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Honors Observation Essay (701 words)

Theory Of Cognitive Development

Words: 701 (3 pages)

Gina Geraci May 30, 2002Human Development I47/260 (202&301) HONORS OBSERVATION Essay This paper investigates the nature of moral dilemma using LawrenceKohlberg’s cognitive developmental theory of moralization (Reimer, Joseph)applied to a field observation that I conducted with an eleven-year-oldgirl and a twenty-seven year old man. I begin by considering theinspiration of Kohlberg’s theory; Swiss cognitive theorist…

The Life-Span Developmental Approach to Counseling Essay

Theory Of Cognitive Development

Words: 688 (3 pages)

The life-span development approach addresses the basic nature versus nurture debate by allowing for both. Just as our physicals selves are determined by both genetics and lifestyle, so are our emotional selves. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I plan to consider life-span development to specialize in counseling a specific type of person with hopes of…

Emotional intelligence: The rapprochement of reaso Essay

Theory Of Cognitive Development

Words: 677 (3 pages)

n and emotionThe past few decades have seen increasing interest in emotion research. Although much remains to be learned, agreement is beginning to emerge regarding the way emotion should be viewed. Emotions provide a unique source of information for individuals about their environment, which informs and shapes their thoughts, actions, and subsequent feelings, and there…

Language and Cognition A Developmental Perspective Essay


Theory Of Cognitive Development

Words: 698 (3 pages)

1. Introduction. . 32. 1 summary of chapter one 42. 2 summary of chapter two. 62. 3 Summary of chapter three. . 92. 4 Summary of chapter four. 112. 5 Summary of chapter five. . 132. 6 Summary of chapter six152. 7 Summary of chapter seven. . . 182. 8 Summary of chapter eight. ….

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What are some examples of cognitive theories?
They are:
  • Piaget 's cognitive development theory
  • Vygotsky's sociocultural cognitive theory
  • Information processing theory
What are the 3 main cognitive theories?
  • Cognitive Learning Theory
  • Social Cognitive Theory
  • Cognitive Behavioral Theory
What are the four aspect of cognitive development?
The four stages of cognitive development are:
  • Sensorimotor
  • Preoperational
  • Concrete operational
  • Formal operational
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