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    How to write about millennials

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    Nowadays, millennials are often a popular conversation topic for those of past generations. People such as those belonging to the Baby Boom generation tend to have their own preconceptions associated with today’s youth & they are globally quite similar.

    When writing about them, make sure to remember the importance in being extremely descriptive on how they are all technology addicts who never leave their house more than perhaps three times a week. Emphasize on how video games & social media are practically running their daily lives, almost as if they were sources procuring oxygen. Our youth can’t properly function without these technological devices, and they are attached to them as if they were a body part. Mention that they are spending more hours on social media than they are getting sleep. They’re particularly open about their personal lives & they have no social skills whatsoever. All they do is take “selfies” for their Instagram, they go through hundreds of them before establishing the one that is “main worthy” and will get tons of likes from their friends or the well-liked kids at school.

    Do not add that they are physically active and live a fast paced lifestyle because let’s be real we all know that none of them go to school, have a job or play any sports. Those classified as millennials are taking years off of their lives due to their level of laziness along with the total of time spent looking at their toxic devices. You may add that they are constantly sheltered from any source of human communication due to the fact that they rarely step outside. On the other hand, if you do so, be sure to make them look good by saying that they occasionally talk to other people face to face and that they attend social gatherings.

    Make sure to mention that they are all overly spoiled brats who get quite literally everything they want from their parents or guardians without putting in the slightest bit of effort.

    Millennials have little to no work ethic, therefore they don’t have a job and don’t plan on approaching an employer a single day of their existence. What is it like for someone to have aspirations again? Because they aren’t familiar with them, nor do they have any.

    Be sure to belittle and criticize them, but don’t include social media influencers when doing so. Compare the youth’s addiction to technology with an avid drug user’s addiction to cocaine. All millennials are missing the great opportunities life has to offer because they always have their heads down staring at a screen. Don’t worry though, they’re dependencies won’t stop them from accomplishing any less than anyone else. You’ll also need to add all the cons of being trapped inside a virtual world. Finally, at all times, make sure to finish by saying something harsh, but throwing in something nice too so that you don’t offend anyone.

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