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The Supreme Court and The First Amendment

First Amendment

Words: 506 (3 pages)

The supreme court is the highest judicial court in the country or state. The supreme court states in the first amendment, “freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition”. For example, students should not be suspended for expressing themselves, also people should be able to practice their religion freely without the slander. Many…

Civil Liberates and Civil Rights

Civil Rights

First Amendment

Words: 1650 (7 pages)

The freedoms that are guaranteed by the First Amendment are extremely important for the free exchange of ideas in our society. Though, these freedoms are not absolute. Judges have decided that certain categories of expression are legally unprotected (Katsh). The same can be said for college campus who have enacted free speech codes, which limit…

Decriminalization and First Amendment

First Amendment

Words: 1225 (5 pages)

Decriminalization can be described as reducing the criminal penalties of a crime or removing the laws so that the act is no longer a crime. Polygamy is defined as “the offense of willfully and knowingly having more than one wife or husband at the same time. In every state, the law prohibits that any man…

National Anthemn Protests (1178 words)

First Amendment

Words: 1178 (5 pages)

The First Amendment specifically states, all citizens of the U.S have the right to Freedom of Speech, but when this right is exercised, it is censured by the president. The First Amendment gives citizens the ability to express their emotions and opinions without being arrested or criticized, if the stability of the government the is…

Fair Packaging and Labeling Act

First Amendment

Words: 1546 (7 pages)

Government mandated product labeling applies to lots of products in the United States, including cigarettes. The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, which was enacted in 1967. It directs the Federal Trade Commission and the Food and Drug Administration to issue regulations requiring that all consumer commodities be labeled to disclose net contents, identity of commodity,…

The U.S Anti-Prostitution Pledge

First Amendment

Words: 1654 (7 pages)

Our constitution, citizens beloved amendments. One of the sources used to find information on this research was a website called “JIAS” (Journal of the international aids Society). Overall, in this source I will find information regarding the implementation of PEPFAR’s anti-prostitution pledge. Out of this I will find the implications used for successful HIV prevention…

Technology and First Amendment (2863 words)

First Amendment

Words: 2863 (12 pages)

Technology is vastly different today from how it was when the Constitution was ratified in 1788. Creating policy based on the current aspect of their modern society without looking towards an unimaginable future creates the need for clarification on certain topics that were not directly discussed through the Constitution. The First Amendment is one of…

Pornography and First Amendment

First Amendment


Words: 1164 (5 pages)

In her essay “Let’s Put Pornography Back in the Closet,” Susan Brownmiller, argues that pornography should not be safeguarded by the First Amendment. Her position is based on that pornpgraphy is demeaning abusive towards women. Rather in “ A First Amendment Junkie”, by Susan Jacoby where she believes that there is an substitute to allow…

First Amendment Analysis (1721 words)

First Amendment

Words: 1721 (7 pages)

Hear no, see no, speak no evil. A saying that could relate to two different articles in a few words. As they both address the limiting of free speech, neither of their subjects have come to a common ground based on the First Amendment. Lawrence states, ‘ The problem has been framed as one in…

The Right to Speak and First Amendment

First Amendment

Words: 726 (3 pages)

The right to speak freely is one of the critical jobs that assistance shape the main change. On the off chance that the first amendment was to be taken out, it will prompt numerous subjects from having the rights to have certain training and opportunity. Every single subject on the planet ought to have the…

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