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Syrian Civil War

Civil War

World History

Words: 1758 (8 pages)

The Civil War is a proceeding multi-sided chaos in Syria between the government led by President Bashar al-Assad and the opposition. Since its commencement in 2011, the conflicts have devastated the entire country due to its adverse impacts. Syrian neighboring nations, foreign countries and terror groups such as ISIS have played a critical role in…

The Columbian Exchange And World History Essay

Christopher Columbus

Columbian Exchange

World History

Words: 440 (2 pages)

The Columbian Exchange was one of the most influential periods of time in American and world history. Food, plants, animals, metals and a numerous amount of diseases were all brought forth into the New and Old Worlds. The amount of goods and services that were sold and transferred during the years of the Columbian Exchange…

In the History of the world, human race, there hav Essay

World History

Words: 1757 (8 pages)

ww2e been many wars between different societies, Cultures, and Countries. Massive blood shed in many of these wars did not stop the coming of new conflicts of interest, peaking to battle. World War Two, one of the biggest war of history brought several countries to battle against each other (1939-1945). The catalyst of this war…

World History – Power Comes From The Barrel Of A Gun Essay


World History

Words: 1671 (7 pages)

Subject: World History (But it applies to much more)Title: “Power Comes From the Barrel of a Gun” – took the opposing view”Would you respect me, If I didn’t have this gun??Cause without it, I don’t get it,And that’s why I carry one. “-Phil Collins Power. A word from which many meanings derive. To each individual,…

World History: Change Gathers Steam: 1800-40 Essay

World History

Words: 2398 (10 pages)

French ideals and empire spread. Inspired by the ideals of the French Revolution, and supported by the expanding French armies, new republican regimes arose near France: the Batavian Republic in the Netherlands (1795-1806), the Helvetic Republic in Switzerland (1798-1803), the Cisalpine Republic in N Italy (1797-1805), the Ligurian Republic in Genoa (1797-1805), and the Parthenopean…

The Renaissance: Was it a Thing? Crash Course World History Essay



World History

Words: 362 (2 pages)

How does John Green define the Renaissance? It was an effloresce of arts. 3. Where do we commonly see the classical influences visually expressed in the Renaissance? The renaissance saw the rebirth of European culture after the dark ages and rushed in the modern are of secularism, rationality, and individualism. 4. Why are the scholars…

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The Age of Revolutions and the Enlightenment

The Values of the Babylonian Society: Hammurabi’s Laws Five and Twenty-one

The Poona Pact and the Issue of Dalit Representation

The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

The History of Recolonization of Africa

World at War

The Zulu Nation’s History and Culture

The World War Ii in History and Its Consequences

The Significance of the Iron Curtain at World War II and the Cold War

The Impact of Gunpowder on Warfare

The House I Live In: War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration

The Effect of Christopher Columbus’ Voyage on The World

The Drivers behind the Delian League Becoming the Athenian Empire

Russia and the United States Relationship in History

Napoleon Bonaparte’s Invasion of Russia

Importance of the Economic System to the World History

Impact of The Ideas of The Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages in Today’s World

History of California

History Essay Example

Grudges and Personal Rivalries as The Basis for a Mass Hysteria

Economic, Social, and Political Conditions in Europe: 1963 – 1989

Ww1 and Its Effects on The World

Why European Settlers Avoided Vinland

Use of “Slipping Rope” Metaphor to Criticize Desires

The Way How Sugar Changed The World

The War of 1812 for The USA

The Victory of The Revolutionary War by The Patriots

The Trujillo Era in the Dominican Republic’s History

The Struggles Before the Declaration of Independence

The Significance of Sound Advisors


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Is there world history in 10th grade?
Students in grade ten study major turning points that shaped the modern world, from the late eighteenth century through the present , including the cause and course of the two world wars.
What are some world history topics?
Don’t hesitate to pick one of these interesting world history topics right now:
  1. The first use of weapons in Europe
  2. The colonization of South America
  3. Discuss relationships in Medieval Europe
  4. The abolition of slavery in the US
  5. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  6. The most powerful army of all times
What are the most famous events in World History?
3 Most Important Events in World History Many events have shaped the world to what it is today. Events such as the writing of the Communist Manifesto, the Black Death, and World War II were very important in history and their effects can still be seen today. If not for these monumental events the world would be a very different place.
What historical events changed the world?
Events that changed the world
  • Start of World War I – June 1914.
  • Russian Revolution – October 1917
  • Start of World War II – September 1939
  • Pearl Harbour – and entry of the US into WWII – Dec. 1941
  • Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Aug 1945
  • Indian Independence – Aug 1947
  • Establishment of Maoist China, 1949
  • The assassination of John F Kennedy, 1963
  • Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989.
  • 9/11 September attacks
  • Covid-19 Pandemic, March 2020
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