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    Letter to reverend Brown Essay (1057 words)

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    The objective of my first assignment was to write a piece of text reverend Brown could have written just before his departure. In chapter 21 can be found that the reverend cares a great deal about his mission and thus the people of Umofia. Therefore, he would want the mission to be succesful after his departure too. One way of contributing to this would be to write a letter to his successor in which he gives advice on how to deal with the Ibo people succesfully. This precisely is my frist written task.

    To make it seem as if it were reverend Brown who has written the letter I had to use a certain style of writing which differs from my personal language style. This has two reasons. First of all, the novel i?? things fall aparti?? is set in the end of the nineteenth centrury. Even though many words we use today already excisted in that period, the vocabulary most commonly used was different. In order to reproduce this, I have tried to use more i?? old-fashioned’ synonyms of words. A strong example of this is the word ‘well-nigh’ in the first paragraph which is an old-time way of saying ‘nearly’.

    Also, written sentences often had a rather complex structure in those days. I have tried to write similar sentences, but I haven’t always fully succeeded. A complicating factor might have been that the novel itself isn’t written in the nineteenth century style of writing which meant that I couldn’t take this literary option as an example. The second reason why the style of writing is different is because reverend Brown is a very religious man. In his life, he mainly would have read religious texts which often are full of metaphors. This would have influenced his own style of writing.

    Therefore I used quite a number of religious metaphors in the letter such as calling the leader of the church a herder and the convents his flock. In content too, the letter had to reflect reverend Brown’s ideas.. In order to achieve this I have read chapter 21 carefully extracting Brown’s beliefs on what the people of Umofia are like and how to best deal with them. For example in the second paragraph I have written that the religion of the Ibo people is one of fear. This is derived from what Akkuna says halfway though the chapter ‘we are afraid to worry their master’.

    This processing of ideas derived from the text not only makes the letter more credible, it also demonstrates an understanding of the novel. Emma Bornebroek Assignment Dear Reverend Smith, My name is Jacob Brown and I am the current missionary in the West-African Ibo village to which you will be send out shortly. At your arrival in Umofia you will not find raw soil. I have been spreading the word of God in this town for well-nigh four years now. Sadly, this epoch in my life will soon come to an end as I can no longer ignore signs indicating a worsening health.

    No doubt, going elsewhere is a step that needs to be taken, but the departure of my physical appearance should not be accompanied by the knowledge I have gained. Therefore, I am writing you this letter regarding my experiences and advices on how to make the sown seeds sprout here in Umofia. Over the years I have learned a lot by talking with several important tribesmen. Repeatedly, religion was the subject of these conversations, and despite the graceless conceptions of these men the dialogues always remained peaceful as I refrained from becoming too zealous.

    This way, peace was kept between both parties which is of crucial importance in the process of cultivation. If the wrath of the clan is provoked, they will turn their back to all that’s true. Therefore, not only should the shepherd be careful himself, its sometimes too eager flock must also be constrained. This will avoid people feeling too greatly overwhelmed by this new era of God. What too, I’ve learned from the conversations, is that the religion of the Ibo people is one of fear. They feel as if under constant threat of those they worship.

    For these people the Lord can bring consolation and comfort, but often they are too afraid to reach out for the hand held before them. Afraid not only of their deceitful gods, but afraid too of their doubtful relatives. Hence, before new members can be embraced trust must be gained. Here again, peaceful communication with leaders of the tribe is essential. All people in the clan look up at them and honor their beliefs. If they see that their leaders have accepted the church then they too, will.

    Naturally, success can’t be accomplished by discourse only. The people should also experience what proper civilization is capable of bringing them. This can be achieved by combining spreading-word with more physical developments. By this, I mean matters such as building schools, and creating trading centers. This has already happened in Umofia but progression should not stop after constructing the buildings as they are merely empty shells. It are the teachers together with the students which can make a school to a success.

    Here, not many attended the institution at first, but I kept stimulating the native people to send their children to school. Now, having proven their advantages, growing numbers of pupils are send to the school thus also showing that the people have come to trust the church. This has also proven to be a great gain as it offers the people necessary skills for reading the Bible. Yet, even when one makes use of all these methods, guiding the Ibo people to the right path can be a challenging mission at times. Therefore, it should not be expected that it can be accomplished in a short period.

    Long ways have already been covered in Umofia but even longer paths are still to be walked. In doing this, patience will be a inescapable virtue, but with the help of God I am certain you will be able to continue growing the seeds sown in Umofia. God bless you, Reverend Brown Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate Languages section.

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