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    The Rise of Fascism in Germany

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    By: Muhammad Ali The Rise of Fascism in Germany After the World War 1 ended, the Paris Peace Treaties solvedfewer conflictsthan it generated. The Weimar Government startedto weaken. It began facing multiple economic and political problems. Also, the treaty of Versailles blamed Germany for causing the war; hence Germany was forced to pay reparations. After the war Hitler was jobless so he joined the German’s Workers Party. Hebelieved inanti-Semitic, nationalist, anti-capitalist, and anti-Marxist ideas.

    He blamed Jews for all the conflicts Germany had encountered. He also hated the Slavs, Africans, homosexuals and disabled people. Hitler was a deviant mastermind who came up with rather atypical schemes to make sure Germany converts into an anti-socialist, anti-communist and a fascist government. He was also very egocentric because he wanted to acquire all the power and gain supremacy over Germany all by himself. After the reactionaries within the German Armyfailedto over throw the government,Hitler became the leader of the German Worker’s Party and changed its name toNationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparie (NAZI). Germany lost a huge sum of money and the people went bankrupt soin 1923Germany refused to pay reparations but France and Belgium threatened to occupy Ruhr as a way of forcing Germany to pay its reparations.

    Since the Weimar Government was weak; Hitler decided to use these tough timestohis advantage. He assigned Dr. Josef Goebbels as the minister of enlightenment and propaganda in 1933. His role was to influence thepeoplethrough the use of media.

    Hitleralong with Lunderoff decided to take over the beer hall in Munich. The attempt was unsuccessful because it was poorlyplanned andas a result many people were killed and Hitler was arrested and sent to jail. Hitlerfelt he would not be able to rule as a totalitarian leader if his losing streak continued. WhenHitler was released from Prison,he was determined to increase the strength of the NAZI’s.

    He believed in Lebensraum (living space). He wanted to kill all the native populations of Poland and Eastern European countries because he believed they wereinferiorand the Nazi’s were superior. Hitler was known for his speeches; his energy on stage and his motivational style of speaking made the masses believe whatever he said. He would often attack Jews and blame them for Germany’s economic troubles. He wouldconvince people that the Aryanrace was the master race and destined to rule the world.

    Hitler assignedHerman Goering as the minister of Air and the chief of secret police. They arrested, tortured and killed anyone who opposed Hitler. Heinrich Himmler was the chief of S. S. and he also became the head of Gestapo.

    Himmler employedyoung men to carry out violent acts against Hitler’s enemies. These men were given food, shelter and uniforms. They were called Schutzstaffel. The S. A. was also used to protect the Nazis at any meetings or conferences that were held.

    In 1932, Nazis gained 230 seats and they became the largest partysoonJanuary 1st1933Hindenburg who was the president of Germany appointedHitler as the chancellor. The rise of fascism had begun. NowHitlerfinally had power but it wasn’t enough;Hitler was prepared to go to any extents togain morepower. Hewanted to end the Weimar Republic so he immediately called for new elections and the Nazi party gained control and turned a democratic state into a totalitarian state. On March23rd1933Hindenburg signed the enabling actwhich gave Hitlerdictatorial powers for four years. After few months Hindenburg died and Hitler became the president of Germany.

    Even though, Hitler was the president, he was not satisfied yet. He desire towipe out all the Anti-fascist parties; therefore, Hitler murdered his political rivals including seventy-seven Nazis whose loyalty he questioned. He also killed Ernest Rohm leader of S. A.

    , von Schleicher and Strasser. Hitler openly announced that he was responsible for the murders. Hitler also created Nuremberg Laws. These lawswere a terrorist campaign against Jews.

    Theyforced all the Jews to wear the Star of David. They were not given any jobs except common labor. Also the marriages between Jews and Germans were forbidden. All Jews were not considered as German citizens any more. The Nazi’s would often break into their houses, destroy their shops and brutally kill them. Hitler’sclever master plan was working andhe finally got what he wanted,he had total control over the country and its people.

    The World War was an enormous disaster forGermany. Germanylost a huge sum of money and the people went bankrupt, howeverHitlerused these tough timestohis advantage and he came into power by manipulating the people ofGermany through propaganda and fear. People thoughtHitlerwouldimprove the country’s economy andbring law andpeacebackto the countrybut the only thingHitlerbrought was fear and terror.Hitlerclaimed that he believed in holiness and heroism but there is nothing holy or heroic about killing thousandsof innocent people.

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    The Rise of Fascism in Germany. (2019, Jan 03). Retrieved from

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