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    Smartphone History and Its Advantages and Disadvantages

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    In the past, mobile phones were mostly about making phone calls. They had a number pad, a digital phone book and a pick-up and hang-up button and not much more. Now smartphones offer so much more – they are fully-fledged computers that you can fit in your pocket. They can run programs and games, access the internet, send email and much more. Smartphones typically include various sensors that can be leveraged by their software, such as a magnetometer, proximity sensors, barometer, gyroscope and accelerometer, and support wireless communications protocols such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and satellite navigation. Smartphones are a class of mobile phones and of multi-purpose mobile computing devices. They are well known from feature phones by their stronger hardware capabilities and extensive mobile operating systems, which facilitate wider software, internet including web browsing over wifi and data, and multimedia functionality including cameras, gaming, music, and video, alongside core phone functions such as voice calls and text messaging.

    Nearly all smartphones now use touchscreen controls. Instead of having hardware buttons like before, one side of the phone is taken up mostly by a touchscreen that you control using taps and gestures. There aren’t even any number buttons; when you want to make a call, a number pad will pop up on the touchscreen. Becoming familiar with a smartphone can take a little bit of practice. But when you do become familiar with it, you’ll find that a smartphone can do more than you ever thought possible on a mobile phone.

    The History of Smartphone

    Perhaps no other device in history has embedded itself in the alive of commonplace consumers more than the smartphone. Ask almost anyone to renounce their smartphone for a seven night and fate are that they’ll think you are unpractical. From converse on Facebook to reproof product electronic mail and allow directions to ordering food, smartphones are used every age for a huge kind of toil, even more so than a PC at set. But how did it all get lead? Today we will take a front at smartphone history, starting from the very timely scaffold to Android and IOS.

    The world’s first smartphone

    Depending on your explanation, the history of the quick picket can be pinpointed at diverse level. As we hear the expression today, however, I would wager that the most fit scheme for our intention would be the IBM Simon which was released in 1994. The Simon Personal Communicator was the first device to shape phone and PDA elements. The expression ‘smartphone’ did not indeed be then but few would contend that Simon was, indeed, a dandy ring. It was years ahead of its era but its fundamental premise seems very unconstrained. Aside from its telephony features, Simon also shaped many applications and avail embody  Electronic mail, almanac, calculator, lecture book of account, Earth season ornament, notepad, manifold on-screen pedalier, and even the skill to bestow and contain faxes.

    Ericsson, Nokia, and others

    In 1996, Nokia induce the Nokia 9000 Communicator. Widely considered as one of the first smartphones in the sell, it ran on GEOS 3.0 and had some region fragmentation applications. It could do everything that Simon could but had even more capabilities terminate a graphical cobweb browser. The grapple design that would rule the offer for years to come hid a full QWERTY keyboard. This was long before BlackBerry would fame the physical keyboard on mobile devices too.

    Ericsson was on a homogenous timeline in attend to in-house elaboration. However, those original were mostly discharge aside from the GS88, which was not quitto a distant crowd either. Instead, the Ericsson R380 launched in slow 1999 was the very first stratagem to be marketed as a ‘smartphone’. It was also the first mobile contrivance to use Symbian OS. That operating system would unite to dominate the nun final until the very last amity of 2010.

    Mass adoption, iOS, and Android

    The vast majority of those forward smartphones did not make as much of a discovery as you might expect. Very few populate were truly interested in purchasing such devices. The very first devices to be massively adopted were improved by NTT DoCoMo in Japan. The telephone interest a mobile internet service known as I-mode. By the extermination of 2001, there were more than 40 million subscribers of the service nation-wide.

    In the US, stuff moved at a much slower step. Mobile phones had swelling natural keyboards and stylus inputs and were mostly used for serious business. Overall, they were not a device that the quotidian destroyer claim. They were instrument for a job and not for banquet. BlackBerry was the co-partner to veer all that. By 2006, BlackBerry was assumed as ‘Crack Berry’ in slang, precisely due to its addictiveness.

    Even so, most mobile call were still interest by calling people. In 2007, the pay sage substitute completely with the first iPhone. Apple’s design was innovatory in many ways. For starters, it was a device aimed at the customary use. Its touchscreen surface could be sail with a digit and not a stylus alike every other smartphone that came before. The supplies inventiveness of the assembly sparkle the smartphone circumvolution and was a turning characteristic for the market. The press discharge, which said that Apple was ‘reinventing the ring’, devote out to be highly critical.

    Feature and Use

    Nowadays, highlights of smartphones are all the more innovative. Smartphone presently has a more unique design and build quality.Discussing structure as the first thought may appear to be shallow, but it is not affected by whats the phone looks like, is all about ergonomics. A shiny phone body might look amazing when it leaves the crate, however it won’t have a remarkable same impact when it has smirched fingerprints on top of it, and all the more essentially, if it’s not very grippy, you chance dropping it and winding up with a broke screen. A sturdily fabricated telephone skeleton has a superior possibility of enduring such falls.

    Other than that, the battery life of a smartphone is also being considered before the phone itself is being produced. For most best level phones, there’s not a gigantic distinction in battery existence with most requiring an every day change. In any case, battery use shifts greatly between clients – the individuals who watch a ton of recordings are going to go through significantly more battery than the individuals who utilize their handset to post the odd tweet.

    The processor of a smartphone additionally being enhanced and is truly bewildering. This recently discovered PC control is utilized to run web perusing, GPS, music gushing, recordings, 4G network and the various scores of assignments your telephone does once a day. Searching for a telephone with an incredible chipset inside is particularly vital in case you’re wanting to utilize your smartphone for undertakings that require a lot of handling power, for example, viewing HD recordings or gaming.

    Due to smartphone is a global information in our pocket, smartphone now has a lot of uses than before. Smartphone now can be use as mobile banking and payment. Mobile phones are used to provide mobile banking services in many countries, which may include the ability to transfer cash payments by secure SMS text message.

    Smartphone is also use as a GPS to show the direction and also the destination for the drivers to reach. The smartphone will communicate with GPS satellites to get the location and give the right direction to the drivers so that they do not need to refer to the paper map to know where is the destination because a smartphone is also a GPS.

    Smartphone likewise help instruction, particularly in kids. With simple access to data and supportive substance, youngsters can have an increasingly intelligent learning through watching training recordings and playing instruction applications. They can likewise effectively surf the web in the event that they need to look something about a theme.

    Market of Smartphone

    As a result , Samsung is again become the head in the global smartphone of market from last year. The flagship Samsung s9 /s9 plus and Galaxy J series helped manage the shipments. However, the business continued to take hits from growing competition, particularly Chinese players. However , Huawei maintained its second position based on global market share but apple is the second consecutive quarter as excellent as continues to forefront the china market, . however model huawei of P20 and P20 Pro is a series seen strong and good demand and higher profit at the rest of the world keep the economic run smoothly.

    Apple is shipped high more than 45.0 million of iPhone over the 47.0 million at last year however ,the models such as iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max is the higher demand to helped the apple to manage shipments at the peak end .Therefore , xiaomi is remained success of Samsung at the digit of position . hence Redmi product such as 5A, 6A, & Note 5/5Pro is famous models to helped the company to keep up the business run smoothly. Xiaomi support growth at the rest of the world market. Furthermore , OPPO still to overlook to recession the key of markets tot eased back on its aggressive supply and demand in the area or part of the world.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphone


    • Instant communication

    The arrival of smartphone technology updated communications. It has covered the way to SMS, call, video chat and apps that allow people to instantly communicate to everyone across the globe. It also helps us close to each other. As we use chat apps like WECHAT, WHATSAPP and etc , so we can communication together no matter how long distance that we located. Smartphone can also downloaded media sharing platforms, such as YOU TUBE, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and etc. These platforms allow team to discussion and share information or idea and emotions online without even meeting each other face to face.

    • Web surfing

    The smartphone also make it convenient for people to surf the web. These devices are combined with mobile browsers that enable them to research and access websites anytime and anywhere. According to a study, 10% of the total time spent by people on smartphones is used in opening browsers to surf the internet. With this people have easy access to information. Browse news pages to broaden your knowledge. At the same time, you can keep up with the times and learn and understand the latest news.

    • Camera

    In this “selfie” generation, the camera is very important. It saves people from buying a separate digital camera to take photos and videos. Especially now that the millennials are fond of posting photos in the social media. Everyone excited to sharing their experience on social media. With this, smartphone giants make sure their phones are equipped with the best camera. Anybody can use it to record their own memories in the form of photo and video. It can also downloaded the apps which can edicted photo and video that can make sure the photo and video quite with the professional camera used.

    • Entertainment

    Smartphones are also viewed as a source of entertainment – games, music, movies, and books. Most young generation use smartphone for gaming and now had been develop a lot of game apps no matter puzzle games or online games. Moreover , users can listen to their favorite music with iTunes and Spotify, among others. Users can know the most famous songs with the apps or online searching. Besides that, watching movies and reading e-books are also convenient through smartphones.

    • Education

    Smartphones also aid education, especially in children. With easy access to information and helpful content, children can have a more interactive learning through watching education videos and playing education applications. They can also easily surf the internet if they want to search something about a topic. Apart from that, the students through the Google Search for searching information that can save many times to get information. The students also can use educational software with smartphone. Example like, MMLS, Quizziz, Padlet and etc.

    • Productivity apps

    Smartphones can do almost everything with the help of apps. THre are over 2 million apps in Google Play Store while over 1.5 millions apps in Apple App Store. People spend 90% of their time accessing apps in which an average user install 36 apps on their smartphone. The functionality of apps varies from each other – photo and video editor, ticket booking, online store, payment system, data analysis, personal assistant, etc.

    • GPS

    Most smartphones now are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS). This technology allows people to locate certain addresses and area all around the world. This helped improved not just communication, but most especially, transportation.


    • Poor social Interaction

    Based on new data released by analytics firm Flurry, people use smartphones at least 5 hours a day. They also added that people’s usage of apps increase to69%last 2007. With this, the “real” social interaction degrades. As users mostly use the social media apps like WECHAT, WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK and etc for communicate to each others, so users have spend more time in virtual world. People no longer interact with people outside as they tend to spend more time with their smartphones. For this case, people may have social disorder and they will difficult to communicate to others in face to face. They will fell anxiety when face to face conversation and cannot express their thinking accurately.

    • Health issues

    Smartphones are also found to have a negative impact on your health. Smartphones emit radiofrequency energy which can be absorbed by tissues in the body. In this case, it will increase the risk of suffering from the disease, such as cancer, insomnia, anxiety and etc. For example, sleep deprivation is also one of the common bad effects of using smartphones. Moreover, phones produce HEV light which can damage your eyes’ retina. It will cause you myopia and astigmatism.

    • Addiction

    Smartphones are multifunction that can let users enjoy the free time, such as listen music, reading, watching video and gaming. As it has many choosen for users to using it, so people will spent more and more time to using it. This problem may lead to a serious addiction. For example like addiction to games, addiction to social media, addiction to novel, and etc. When you wake up in the morning, do you find yourself checking your phone first than anything else? If you do, this is an early sign of smartphone addiction.

    • Privacy Threats

    Users can use smartphones to FACEBOOK, BLOG, INSTRAGRAM and etc. Mostly people will uploaded their personal information when sign up a website. Besides that, people will use FACEBOOK, BLOG and INSTRAGRAM to sharing their emotion and memories. Even if smartphones are made private, there are still security risks and threats everywhere. Hackers are always present and virtual viruses are potent. Smartphones are vulnerable to these threats when you access the internet. Hackers will get your information through these websites and your personal safety is not guaranteed because criminals can know about your dairy life through these. Thus, you need to be extra cautious of opening sites and links. Make sure the website is secure by check the protocol https instead of http.

    • Internet resource considerations and uncensored content

    Smartphones enable users easy to access information and internet. Unfortunately, some of the news from the internet are not reliable. It lead the users confuses about the information. Some buyer articles all most write down the good news that related to their country. Some websites tend to persuade customers to buy the products than to provide proper information. Thus, factors that you need to consider when you find information on the internet are Authority, Bias, Relevance, Audience and Links. In easy access to information and the internet, people, especially children can see, intentionally or not, the uncensored content including violence, pornographic content and etc. If you have children, make sure you regulate their use of smartphones.

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