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    Literary techniques Essay (1011 words)

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    In this Essay I will attempt to explain how Shelley uses her literary techniques for instance Shelley uses the weather for her dramatic effect of what is or going to happen. Shelley also gives other characters narrative so that we can see from everyone’s side or point of view and in which also allows us to have our own opinions. The Monster is seen as a complexed character because Shelley does not want to leave him out just because he is seen, as a dumb ugly monster that doesn’t now right to wrong doesn’t mean he has to act or be like one. This story of Frankenstein was set in England, Victorian Times in 1880.

    The monster is shown evil because of the way he looks, acts and smells he could or may have been as a monster because of his abnormal strength and speed. Shelly uses the literary technique of where every time that the monster is seen or has been seen around the weather changes to a dark, gloomy and sometimes misty area of where he is or has been seen. As the monster’s character develops and becomes more intelligent, the monster is in some ways trying to make an example of Victor, making him seem less intelligent. I have and do feel sorry for the monster throughout the story, but my views on Victor are not so sorry for because of what he has done.

    The reason why I did like Victor was because he has had a life of nourishment that not many people have had and as much of love and attention. The monster how ever has came to a state of where he will go round killing people for his justice by killing Victor, for “who he is”, and his rejection from others. I do feel sorry for the people that were killed by the monster like Elizabeth because she had no idea of who he is or why he came to her or what was going on. Elizabeth did not now of any of this because in the Victorian times woman would to men be nothing or just get in the way which is why only women in this story play a passive role.

    The monsters views of mankind are justified because they are his views and each individual has a right to their own views whether if they are human or not and he is different cause he’s a monster and has been rejected by mankind because of their views of him, so why should he be any different to them they are different cause they are man who were the people in the first place to give him the idea that mankind is cruel not just to him but each other as well.

    The monsters request or more like a demand, it is a responsible request in some ways like for an example; the nurture and love from another, and if he takes that privilege away from him it’s like taking a child from his parents, but it is also a danger for Victor and everyone else. In Victor’s eyes (from his views) he can only see the destruction of man for an example; the monster can grow a population of killing machines and what if he comes back when she dies asking for another.

    Shelley uses another literary technique, of were she shows us an example of what the monster has missed out on his life by showing us the nurture and caring from another family. The children shows us the importance of child0hood because the children that the monster watches most closely gives him an idea of what he has missed out on, but Victor has had all this and more, this is also the point of were he is questioning himself saying “Who am I”. This is because he is seeing this family helping and being together may be is what is making him wonder why he was ever created in the first place.

    From these views is why I think the monster is the victim of this story and when Victor created him, he of all people should have known that this monster would be in need of great nurture and care, like how Victor was taken care of, because the people won’t except him who in gods green earth will take in and show a monster the love and care he has been in need of. Victor also should have known to do this because of the monsters great abilities like his strength and speed without the proper nurturing these abilities can come to either good or bad uses manly the danger and almost destruction of mankind.

    This is were that great danger and destruction comes in because of his life – childhood – Creator vs. Creation, Nurture vs. Nature or even God vs. Devil either way the monster wants Victor and Victor wants the monster both for the same reason they want each other dead, but before the monster does this he makes an example of Victor by killing his friends and family, and this is were I feel sorry not for Victor but for those who were killed by the monsters hands because they did not no much or even anything or even had nothing to do with the monster.

    In conclusion to part of title “do you sympathise with the monster?” my answer is that I do feel sympathy with the monster most of the time of where he has had no real life of any sort or found out why he was created or who he was. The time of when I didn’t feel sorry for the monster but angry with him is were he was going round killing people for the fun or pleasure of making an example of Victor. I never felt any sympathy for Victor any time in the book because he has had a life that not many people get to explore in and again I didn’t feel sorry for him especially when he was trying to play God.

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