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    Music Appreciation Analysis Essay

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    How often we think about why music has become an inevitable part of our lives? Needless to say, music has been in our lives from time immemorial. The oldest musical instruments appeared thousands of years ago. This form of art of combining different sounds to create a harmonious tune appeals to every person. Even deaf individuals may enjoy the music, listening to its vibrations. However, one rarely thinks about why people love music and which human needs music satisfies. Therefore, there are many things for which people used to appreciate music.

    First of all, we appreciate music for its cultural value in our lives. Music is full of traditions which are passing on from generation to generation. Listening to particular compositions, people may feel the spirit of the past and the ways our ancestors lived. In fact, on the grounds of old musical traditions, it also becomes possible to create something new and develop musical genre. Hence, music is a kind of  “time machine” that gives us a chance to recall the past or create the future.

    The music richness

    People appreciate music for its final diversity. Every individual has personal preferences in music which can change in some time. If one has a favorite song now to which he or she is ready to listen all day long, in a few months one’s musical preferences may radically change. Fortunately, there are many different musical styles and genres, and every person may choose what he or she likes to listen in a particular moment of life.

    Also, we appreciate music for its ability to make love the beauty of art. Indeed, there are so many talented composers and musicians whose works are recognized at the world level that people usually find in music their source of inspiration. Even those individuals who do not like art, cannot live without music.

    The next thing for which people appreciate music is for its ability to recall one’s past memories. Musical tunes are an inevitable part of literary evenings, proms, and other ceremonies. When we listen to a particular composition, it may be associated with a particular moment in our lives, either happy or sad. Musical compositions describe a particular life experience. Hence, when elder people listen to a song that they loved in the youth, they usually feel nostalgic and sentimental.

    How does music influence our mood

    Music is also a priceless prompt because of its ability to appeal to our emotions. When we listen to a song, we try to understand the essence of the lyrics. Most of the songs help us to feel much better as we know that somebody else has had similar problems to us. We realize that we are not alone in the world. Even more, in some cases, music helps to find a solution to our problems.

    Many psychologists have also proved that music is curative and very beneficial for one’s health. It is not only about our emotions and general well-being. Music is believed to help a person to recover after serious illnesses and heal one’s mental state. Also, music helps to develop one’s thinking and find the energy needed to move ahead. A lot of people also strive hard to improve their memory, overcome laziness and procrastination. Music is one of the most effective medicines to increase one’s attentiveness and concentration. There is no need to sit in a chair for hours and listen to the “healing” tunes. One may only turn the music on the background and enjoy the results.

    Music also serves as a great way to express one’s personality. If a person listens all the time to aggressive music, he or she is probably spontaneous and angry. Contrary to it, if a person listens to disco music all the time, he or she is fun and vibrant. For sure, these stereotypes may be different from reality. There are many calm and relaxed individuals who usually listen to rock compositions. However, in most cases, these stereotypes precisely describe one’s identity. Hence, one’s favorite style of music may say a lot about a person.

    Lastly, music is a kind of global language and topic that combines people all over the world and is understandable for all beings. People may listen to music and play it only for the sake of words, which are difficult to tell without music. It happens that the only one things that are common for individuals with different cultures, religions, and views of life, is their music preferences. Hence, music is highly appreciated for its contribution to creating a global community.

    All points considered, although everything in the world changes at a rapid pace, our love for music stays unchangeable. Music is the only one thing that was with humans from the earliest times and will be with them in the future. Even the recent technological progress cannot change the worldwide appreciation of music.

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