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    Leonardo’s list of inventions Essay

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    Anemometer- helicopter- ornithology-Dad Vinci was fascinated by birds. He watched them, sketched them and borrowed ideas from them for his inventions. One of the results of this fascination was the ornithology, a device conceived by dad Vinci that would theoretically have allowed humans to soar through the air like birds. While dad Vine’s parachute would have allowed a human being to Jump off a cliff without being hurt, the ornithology was actually a way for people to soar off the ground and into the air.

    On paper, the reinterpret looks much more birdlike (or fatlike) than present-day airplanes. Its wings are designed to flap as the pilot turns a crank. This invention demonstrates dad Vine’s strong grasp of aerodynamics and modern attempts to reproduce the ornithology show that it could indeed have flown that is, if it were already in the air. Taking off under the weak propulsion supplied by human muscles would have been much trickier. The parachute and ornithology were only two of the flying machines concocted by dad Vinci in his notebooks.

    Others include a glider and his helicopter-like aerial screw, which we’ll talk about in a few pages. Parachute-The speed at which a body falls depends on two factors: the force of the gravity pulling it downward and the resistance of the atmosphere through which it is falling. If there were no atmosphere, a falling body would simply accelerate to higher and higher speeds until it hit a surface, but air tends to slow it down until it reaches its so-called terminal velocity. Different objects have different terminal velocities.

    The terminal velocity of a human being falling through the earth’s atmosphere a skydiver with an unopened chute, for instance is about 120 MPH (193. 1 kilometers per hour). That’s surprisingly slow, but still fast enough that a person falling from an airplane would make a pretty big splat upon hitting the ground. The idea of a parachute is to reduce a person’s terminal velocity and make a long fall survivable. Dad Vinci, who was fascinated by the idea of human flight, conceived his parachute as a way for people o drift gracefully through the air.

    Its pyramid-shaped framework was draped with cloth. As dad Vinci wrote in his notebooks, it would allow a man ‘to throw himself down from any great height without suffering any injury. ‘ Twenty-first century attempts to build the design suggest that it would have worked pretty much as dad Vinci described. 33-barreled organ armored car giant crossbow triple barrel canon robotic knight eight barreled machine gun self propelled cart Leonardo list of inventions By Correctional

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