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The Holocaust and Human Rights: The Case of Elie Wiesel


The Holocaust

Words: 539 (3 pages)

Elie’s experience going through concentration camps during the Holocaust at only fifteen years old gives him a unique perspective on human rights. Elie Wiesel, the author of the memoir Night, became a Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1986 for his advocacy of human rights 41 years after the Holocaust. He was without basic human rights…

Polish Jewry and the Holocaust

The Holocaust

Words: 2796 (12 pages)

During the early twentieth century, Nazis took over Europe and captured Jews as well as other victims killing around six million people. In 1933, Germany appointed a new leader named Adolf Hitler, Hitler chose Jewish people for different government positions. Months later they created a dictatorship in which they managed to build a mass movement…

The Holocaust During Nazi Germany Is a Mysterious Part of History

The Holocaust

Words: 1184 (5 pages)

History is not always completely understood or shown due to the loss or nonexistence of important evidence. Because of this, any existing documentations, testimonies, and information are considered to be valuable artifacts that can be taken into account to better comprehend the history and context behind them. The Holocaust during Nazi Germany in the 1930s…

How the Holocaust Affected the Psyche of People

The Holocaust

Words: 786 (4 pages)

Studying epigenetics allows scientists to determine the mechanisms by which gene expression is modified, facilitated or suppressed, although genes themselves, along with the underlying DNA sequences, remain unchanged. Epigenetic mechanisms are conducted via chemical modifications of chromatin, and are induced by environmental factors. In an article entitled “Cultural trauma and epigenetic inheritance,” Amy Lehrner and…

The Holocaust Is as One of the Worst Events in History

The Holocaust

Words: 554 (3 pages)

During the Holocaust, Canada could have done more to prevent the atrocities it caused. Canada could have accepted more Jewish refugees, treated the refugees they did let in better, and done something about the high amount of anti-semitism across Canada. During the Holocaust, many countries let in Jewish refugees but when they came to Canada…

The Holocaust, Eugenics, and Human Experimentation

The Holocaust

Words: 2128 (9 pages)

“The word eugenics, coined by the British statistician Francis Galton in 1883, denoted selective breeding both for promoting favored characteristics and for eradicating features deemed harmful” (“Racial” 2013). Darwinism, criminal anthropology, biology, race science, and medicine were all fundamental ideas behind this form of pseudoscience, which saw a rise in popularity in the early twentieth…

The Holocaust Essay Thesis (693 words)

The Holocaust

Words: 693 (3 pages)

IntroductionWhat, when, where, and why was the Holocaust? The Holocaust was first called a religious rite in which an offer that gave to some one was burned in a fire. The current definition of holocaust is any widespread human massacre. When it is written Holocaust, it means when Nazi Germany completely destroyed the Jewish. The…

Why Should We Remember The Holocaust Essay

The Holocaust

Words: 700 (3 pages)

Tarek El ZeinHolocaust Jesus or Hitler?Anti-Semitism was widespread in Europe at the time Hitler came to power. Much of this anti-Semitism was rooted, first, in religious beliefs that arose more than 1500 years before Hitler came to power, and second, on political beliefs, often cynically exploited for political gain. Though it was not accepted by…

The Holocaust: Number The Stars Essay


The Holocaust

Words: 500 (2 pages)

The HolocaustThe title of my book is Number the Stars by Lois Lowry and it is a historical fiction. My book was about a jewish girl named Ellen that stays with her best friend’s family the Johansens to avoid being caught by the nazis and relocated along with her family. I selected this book because…

Hitler and the Holocaust Essay (697 words)

The Holocaust

Words: 697 (3 pages)

From the beginning the Nazis who were being faithful to Hitler had specifically targeted the Jews. The Nazis relentless hatred for the Jews rested on the view they had of the world, which saw history as of racial struggle. They thought the Jews goal was world domination. This made the Nazis think that the Jews…

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Genocide of the European Jews


Attack type Genocide, ethnic cleansing, mass murder
Deaths Around 6 million Jews
Location German Reich and German-occupied Europe
Motive Antisemitism, racism, pan-Germanism

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