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Medieval and Renaissance Music

Who was the Greek philosopher that had much to say about music, its relationship to other disciplines, and it’s effect on moral development?
Who is better known for theories relating to geometry, delineated the relationship between numeric ratios and pitch intervals?
Middle Ages
The Medieval Period is also known as?

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What are the dates of the Middle Ages?
What was the primary patron of the arts during the Middle Ages?
Robin Hood and King Arthur
Name to nonmusical real or mythical people of the Middle Ages
Single Line
What kind of melody does a Gregorian chant consist of?
Free and Flexible
What kind of rhythm does a Gregorian chant consist of?
A Cappella
How is a Gregorian chant commonly sung?
Sacred Latin
What kind of lyrics do a Gregorian chant consist of?
Pope Gregory
Who is the Gregorian chant named after?
Hildegard of Bingen
Who was a well known female composer of sacred music as well as a respected diplomatist?
Who were medieval secular poet musicians who wrote songs about chivalry and romance?
Troubadours songs were in what form?
The same melody for each verse of text
A Chantar
Mine to sing
What kind of music did Hildegard compose?
A Chantar
A late 12th century French secular song composed by Beatriz of Dia
What is the texture of A Chantar?
Meaning only one note at a time
In medieval art subjects up your flat because of a lack of what?
In renaissance art it is acceptable to portray what form of a human as a subject of beauty?
The lack of perspective may be viewed as being parallel to what?
What are the dates for the Renaissance Period?
Sacred to secular
The renaissance marks the passing of European society from what to what orientation?
Columbus and Marco Polo
Name two famous explorers from the time of the Renaissance Period?
Movable-type printing
What was a key catalyst in the rapid spread of ideas throughout Europe?
Johannes Gutenberg
Who invented the movable type printing?
A cappella
Most Renaissance church music is written for what kind of choirs?
Imitative polyphony
Renaissance charges make use of a polyphonic technique called?
Josquin des Prez
Who composed more than 100 motets, at least seven masses and numerous secular pieces?
What are polyphonic and have multiple languages also known as multi textural?
Martin Luther
Who admired Josquin des Prez?
Strophic form was used extensively for Lutheran what?
Hymn tunes
What form was used for the psalms tunes of the Calvinists?
Counter Reformation
After the Protestant Reformation, foreshadowed by Erasmus and lead by Martin Luther, the Catholic Church responded with a movement called?
1545 to 1563
How long did the Counter Reformation last?
Counter Reformation
What featured the Council of Trent?
The counsel objected to incorporation of secular tunes in what?
What texture did the council object to and find up obscured the text of the music?
Who wrote the Pope Marsellus Mass?
Who was said to have saved music?
Word painting
Secular Renaissance music often employed what?
Word painting
Literal representation of the text through musical means
Independent instrumental music began as an accompaniment for what?
Guillaume de Machaut
Who was one of the leading composure poets of the 14th century?
Art Nova
What is Guillaume de Machut’s musical style?
Guillaume de Machaut
Who wrote an entire polyphonic mass by himself?
Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Benediction and Angus Dei
What are the six sections of the Ordinary of the Mass?
Monophonic, nonmetric and sacred
Polyphonic, measured and sacred
Polyphonic, measured, polytextiral and sacred-pecular
Non-religious topics including love, politics and stories written in the vernacular
Return text and melody
Multiple notes/syllables
Avoid loud instruments for indoor services, no secular melodies, use of Latin instead of the vernacular, return to simple vocal style for text clarity
The four Council of Trent rules
All mean “song”
France: Chanson
Germany: Lied
Italy: Madrigal
A poem set to music
Claudio Monterverdi
Madrigal Composer, published eight books of madrigals
Clavichord, harpsichord and organ
Keyboards in the Renaissance Period
Chamber ensembles for the home

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Medieval and Renaissance Music
Plato Who was the Greek philosopher that had much to say about music, its relationship to other disciplines, and it's effect on moral development? Pythagoras Who is bett
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Medieval and Renaissance Music
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