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    The great literary works, Shakespeare Essay

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    We meet one of Winstons friends Syme who works in the Research Department. He is one of the people trying to make the Newspeak Dictionary. The Dictionary will take years to complete, but they are trying to get rid of Oldspeak and replace it eith Newspeak by 2050. By that time, not a single human being will be alive who could understand Oldspeak, except perhaps the proletariat. Syme says that proles are not human beings. They have an existence outside the Party, but are still controlled, to a lesser extent, by it. Winston is depressed by this idea that the great literary works, Shakespeare, Milton etc.

    will be destroyed, and will exist only in Newspeak versions. They are introducing Newspeak so that people can not think bad things towards Big Brother and a though crime will not be able to happen because negative words will be out of their vocabulary. When Winston looks around the canteen he notices how ugly everyone looked, all dressed in their blue overalls. This makes you think because the posters feature people that are young, beautiful and desirable, but when Winston looks around he sees a massive contradiction in what he sees in the posters and what he sees around him.

    There is always background noise in which a mixture of propaganda and music are played. This sort of system is still occouring today in North Korea were there are speaker on every street were people all stop and face the flag and then listen to properganda. You can hardly say that Orwell could see into the future but you can say that he was a visionary and he must have got a lot of his ideas from the second world war This is when his paranoya starts, when he sees the brown haired girl who was featured in his dream, he thinks she is spying on him.

    Winston has seen her watching him before, in modern day society this could mean that the girl may like him but that thought does not go through his head but the only thing he thinks about is that she is out to get him. He thinks thatshe is a spy for the thought police. Winston writes in his diary about a time when experianced sex with a prostitute who was a prole, because she wore make-up, which Party women never did. This was a severe crime.

    The thing that first drew him to the prostitute was not the his sexual instict but the make up that she was waring, because he just wanted to rebel and not onbly was he having sex but also with a women who was wearing make up. He was married to a women named Katharine, it doesn’t say that they are still not married but they are no longer together because they failed to have children. The only purpose of marriage was to produce children, and the sex was viewed as a disgusting and the only point of it was to reproduce.

    I think that the Party did not allow eroticism because sex is a sybol of love and the only thing you are suppose to feel love towards is the party and not anyone else. Winston writes in his diary “If there is hope, it lies in the proles. ” He is now becoming more accepting about his feelings towards Big Brother, but he has also achnoledged that they are all but doomed. There is supposed to be an underground movement known as The Brotherhood, they are the only hope of the demise of Big Brother.

    But Winston says in his diary that the Brotherhood is unaware of the power that they have and until then there is no hope. The Party claim that life is better than it was before Big Brother. But Winston finds this hard to believe and tries to remember back into his childhood but he can’t, I think this is because the party has changed the past so peoples memories are altered and they can not have accurate memories of what happened to them in their past. Winston questions a time when four main leaders were hang, including Big Brother.

    But he questions wheter they were really guilty of the crimes they supposedly did, because Winston remember a photograph, which was a sufficent alibi for the men but they were still killed. The party wanted to get rid of them so they accused them of a fake crime. Winston realises this and this is a sign of his slow rebelion. All party members are expected to go to meetings at the Community Center. But Winston decides not to go even though attendance is monitored, and this was the second time that had recently missed it.

    He is slowly becoming more rebelious by not doing thing which are expected of him. Instead of going the Community Center he geos to visit the area where the proles live. While he was walking, a rocket bomb demolished some houses right next to him. He decided to go to a drinking-shop, or pub as it was called by the proles. Winston notices an old man arguing with the barman about his drink, he gets curious about this old man, because it was rare to find a person of his age because most had died during the great purges.

    Winston wanted some information about what life was like when he was young. But, the man rambled, and Winston was unable to get much sense out of him. this sybolises that like most people Winston wants to find himself and know were he came from and who he really is. Winston left the pub and soon found himself at the shop where he bought his book from. Winston bought a paper weight for $4, then shopkeeper took Winston upstairs where he had some other bits and pieces in an empty room. He thought about renting the room, because it had no telescreen.

    When Winston left the shop he saw the girl with the dark hair walking towards him. She looked directly at him and then walked quickly on, as if she didn’t see him. Winston was paralyzed. Now he knew that the girl was spying on him. In panic, Winston left the scene, he then toyed with the idea of finding the girl and killing her before she could report him to the Thought Police. He did not have the courage to take this action. It is obvious that Winston will be discovered soon. He is committing more and more thought crimes.

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