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    Hurricane Mitch hit Central America at the end of Essay

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    ” October 1998 killing 10,000 people and throwing the lives of another two and a half million into turmoil. Honduras – one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere – took the worst of the storm and now faces years of dependence on international aid just as it was beginning to find its economic feet.

    (megastories. com). “” Hurricane Mitch grew to become the Atlantic basin’s fourth strongest hurricane ever with sustained winds of 180 mph September 26 into early September 27, 1998. It was the strongest storm in the western Caribbean since Hurricane Gilbert in 1988. Mitch stalled off the coast of Honduras from late on Oct.

    27 until the evening of Oct. 29 before moving slowly inland. As the storm’s winds weakened it continued dumping heavy rain on Central America, causing floods and mud slides that had been blamed for at least 10,000 deaths by Nov. 2.

    On Nov. 3, Mitch’s ghostly remains entered the southern Gulf of Mexico and warm waters rejuvenated the system into a tropical storm. Mitch then barreled through southern Florida early Nov. 5 before finally becoming extra tropical at 4 p.

    m. EST, Nov. 5(USAToday. com). “In the end of the month of October of 1998, Hurricane Mitch tore through Central America.

    Honduras took the hardest hit. Many things have been tried for raising money, but the most effective of those is charity. Surely, the Honduran Government will receive aid from the international agencies and such, but the charity will have to raise the most of the money. Some say that even with all of the agencies in the world helping to raise money for the Hondurans, it will take four years to raise enough to put them back in the state they were in before this tragic storm ripped through their country. Aid agencies are a familiar sight in Honduras – but they are not always welcome.

    For over two decades, teams of outsiders have been pouring into one of the poorest countries in the region to offer a helping hand to more than half the country living in poverty and without access to fresh water. The problem is, sometimes, they do more harm than good. Teams have moved into villages in the past like tourists on a day trip, bringing money and hope to local people and walking out when things don’t go to plan. Kristina Stevens, a former U.

    S. peace corps worker, finished building a clean water system in the small western coffee town of Santa Maria just six weeks before Hurricane Mitch. She found a trail of destruction left by aid efforts before her: Which comes first, the poverty or the disasters and wouldn’t it be easier – and even cost less – to set people up with what they need rather than wait to patch up the pieces when thousands of lives have been torn to shreds? Truly, who can believe something such as this statement. If the country had been prepared for such an attack then the country would be in an even greater debt than they are as is. Then we would have to raise enough money to bring them back up to a level that we are at because that is what they would be used to by then. No , if a country is going to be attacked by a hurricane, it is better for them to have a storm shelter system so that they can hide from it.

    How well the homes of the people is not the issue. The issue is how many people will die because of poor education in emergency survival. The people of Honduras will be brought back up with the help of other countries. It will take time though, all that we can do about that is to give money for these agencies to help the Honduran population to bounce back up and build better and stronger.

    This is not a wall it is just a large stepping stone. .

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    Hurricane Mitch hit Central America at the end of Essay. (2019, Mar 19). Retrieved from

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