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    Jean Watson’s Caring Theory Sample Essay

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    Jean Watson is a Nursing Theorist Born in West Virgina. she received her nursing grade. every bit good as her Ph.d. from the University of Colorado. Watson has completed most of her work in human lovingness and loss. Harmonizing to “Nursing Theories” ( 2012 ) . “In 1988. her theory was published in “nursing human scientific discipline and human care” . ” Watson began her work on the lovingness theory and the 10 carative factors between 1975-1979. this was the start of the model for the scientific discipline and pattern of nursing. She began working on this theory while learning at the University of Colorado. Harmonizing to “College Of Nursing University Of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus” ( 2012 ) . Watson states her logical thinking for working on the lovingness theory. “It was my initial effort to convey significance and focal point to nursing as an emerging subject and distinguishable wellness profession with its ain alone values. cognition and patterns. with its ain ethic and mission to society. The work besides was influenced by my engagement with an incorporate academic nursing course of study and attempts to happen common significance and order to nursing that transcended scenes. populations. forte. subspecialty countries. and so forth. ”

    Alligood ( 2010 ) stated the 10 carative factors are as follows: “ The formation of a humanistic selfless system of values. instillment of faith-hope. cultivation of sensitiveness to one’s ego and to others. development of a helping-trusting relationship. publicity and credence of the look of positive and negative feelings. systematic usage of the scientific job work outing method for determination devising. publicity of interpersonal instruction acquisition. proviso for a supportive. protective. and disciplinary mental. physical. sociocultural. and religious environment. aid with the satisfaction of human demands and the allowance of experiential phenomenological forces. ” These factors have laid down the foundation and basic model for nursing and the hereafter of nursing pattern. In order to understand nursing and the pattern of nursing in relation to Watson’s theory. Watson’s definitions of individual. wellness. nursing and environment must be understood. Watson defines individual as a valued being to be understood. respected. nurtured. loved. cared for. and assisted ( “Nursing Theories” . 2012 ) .

    Harmonizing to Alligood ( 2010 ) . Watson viewed a individual holistically ; with the organic structure. head. psyche being combined into a whole. but the whole is seen as greater and or different so the separate parts. Alligood ( 2010 ) stated. “Watson defined wellness as a subjective experience and a procedure of accommodating. get bying. and turning throughout life that is associated with the grade of congruity between ego as perceived and self every bit experienced. ” Watson has worked on the definition of wellness for WHO and she listed three elements to add to their definition of wellness. The three elements she listed are ; deficiency of unwellness. an adaptative and keeping degree of day-to-day operation. and a high degree of physical. mental and societal operation. Harmonizing to “Nursing Theories” ( 2012 ) . “Watson defines nursing as “a human scientific discipline of individuals and human health-illness experiences that are mediated by professional. personal. scientific. esthetic and ethical human transactions” . ”

    She saw nursing as being concerned with forestalling unwellness. wellness publicity. and acquiring back to wellness from being ill. Last construct necessitating to be defined is environment. Environment is the world that surrounds an single. such as emotions. sounds. sights. odors. illuming. people. etc. Watson felt as though the environment had a great consequence on the mending procedure of a patient. In Watson’s work she discussed what is known as the lovingness minute. this is a relationship between patient and nurse. Harmonizing to “College Of Nursing University Of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus” ( 2012 ) . “A caring minute involves an action and pick by both the nurse and the other. The minute of coming together presents them with the chance to make up one’s mind how to be in the minute and in the relationship every bit where as what to make with and during the minute. ”

    Alligood ( 2010 ) stated the lovingness minute is defined as “…an intersubjective. human-to-human relationship that encompasses two alone persons. both the nurse and the patient. in a given minute. Simultaneously the relationship transcends the two subjectivenesss. linking to other higher dimensions of being and a higher/deeper consciousness that accesses the cosmopolitan field and planes of interior wisdom: the human spirit kingdom. ” Each interaction a nurse has with her patient is involved in the lovingness minute. From the clip the nurse introduces herself to the patient she or he is seeking to get down a working relationship with that patient. An illustration of a caring minute to me is when a nurse is caring for a patient that she has cared for on a few occasions in the yesteryear. Begins by come ining the room with a knock and presenting herself to the patient and the household. The nurses begins her appraisal on entry of the room. she continues the appraisal by speaking with the patient inquiring about the patients twenty-four hours. besides set uping resonance with the patient by making this.

    The nurse completes the appraisal and administers medicines or interventions at the appropriate clip before the patient gets ready for bed. The patient asks that the nurse read a bed clip narrative to him before he goes to kip the nurse tells the patient she will be back in after look intoing on her other childs and will read the narrative so. As promised the nurse returns and reads the patient a bed clip narrative and tucks him into bed. for now the lovingness minute for the patient and the nurse to work together is over until the patient wakes up or the nurse demands to wake the patient up for some ground. After looking into the experience that I have had with this patient. I can state that I see myself as a lovingness nurse that holds moral values in topographic point by finishing the occupation assigned and being true to my word. In looking back into the interaction I have had with this patient I learned that. whether or non I was cognizant of it at the clip. I used Watson’s theory in more ways than one. I was able to integrate her theory into the full displacements events with this patient.

    I believe that in nursing the nurse must be a lovingness. honest. merely. and respectable professional. In this instance I believe that my patient noticed the attention that I as his nurse have for him and I think he was able to admit this caring minute between him. the patient and I. the nurse. I have since worked with this patient on different occasions and the relationship that we have built plants good for us. we complete the appraisal. administer medicines with voluntary aid from the patient. the patient cleans up for bed. Television gets turned out. and last. we read a book and he goes to kip. I think that this everyday that we have gotten down plants so good for the patient because it is the same modus operandi as at place it has merely been adjusted to suit in with the environment that surrounds the patient at this minute. I think that the patient and his female parent can see the sum of attention we as nurses have for him as patient. Every dark that we work together the patient and I sit and come up with a program for the dark most darks it includes him assisting me complete his appraisal. give him his medicines. and administrate any attention that is needed. so we read and he gets tucked in for bed.

    The wages for the patient is to hold a book or two read before he goes to kip. this helps maintain the patient motivated to complete all the other agreed upon undertakings. The patient and his female parent have had old ages of experience to acquire this everyday down at place and at the infirmary and it is really of import that as a nurse lovingness for this patient you are able to suit the patient and female parents wants in maintaining the modus operandi the same. In the above mentioned caring minute there were several caring factors used. The factors used were ; development of a helping-trusting relationship. instillment of faith-hope. cultivation of sensitiveness to one’s ego and to others. systemic usage of scientific job work outing for determination devising. publicity of interpersonal instruction acquisition. and proviso for a supportive. protective. and disciplinary mental. physical. sociocultural. and religious environment. The development of a helping-trusting relationship was established when the nurse introduced herself to the client and began be aftering the displacement.

    Instillation of hope was utilized when the nurse stated she would come back to read to the patient. the patient was able to understand what the nurse said and trusted/hoped the nurse would maintain her word and come back. The nurse utilised cultivation of sensitiveness to one’s ego and to others by recognizing that the narrative was of import to the patient and kept her word to read to the patient. The nurse and the patient applied the publicity of interpersonal instruction and acquisition when the patient was assisting the nurse complete her appraisal. administrating medicines and supplying the attention the patient needed. the nurse did this by explicating what she was making and why she was making it to the patient while she was working. Finally we come to the last factor used ; the publicity for a supportive. protective. and disciplinary mental. physical. sociocultural and religious environment ; the nurse applied this by seeking to do the environment and the modus operandi used for the displacement as close to the place regimen as possible. by doing the environment and modus operandi every bit homely as possible the patient heals faster and has a opportunity of a greater result in the long tally.

    Jean Watson has had many achievements in life one of which being the theory discussed supra. Watson believes that you can non pattern nursing without holding some attention for those you care for. Watson’s theory has laid out the basic stepping rocks in nursing and the manner a patient should be treated. Watson’s theory will everlastingly be one of the major theories in nursing that has paved the manner for the hereafter of nursing and for future nurses. I would urge that of all time nurse gets familiar with Watson’s work every bit good as the other nursing theoreticians that have influenced the profession of nursing and the criterions of attention used with patients. “Caring in nursing conveys physical Acts of the Apostless. but embraces the head organic structure spirit as it reclaims the corporal spirit as its focal point of attending. It suggests a methodological analysis through both art and aesthetics. of being every bit good as knowing and making. It concerns itself with the art of being human. It calls Forth from the practician an reliable presencing of being in the lovingness minute ; transporting an knowing caring-healing consciousness. . . . Nursing becomes a metaphor for the sacred feminine archetypical energy. now critical to the healing needed in modern Western nursing and medical specialty. ” ( Watson. 1999. pp. 10-11 )


    Alligood. M. R. ( 2010 ) . Nursing theory: Utilization & A ; application ( 4th ed. ) . St. Louis. Moment: Mobsy Elsevier. College of Nursing University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. ( 2012 ) . Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ucdenver. edu/academics/colleges/nursing/caring/humancaring/Pages/TranspersonalCaringandtheCaringMomentDefined. aspx Nursing Theories. ( 2012 ) . Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //currentnursing. com/nursing_theory/Watson. hypertext markup language Watson. J. ( 1999 ) . Postmodernist nursing and beyond. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone/Saunders.

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