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    How Analysis and Interpretation Your Dream

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    Dreams are a subconscious movie that you have when you sleep. What you might not know is that these movies are actually connected to your brain thinking while you sleep, causing you to experience a vivid sense of reality. The dreams you experience most times have underlying meanings and symbols that connect to your everyday life and they can be analyzed using, details and note taking, feelings and emotions, and connecting and understanding. I have been doing this for years and it works, once I started figuring out what my dreams meant it brought light to what was actually happening in my everyday life. I was getting strange connections in my dreams to what would actually happen in real life, as you may get this feeling as well once you start analyzing your dreams.

    For the first step It will take a small preparation, you should keep some type of paper next to you while you sleep, I would personally recommend keeping a journal and a pen on your night table. As you know When you wake up, you are probably still a bit groggy and can’t really think straight, that is okay.

    Once you get the sleep out of your eyes, you will think and try to remember what happened in the dream. Think about your dream, where were you located? Who was with you? Did you know anyone in your dream? What were you wearing? Was there anything or anyone that seemed to have significance in your dream? all of these questions should be considered when thinking about your dream and what happened.

    Once you have all of the details that you can remember, start writing them in your journal. This can be written in jot notes and should not be rushed, eventually you will begin to forget some parts of your dream, and that is okay, usually you will forget most of what happened when you wake up but eventually it will come back to you. You should know when your finished writing when you cannot recall anything else.

    This brings you to step two, it is a shorter step but is still important. After writing about what happened in your dream, you will figure out how the dream made you feel and how you felt in the dream. When analyzing how you feel you should ask yourself, what kind of dream was it? Was it scary, happy, sad, surprising or confusing? These emotions that you experience are usually similar to what your emotions are in the dream. If you have a scary dream, then you are likely to be scared when you wake up.

    Finding out your feelings should be easy for you because you have already experienced this emotion, it will come to you fairly quickly. Also, feel free to write down any emotions you had felt during your dream, multiple emotions will help with the meaning because it shows how different events changed your feelings throughout. I also want you to think hard about how the dream made you feel and then write it down because it will reflect what you wrote during the first step.

    Finally, the connecting and understanding part of your dream analyzation. This step will take a bit more time but can be made simpler by practice. So, to start you will look at the list you made in the first step and find the more significant characters, events, and objects. Some of these are really important when it comes to finding the meaning of the dream, so it is best to eliminate the basic things. Then you will look at what the meanings are of each, it is okay to search them online until you have the meanings down pat.

    For example, if you see a man in a suit then it signals that there will be a problem in your job, but it also depends on emotions as well. If you are happy with this man in a suit it can mean a better job opportunity. You will piece it together and find the meaning of each note you wrote in the first step and attach it to the feeling you had towards it. It will begin to come into a story that you understand and with time you will get better and will be able to piece your dream together in a matter of minutes.

    Now you know how to analyze your dream and you know you have done it successfully when you have a meaning, when you understand why you felt this emotion for a person or how you actually feel about your job. It is amazing what you mind thinks about while you sleep and now you know how to find what it actually means. All it takes is, details and note taking, feelings and emotions, and connecting and understanding. Also, keep in mind that the outcome of your dream might not happen instantly or not at all, but it still shows what you were thinking about while you were asleep.

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