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MIddle ages-Renaissance Music

A group of philosophies and ethical persepectives which emphasize the value and agency of human beings
Play of Virtues
What was Hildegard von bingens most famous work?
A formal government thatis described as a set of reciprocal legal and military obligaitons amoung warrior

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Mass Ordinary
Text that is the same every mass used so all traveling priest could join in every day
Mass Proper
is the chants for holidays and seasonal masses
Roman De Fauvel
A large satirical poem from the middle ages that incorporates all level of society. It was a beautifully illuminated volume with musical examples peppered throughout the test De vitry was a leading contributor
Middle Ages
more chants and religious music in terms of music. Feudalism, medieval mind was more susceptible to ideas, church was center of life
A writer or singer of lyric verses about courtly love who entertained the upper class in parts of Europe
Renaissance period
flourance Italy, form religious to more humanistic and the music was more secular (in general most in western Europe and no change in asia or other parts of Europe)
Strophic Form
A musical form often used in setting stanzaic text such as a hymn or carol; the music is repeated anew for each stanza
Protestant Reformation
Martian Luther when he posted the thing on the church wall which led to a divide in the catholic church he believed the audience should be more involved in singing and chanting not only the priest
A polyphonic composition for unaccompianed voices; ideally they feature responsive setting o felegant, secular poetry
Josquin Des Prez
Most influential composer of the renaissance There is not a clear chronicle of my life and I moved around a lot
Musically what was the benefits of castration?
could still hit high notes, for longer times because of big lungs, stays same range of boy soprano, longer phrases. Sing a lot more notes a lot longer
A decorative phrase or passage in vocal music, in which syllable of text is sung to a melodic sequence of several notes
Leonine and Pertoin
rhymic mode and they made polyphony a popular, Notre Dame, Leonine was the teacher Perotin was the student
I was little known in my time and now I am the most famous composer of the middle ages
Counter Reformation
was the catholic church response to lathers 95 thesis)(they excommunicated Luther)(wanted to get rid of all polyphony and one composer understood the text so it was saved)
Guilliam du Fay
My life startled the middle ages and the renaissance. I loved working in the cathedral with the golden dome
text painting
Music that imitates, describes or conjures images of the words being sung
Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo Buonarotti, Leonardo Da Vinci
Four most famous artist of the renaissance
Pope Gregory I
he codified and collected the Gregorian chant)(dove sang into his ear)
I am credited with saving polyphonic chant with my pope Marcellus mass
a male singer who was castrated
worked at the pieta worked with the orphan girls composed known for four seasons
low class people playing music town to town and were couriers
Claudio Monteverde
My life startled the renaissance and Borque periods who am I? what genre am I supposed to have invented(opera)
Gregorian Chant
Large body of unaccompanied monophonic vocal music set to latin texts composed for the western church over the course of fifteen centures form the time of the earliest fathers to council of trent
Black Death
middle ages the black plague transmitted through rants 1/3 of the population ring around the rossie
Which composers death marks death of the Borque period
What are three modern Hildegards of bingens famous morality plays
lord of the rings, star wars, Harry Potter
Music X(spring by four seasons)
Most famous composer during the Baroque period, however, I died penniless
The most famous castrati to live
What allowed Burgundy to flourish musically
Burgendy kept switching sides between 100 year war and which gave more money
J.S. Bach
plays the organ from Germanys wrote for the reformation Was not well known after his death and most famous composers ever
What was the primary genre of music in the middle ages that was considered peasant music
A decorative phrase or passage in vocal music, in which one syllable of text is sung to a higher note
Sequences and Tropes
the addition of new chant melodies setting religious poetry in order to augment the services associated whit the days of particular importance to the region during medieval times
Rhythmic Modes
a system of notation at Notre Dame during the 13th century that allowed for interesting rhythmic variety
Martin Luther
95 Thesis, posted in 1517, led to religious reform in Germany, denied papal power and absolutist rule. Believed musically that all should join in singing

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MIddle ages-Renaissance Music
Humanism A group of philosophies and ethical persepectives which emphasize the value and agency of human beings Play of Virtues What was Hildegard von bingens most famou
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MIddle ages-Renaissance Music
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