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    How Smartphone Affect Your Relationships

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    Have you ever experienced in forgetting bringing your mobile phone for a day? I am definitely sure that it was a bad day for you. You must feel lost and uncomfortable as you cannot check your Facebook, instagram or WeChat moment, also you will keep thinking someone may not be able to reach you. Certainly, smartphone has been a part of our life and the technology is really convenient to us. We no longer spend time for shopping, entertainments and games. We do our work, studies through iPads, phones and even assisting and improving of our life quality.

    The smartphone device had become more important for us and we even use it to replace most of the electronic device that we previously had used, e.g. alarms, clocks, cameras and non electronic devices like books and even money that we need to pay for. Even though the smartphone was so helpful, what are the other things that we are loosing bit by bit that we were not able to even notice throughout our lives. We neglect the people who care about us and make our social life become narrow.

    How much time you spend on the smartphone per day? According to a research (Tina Lu,posted on October 12th, 2017), they found almost half of smartphone users spend more than 5 hours a day on their mobile devices. Let’s say we spend 10 hours on our work includinguse on the transportation and 8 hours for sleep daily, after that, we only have 6 hours left to do our own things, however we spend 5 hours on our mobile device.

    So what can we do for the remaining hour? That is totally not enough to do anything.That means you have no time to spend with your family, friends or the people that you care about of. Everyone should have been through these scene: A group of friends are sitting together, they laugh, share information and their latest news, life situations, howevertoday they are not doing these kind of stuff anymore with the people who are sitting together. It was actually happening in our real life every single moment around us.

    Nowadays, people usually put their mobile phones on the table so that they can easily to checking emails, messages and social medias. It makes your partner feel neglected when you are keeplooking at the phone from time to time during a conversation or meal. According to a study by Chinese scientists (Katie Golem, posted on January 8th, 2018), they have assessed 243 married adults with similar outcomes. Which was excessive phone usage not only decreases your marital satisfaction, but it also contributes to a greater likelihood of depression. Although it always happens around us, however people still not realized that the smartphone has been bit by bit to damage your relationships.

    Furthermore, since the science and technology developed, most of smartphones withinbuilt functions for download different types of social media like Facebook, Instagram and WeChat. Users are likely to text instead of talking on the phone and face-to-face communications. They prefer to use emojis and chat stickers to express themselves instead of deeper and emotional conversations. They become active on different social medias instead of social gathering.They concern aboutwho like or comment on their post instead of caring their loved ones. They can easily to get happiness from the smartphone, let’s say if many people respond to the post which means that people agrees on their thoughts or interests.

    On the other hand, they also easily feel depressed if no one responds on the post. Smartphones are affecting our emotional make us become anxious and lose patience.Itespecially happens on young age group. A recent research(Tricia Hussung, posted on July 27th, 2017) on mobile device usage from Common Sense Media found that 50 percent of teens said they “feel addicted” to their mobile devices. They would not be able to live without smartphone. Even they can spend their whole day by sitting at home to play their smartphone. Teenagers become addicted to the smartphone as they enjoy to the virtual worldthat can help them to escape from reality. They can easily tomake friends with strangers through online games and social medias and they can talk anything without responsibility with those online friends. They thought that virtual world is making us become have many friends, however it wasactually affecting our real social life that makes become narrow.We lost the chance to upgrade the value from learning experience, develop our knowledge, improve the communication skill and build up our own social network.

    Besides communication with our friends and family, also things were changing like entertainment, we watch movies, listening music, and games so we were actually using one device replacing so many thing like computer radios, mp3 player and even computers. Even for studies we do studying through iPads, reading notes and books, watch tutorial, research and paperwork, draw graphic, arts and reports. Students now reduce their visitation to libraries. We can do lot more learning from mobile phones like playing an instruments. We are playing on our mobile devices during breaks instead of playing sports do other activities with our classmates. We also can easily found the answers about studies from mobile device without using our brain to thinking of.

    Smartphones are making us become lazy, stupid and alone. Being over use the smartphone also will affect your health andsafety; The most common on health problem is our eye, according to studies (Brain Groom, posted on October 13th, 2016), some 50-90 percent of people who work at computer screens have symptoms of “digital eye strain”, this can include dry, sore eyes, headaches or blurred vision. Moreover, the number of people died or injured in car accident are increased in this few years, some of the reasons being these car accident was peoples playing their mobile devices, answering calls and texting messages while walking or driving on the road.

    As you can see, smartphones are tried to killing our social life even we are not be able to notice on this. For the long term affect of smartphone also includes our studies,safety, physical and mental health problems. We could see the disadvantage of smartphone from the news, research results and everywhere, but why the smartphone still affecting our life? The answer is even though users know smartphones are destroying many things from us, however they choose to ignore and still do it as usual. Actually, smartphone have negative and positive affects, it based on user how to use it.

    If we can use our smartphone correctly, it also can help us to develop a healthyrelationship between the family and friends.For the above reasons, we should withdraw our attention on smartphone to care aboutthe people around us, we couldstart to talk with your family and friends without using our smartphone, and we should to try to express our feeling through the face-to-face conversation. We should not waste time on our smartphones, as life is short,spend time to accompany with family, have agreat gathering with friendsto maintain relationships and enjoy every single moment with the people who love us.

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