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    Music on the Bamboo Radio Essay

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    Music on the Bamboo Radio is a story by Martin Booth. It is about a young boy, Nicholas Holder, who escapes from his home in Hong Kong during its occupation by the Japanese army in World War II. While experiencing the terrible atrocities resulting from this time, Nicholas grows in his understanding of the events occurring in his surroundings. As his comprehension of the truths of war evolves, his character changes. For instance, his confidence grows as he begins to perform more dangerous duties.

    He also becomes more independent with a stronger will to face his fear of the Japanese, and grows into a more mature person as he gains different kinds of experience. One of the most important ways in which Nicholas grows is by developing a strong willed mind to face the Japanese soldiers. In the beginning of the story, Nicholas hides in the bushes, crouching down and peeping at the Japanese. After Nicholas is seen, they come over and aim a gun at him. He is very scared and doesn’t know what to do, “His heart raced faster. He wanted to scream, Jump up, would out, “It’s alright.

    It’s only me. Don’t shoot. I’m only eleven. ” Page 3 Nicholas reaction shows fear and desperation. He acknowledges that he is simply an innocent kid when he thinks, “I’m only eleven. ” At this point, Ah Swan, one of his servants, quietly takes Nicholas away from the bushes and into the safety of his home. This shows that Nicholas is innocent, weak minded and dependent on others. After he escapes his home, he starts to feel more self-assured and strong-minded. Shortly after, on the third encounter with the Japanese, Nicholas shows more confidence and inform in their presence.

    He is composed, and even shows some good humor while observing some Japanese soldiers. “The scene was, Nicholas thought, like a little tableau being put on for his entertainment. ” Page 65 Here, Nicholas no longer reacts to the sight of the soldiers with anxiety. Instead he is calm and shows he has strength and control over his emotions. He changes from being a helpless and panicked little boy into a fearless adolescent. Throughout the course of the novel, Nicholas becomes more confident in carrying out dangerous and fearful missions hat many others would never imagine doing. At the start, Nicholas is very scared and hesitant.

    For example, when he spots the Japanese, he becomes nervous and wants to get as far away from them as possible. Later in the book, Nicolas expresses some uncertainty while considering bombing a train in Canton utilized by the Japanese. He consults his servants, Tang and Ah MME, and even a photograph of his family. He looks at the photograph of his parents: “This saddened but did not upset him. He had come to the terms with their absence and did not miss them. Not exactly. Not any longer. Page 84 As time passes, Nicholas becomes more independent and brave about facing the Japanese.

    He changes from being weak and dependent into a spirited and a self-reliant person. “Comes to terms,” indicates Nicholas has accepted, acknowledged and found a sense of peace with being on his own without the Music on the Bamboo Radio By arboreal when he is given a mission to deliver Music on the Bamboo Radio, a secret code established for positive messages of hope to be communicated to prisoners of war. Though he consults his servants again on this matter, it is clear that his thinking and attitude have changed, and ultimately he makes the decision independently. Yes,” Nicholas said at last, his voice quiet and resolute. “I’ll deliver it. ” Page 110 Nicholas is determined and assured about delivering the message to the prisoners. He isn’t scared or doubtful. He understands the situation he is in, and he chooses to help anyone in need. He has changed from a petrified and quivering boy into a resolute person. Nicholas confidence is evident in his short and clear response, miss… I’ll deliver it. ” Initially, Nicholas can’t fathom the events taking place in his environment.

    However, as the story unfolds, he starts to realize the truth about what is happening in the world around him. For instance, when he is hiding in the bushes peering at the Japanese, Nicholas can’t comprehend what is happening and he is scared. After escaping his home out of fear of the Japanese, he begins to morally understand his reality, the difference between good and evil. Tang tells a story of a man he met on the road in SAA Gung. The story shows Nicholas what the true meaning of this war is, and what the Hong Kong people have to do in order to survive.

    Tang recites from the Tory: “If I give him fish to eat, he give me his wife… He life so bad, he give me away his wife to be a servant for me so he can eat. ” Page 101 The man in the story is so poor that he had to sell his wife in order to survive. Learning about this helps Nicholas understand what the people of Hong Kong are enduring. He seriously contemplates the suffering of the man, and the sacrifices made by the locals. The fact that Nicholas is concerned about the people shows that he is mature. An additional example of his moral understanding follows this.

    Major Fox, an officer, gives a session to Nicholas to deliver the “Music on the Bamboo Radio. ” He tells Nicholas not to be concerned if he is unable to do the task. However, Nicholas realizes how important the task is and how many people depend on it. He doesn’t want it to be a failure. He changes from being naive to understanding the nightmares of war. In conclusion, Nicholas escapes his home, and in doing so, learns of the truths of the outside world, and becomes more aware of good and evil. Instead of being afraid, he shows fearlessness towards the Japanese. Nicholas grows into a hero. He is hero to the prisoners of war.

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