internship this summer I have to have a good attitude and put my foot forward to do so. Also If I am happy at work and have a good experience they’ll like me and then I will have a reliable reference. When you’re Satisfied you seek out and manage new goals that increase happiness and have a positive effect on you. Also when you are happy, it can help you achieve many other goals and it can help you be the best version of you.

    Lastly I believe integrity is an important core value because it demands truthfulness and honesty. Even when times are hard you have to be true to yourself. If I want to make a good living and to have a good family, I need to always be true to myself. I need to have trust and integrity will enhance all the rest of my values. If I want to have my own business one day integrity will help me have truthfulness, responsibility, accountability, vision and assertiveness.

    One of my goals for this year or next year is to get a good internship for the summer. This goal is really important to me because it will help my in the long run to land me my dream job one day and to say I had experience. My major is Fashion Merchandising and I really want to get an internship at The Skinny Dip in Charleston, SC. The internship will allow me to be hands on with the fashion and to really see if this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. To make my goal measurable, I need to know when the deadline is, I need to email my resume and then wait. I can accomplish this goal by going to Cottrell and having them help me make a really good resume that looks professional and neat. I believe this goal is realistic, If I put my mind to it and actually go and get help with my resume I will be able to send it as soon as possible. Again the resources that will help me is the Career and Professional Development in Cottrell. There is no specific time or date to send in my resume, but I do want to apply for it before Christmas break. What I can do over Thanksgiving break is to gather information to put on my resume in order for the people at Cottrell to help me. I can also search for more jobs in the area incase the Skinny Dip doesn’t work out. The core value that relates to this goal is, integrity because I have to be honest with myself and to stay true to myself in order to be on top of it. I need to be able to be honest on my resume and to have them hire me and not someone I created on a piece of paper. Its better to be honest then to mislead other, because then you are just misleading yourself.

    Lastly for this goal to happen I need to have time management. If I make a schedule for myself and actually follow it, it will help me in the long run. Time management will help me accomplish my goal faster and will lead me to more free time. Having free time will lower my stress levels and help me focus on my career. Another thing I learned that will help me with my core values is leadership. If I want to have a good relationship with my family and work I need to guide and motivate others in order for them to trust me. I need them to know I have the responsibility to do so. If I land my dream job one day, I need to have the leadership to help the company grow and to make it successful. Leadership can form a company into a positive civilization and can boost harmony.

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