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    A love story – composed as a play Essay

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    Mum: li is a good girl but she is not suitable for you! She is so stubborn! She would quarry about tiny things with you. And she always could not be satisfied with what you have done for her. You have been with her for about one year, in the recent half-year you always fight! And there is no peace between you two! Ming: mum, although there are some problems between us, we love each other! We will solve all the trouble!

    Mum: can you? I think that when you have solved the old problems, the new one will come. Think about what have been happened in the recent half year’she even doesn’t want you to play basketball in your free time! Instead of being with her for 24 hours! That was what you told me! Ming: yes, I really do not like some of her thoughts and her behaviors. But I love her! Mum: child, live is not equal to love! You need a suitable person to live with you after you get married. You need a peaceful live! Ming: so what is you suggestion?

    Mum: you should break up with her, and I will not agree you get married with her! Act 4 the last year in the University (Zhao ming have dinner with Li wen in a restaurant. They sit a table beside window. They sit face to face. It is a comfortable restaurant and there are few people) Ming: I can’t believe we can have dinner together. Wen: why? Ming: you are Liu jiang’s girlfriend! Wen: But he treads me badly! However, thank you for going home with me in recent days and chat with me!

    Ming: I would like to chat with you! We have lot of things to talk! Such you like reading Chinese ancient novels and study history. However, Zhang li doesn’t like these and there are many respects we can’t talk, otherwise we will quarrel! By the way, why do you say that Jiang treat you badly? You have not told me before. Wen: he treats me like his pet, and he doesn’t respect my ideas. When I want to say something about his affairs, he always says: “you know nothing! Stop those nonsense!”

    Ming: why do you consider that he treat you as his pet? Wen: for instance, last time when he was playing pool in evening, he called me to go out to be with him and his friends, he didn’t care about that I had an exam next day! He always doesn’t care if I am free to be with him, he just want to show off in front of his friends. And you are different from him, before you do everything you would like to ask my advice. Also you don’t smoke and drink excessively! Furthermore, Jiang have another bad habit that is gambling! Last month he just lost 1000 Yuan one night!

    Ming: ah? 1000 Yuan one night? Wen: yes! I don’t want to stay with him any longer! Ming: ai…. (after the meal, they walk on the street, wen hold ming’s hand stealthily) Wen: Ming! I what to be with you! Since you understand me and respect me! Also we have common habit and ideal. Ming: I like you too! But I have girlfriend now! let me think about it Scene ? After Graduate Act 1 the First autumn after graduate (ming and wen are sitting face to face in the restaurant they had dinner before) Wen: I have to tell you, ming. I just recover the relationship with jiang. so we could not be together anymore! I am so sorry!

    Ming: oh I see. Congratulations Wen: what? I remember that you said you love me! Why you say congratulations to me? Ming: I don’t love you, . The girl I really loved is Zhang li! Wen: what? I cannot believe it. But why you tread me so good before and said you liked me? Ming: I just want to forget Li, because my mum doesn’t want her to be with me! I have no ideas to abandon her, so I pretend to like you in order to break up with her.

    Wen: you liar! Ming: think about yourself, you are not really love me, what you have done is to let jiang to treat you better. What you want is that recover the relationship between jiang and you! Surprised? I have talked with jiang already, he told what you had said to him! so we are over now! And if you don’t know my family owes a lot of money, you won’t say good-bye to me such early! Right? (they paid the bill for themselves and went out of the restaurant in different direction Act 2 the First Year after graduate (sunset, Chen Shan and Liang Dong is standing in a small park and talking. And shan is smiling, but dong looks badly).

    Shan: Dong, now I have a very good job, I will be right here waiting for you, after you finish your master studying, we can get married! That will be wonderful! Dong: Shan, sorry I am afraid that I could not be with you any more! I am so sorry. That is the reason why I come back in the winter vocation. I just want to tell you, I just recovered the relation with my ex-girlfriend. Shan: what? We have been together for almost one year, and you just have been there for about 3 months. Why you change dramatically? What’s happened? Tell me the truth!

    Dong: My family didn’t want me to be with you! And I have no ideas about it, actually I really want to be with you! Shan: you liar! Why you don’t tell me you have recovered the relationship with your ex-girlfriend? Dong: sorry! (Shan is terribly crying and hold Dong’s hands tightly) Shan: I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, who had been with me for almost 9 years, do you know why? I did it for you! All I have done for you but you abandon me so easily!

    Dong: sorry I hide the truth, I just won’t hurt you. Shan: please don’t eave me alone! I will do everything for you! (dong runs fast away from Shan, shan sit there and can’t stop crying) Act 3 5 years after graduate (sunset, still in the small park, Ming hold Shan’s hand and walking) Shan: Ming, I don’t understand why we can get married? Ming: because of love!  (shan is smiling) Ming: live teaches us how to love and who is the person suit you! I have been thinking that fate lead us to get married. Sometimes when you feel you like some one then you may not forget her/he for all our life. And you will not stop seeking for her/ him! Shan: yes, and we earn experience about how to love and live with others. Also the terrible history tell us how to treat others and yourself.

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