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    Which best describes absolute music?
    music without a story or text
    How do Classical artists differ from their Romantic counterparts?
    They emphasize clarity and beauty of form.
    The Classical period in music ranged from approximately:
    What was the historical force that had an impact on the Classical era?
    the American Revolution
    the French Revolution
    the Industrial Revolution
    Mark the elements of the classic style.
    singable melody
    regular rhythm
    folk elements
    diatonic harmony
    An extra piece performed at the end of a concert in response to audience applause is called:
    an encore
    Interest in Greek and Roman antiquity during the eighteenth century greatly influenced:
    Which American president was a leading figure during the Classical period (1750-1825)?
    How does a scherzo differ from a minuet?
    It is faster and sometimes humorous.
    Mark 4 musical forms that make up the sonata cycle.
    theme and variations
    sonata form
    The three main sections of sonata-allegro form are the exposition, development, and:
    Who was NOT a master of the Viennese school?
    Which role in musical life was socially acceptable for 18th century women?
    A concerto is a composition for soloist with orchestral accompaniment.
    A symphony is a composition for solo instrument with orchestral accompaniment.
    The Catholic Church had an important part in developing secular music.
    The Frankish emperor who encouraged education and the concept of a centralized government was:
    A cloister is:
    a place for religious seclusion
    The single-line melodies (monophonic) of the music of the early Christian Church are known as:
    Gregorian chant
    all of the above
    _____________ is traditionally associated with collecting and codifying the chants of the church.
    Pope Gregory
    Hildegard of Bingen is known as:
    a nun and church composer
    The portion of the Mass that remains the same in every celebration of the service is called:
    the Ordinary
    The High Middle Ages witnessed:
    the building of great cathedrals
    the founding of universities
    the rise of the bourgeoisie
    all of the above
    Medieval monasteries played an important part in preserving culture.
    Monks were people who had a demanding life style
    Early notation employed small ascending and descending signs written above the words to suggest the melodic contours of chants. These signs were called:
    The Notre Dame style of polyphony, in which the Tenor line was based on a pre-existing chant melody in long note values and the upper voice moved freely (and more rapidly), was called:
    The preservation of music without the help of written notation is called:
    oral transmission
    The earliest type of polyphony was:
    Which Greek philosopher discovered the mathematical ratios of musical intervals?
    Mark 4 examples of Medieval/Renaissance sacred vocal music
    Mark 2 correct examples of secular vocal forms used during the Medieval/Renaissance
    Name the medieval instrument that preceeded the modern oboe.
    Female poet-musicians of southern France were known during the Middle Ages as:
    Which of the following were the Medieval poet-musicians of southern France?
    A vocal work without instrumental accompaniment is said to be performed:
    a cappella
    The singing style used at St. Mark’s in Venice, which featured groups singing in alternation and then together from locations of the church (stereo effect), was called:
    All of the following were Renaissance artists EXCEPT:
    The fixed melody used as a basis for elaborate polyphonic writing in the Renaissance was called:
    cantus firmus
    Match the composer to the appropriate school
    Josquin des Pres-Flemish
    Which best describes the character of Farmer’s “Fair Phyllis”?
    pastoral and light
    Which of the following was the chief form of Italian secular music in the Renaissance?
    the madrigal
    Where was the madrigal first developed?
    The first composer to indicate dynamics and specific instrumentation in music was:
    Which composer responded to the reforms of the Council of Trent in an exemplary fashion?
    During the late sixteenth century, the principal center for polychoral singing was:
    St. Mark’s of Venice
    The introduction of printing in the West happened during the Renaissance.
    All of the following represent the thinking of the Renaissance EXCEPT:
    an exclusively religious orientation
    The special Mass sung at funerals and memorials in the Roman Catholic Church is:
    the Requiem
    Which of the following was a lively circle or line dance, often performed outdoors?
    The expressive device used by Renaissance composers to musically pictorialize words from the text is called:
    word painting
    In her career, Amy Cheney Beach distinguished herself as:
    a concert pianist
    a composer
    a music educator
    all of the above
    Which of the following is NOT a famous Russian ballet based on folklore?
    Prokofiev’s “Romeo and Juliet”
    Which composer is considered the first great exponent of musical Romanticism in France?
    Brahms wrote no symphonies until he was past the age of forty, in part because he was in awe of the symphonies of:
    Mark all correct one movement character pieces written for the improved piano.You should have five answers.
    Which of the following choral forms was NOT originally intended for performance in church?
    a concerto
    Dvorak wrote his “New World Symphony” while living in:
    In the 19th century, where did serious American musicians complete their studies?
    in Europe
    Opera that featured huge choruses, elaborate dance scenes, ornate costumes and scenery, and serious, historical plots is called:
    grand opera
    Felix Mendelssohn was active as:
    a composer
    a teacher
    a conductor
    all of the above
    Nationalistic composers expressed their nationalism by:
    employing native songs and dances of their people in their works
    writing absolute music
    all of the above
    Which of the following countries was NOT a leading opera center in the 19th century?
    Mark all improvements made to the piano around 1820.There will be five correct answers.
    extended keyboard
    improved soundboard
    cast iron frame
    double escapement
    Smetana’s “My Country” is:
    a set of six symphonic poems
    Berlioz’s “Symphonie Fantastique” is an example of:
    a symphony
    Which of the following Russian composers was famous for his ballets?
    Which of the following was a widely loved nationalist opera composer?
    The famous German composer of “music drama” was:
    A strings quartet consists of: 2 violins, viola, and cello.
    Mozart was a child prodigy and began composing music by the age of five.
    The numbers of players in the Classical orchestras was 30-40.
    Mozart played the harpsichord and wrote many concertos for this instrument.
    Music for a small ensemble of 2 to 10 players with one player to a part is called chamber music.
    Bach played a central role in the evolution of the string quartet.
    Quick crescendos and the 4 movement cycle in symphonies was developed in the city of Mannheim, Germany.
    Which composer established the scherzo as a regular alternative to the minuet movement?
    Beethoven supported himself through:
    music lessons
    public concerts
    A typical feature of a concerto is a free solo passage without orchestral accompaniment called:
    a cadenza
    Which work by Beethoven is called the Choral Symphony?
    How did comic opera differ from opera seria?
    It was sung in the vernacular.
    It presented down-to-earth plots.
    It featured ensemble as well as solo singing
    Eine Kleine Nachtmusik:
    is German for “A Little Night Music”
    Which is NOT a work by Haydn?
    Which composer wrote over 20 concertos for the piano, thus establishing this genre?
    Mozart died while writing his:
    How many movements are in a Classical concerto?
    The trio sonata was the most common type of chamber music during the classic era.
    Of the following, who is NOT a major composer of string quartets?
    A piano trio consists of piano, violin, and cello.
    During the 19th century, concert life began to center in the public concert hall.
    Schumann’s A Poet’s Love:
    is a cycle of songs
    sets poetry by Heinrich Heine
    was inspired by his love for Clara Wieck
    Which composer is known as the “poet of the piano”?
    Chopin spent most of his productive life in:
    Clara Schumann was a virtuoso performer on:
    the piano
    Match the composition to the composer.
    Correct Response __1__ Erl King
    Correct Response __7__ The Moldau
    Correct Response __8__ Eine Kleine Nachtmusic
    Correct Response __9__ Symphony No. 94
    Correct Response __2__ Military Polonaise
    Correct Response __3__ Nocturne
    Correct Response __6__ Symphony No. 5
    Correct Response __4__ In the Lovely Month of May
    Correct Response __5__ Symphonie Fantastique
    1. Schubert
    2. Chopin
    3. Clara Schumann
    4. Robert Schumann
    5. Berlioz
    6. Beethoven
    7. Smetana
    8. Mozart
    9. Haydn
    1. Schubert
    2. Chopin
    3. Clara Schumann
    4. Robert Schumann
    5. Berlioz
    6. Beethoven
    7. Smetana
    8. Mozart
    9. Haydn
    Goethe and Heine were two of the leading 19th century writers whose poetry was set by Lieder composers.
    Which was a new instrument of the Romantic period?
    The German term for the art song is:
    The Romantic orchestra was the same size as the Classical orchestra.
    The favored chamber instrument of the 19th century was:
    the piano
    During the 19th century, concert life began to center around the:
    public concert hall
    Which does NOT characterize Romantic music?
    reserved emotions
    The term “tempo rubato,” associated with Chopin’s music, means that the performer should:
    take liberties with the tempo
    Titles such as “Prelude,” “Impromptu,” and “Intermezzo” are used for:
    short, lyric piano pieces
    A song form in which the same melody is repeated with every stanza of text is called:
    A Romantic symphony is generally longer than one from the Classical period.
    A song structure that is composed from beginning to end without repetition of whole sections (“Erlking”) is called:
    Which best describes the role of women in 19th century music?
    the piano provided them with a socially acceptable performance outlet
    The Hungarian composer who combined native folk music characteristics with main currents of European music was:
    “West Side Story” is a modern-day musical setting of Shakespeare’s:
    “Romeo and Juliet”
    All of the following were pioneers in the new rock and roll style of the 1950s EXCEPT:
    Neil Sedaka
    Copland’s “Billy the Kid” is:
    a ballet
    Impressionism in music is best exemplified by the works of:
    What kind of jazz is Duke Ellington known for?
    big band
    Which early 20th century style dealt with the realm of the unconscious, distorted images, and the inner self?
    Lillian Hardin performed with and was married to which famous jazz musician?
    Louis Armstrong
    The movement that, along with post-Romanticism, ushered in the 20th century was known as:
    What American city could be considered the birthplace of jazz?
    New Orleans
    What American composer is known as the “king of ragtime”?
    The leader of the Impressionist painters is considered to have been:
    Which of the following was NOT a composer of American musicals?
    The simultaneous use of several rhythmic patterns is known as:
    What name is given to the 20th century composers who continued the Romantic tradition?
    Rock and roll emerged as a union of which two styles?
    rhythm/blues and country/western
    The Viennese composer who, after writing in both post-Romantic and atonal styles, invented the 12 tone method was:
    Which of the following is NOT composed by Stephen Foster?
    “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”
    Which of the following was a Russian-born composer who wrote in post-Impressionist, Neoclassical, and serial styles, among others?
    Mark all correct “ism’s” of the 20th Century.You should have eight answers
    Post Romanticism
    New Romanticism
    Who is NOT an important film composer of the 1930s and 1940s?
    John Williams
    The groups Soundgarden and Nirvana are representative of:
    grunge rock
    The music of The Chieftains is based on the musical culture of which country?
    Which is NOT characteristic of Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s “Kangivumanga”?
    All of the following popular singers died from alcohol and/or drug abuse EXCEPT:
    John Lennon
    Micropolyphony is associated with the music of:
    MIDI technology allows electronic musical instruments and computers to be linked.
    Which of the following composers is NOT a minimalist?
    Music made up of natural sounds that are recorded and then altered is called:
    musique concrète
    Which best describes the life of Abing?
    Blind street musician
    The Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead are groups that played in the _________ style.
    acid rock
    Which is NOT a major European composer of avant-garde music?
    Early attempts at indeterminacy in music are credited to:
    John Cage
    The interactive medium that can present a mixture of sounds, words, and images is:
    Match the composer to the composition:
    Correct Response __9__ Joplin
    Correct Response __7__ Tan Dun
    Correct Response __1__ Tower
    Correct Response __13__ Holiday
    Correct Response __10__ Debussy
    Correct Response __14__ Revueltas
    Correct Response __12__ Baker
    Correct Response __4__ Ligeti
    Correct Response __6__ Bernstein
    Correct Response __11__ Stravinsky
    Correct Response __15__ Schoenberg
    Correct Response __2__ Reich
    Correct Response __5__ Crumb
    Correct Response __8__ Copland
    Correct Response __3__ Abing
    1. For the Uncommon Woman
    2. City Life
    3. The Moon Reflected on the Second Springs
    4. Disorder
    5. Ancient Voices of Children
    6. West Side Story
    7. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    8. Billy the Kid
    9. Maple Leaf Rag
    10. Prelude to The Afternoon of a Faun
    11. Rite of Spring
    12. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
    13. Billie’s Blues
    14. Homenaje a Federico García Lorca
    15. Pierrot Lunaire
    1. For the Uncommon Woman
    2. City Life
    3. The Moon Reflected on the Second Springs
    4. Disorder
    5. Ancient Voices of Children
    6. West Side Story
    7. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    8. Billy the Kid
    9. Maple Leaf Rag
    10. Prelude to The Afternoon of a Faun
    11. Rite of Spring
    12. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
    13. Billie’s Blues
    14. Homenaje a Federico García Lorca
    15. Pierrot Lunaire
    What does NOT characterize the East African piece “Ensiriba ya munnage Katego”?
    complex written notation of rhythm
    Electronically generated music can be heard today:
    in movie soundtracks
    in TV commercials
    in rock bands
    The feminist movement since the 1960s has focused on both works of lesser-known women artists and issues of gender.
    Who is NOT associated with the New Romanticism?
    One type of aleatoric music is open form.
    Who recorded the Grammy-winning album “Graceland”?
    Paul Simon
    The first elaborate electronic synthesizer was:
    the RCA Electronic Music Syntheizer
    The gentler, more lyrical rock style that evolved around 1960 was:
    soft rock
    Synthesizers are devices that combine sound generators and sound modifiers in one package with a unified control system.
    The Gyütö monks, famous for their extraordinary style of chanting Buddish tantras, are from:
    Of the following composers, who is NOT Chinese?
    The single most important development in the 1980s was:
    music video
    Which technique must the modern virtuoso singer be able to perform?
    quarter-tone singing
    vocal distortions
    What do Bethany Beardslee, Cathy Berberian, and Jan De Gaetani have in common?
    They are all virtuoso singers
    Over 300,000 music fans attended the Woodstock Festival held in upstate New York in August:

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