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Stonehenge: A Unique Monument


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I. On Salisbury Plain in Southern England stands Stonehenge, the most famous of all megalithic sites. Stonehenge is unique among the monuments of the ancient world. Isolated on a windswept plain, built by a people with no written language, Stonehenge challenges our imagination. The impressive stone circle stands near the top of a gently sloping…

Essay On Stonehenge (703 words)


Words: 703 (3 pages)

StonehengeOn the British Isles more than nine hundred stone rings exist. Most people preferto call them rings rather than circles for the reason that only two percent of them are truecircles. The other ninety eight percent of these structures are constructed in an ellipticalshape. Stonehenge in itself is roughly circular. Most of these rings cannot…

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A Research Paper on The Mystery of Stonehenge

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