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Essays About Homer

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A Comparison between the Poetry of Homer and Ovid Essay

The comparison of these battles will give s a better understanding of these poets different views on the Trojan War. This battle also takes place outside the city of Troy, at the beginning of the Trojan War, nine years previous to Achilles’ battle with Hector. Rumor, the god rumor, told the Trojan that a fleet…

Emily Grierson Motive To Kill Homer Barron Essay

William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” is an intriguing tale of the life and death of Emily Grierson, who ends up killing her male companion, Homer Barron. A motive is not stated by the narrator, but when read critically a motive can be found. Several Literary critics have proposed different motives of why Emily Grierson…

The question has been raised as to whether or not Odysseus, the hero of Homers The Odyssey, is an epic hero Essay

The question has been raised as to whether or not Odysseus, the hero of Homers The Odyssey, is an epic hero. An epic Hero portrays many classic properties, including being very strong and courageous. Odysseus is an epic hero, because he portrays many of these and other traits, such as having a goal that is…



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Winslow Homer – On a Lee Shore Essay

We who live on this planet that we call earth easily forget that about 70% of the earths surface is covered by water. The sea is everywhere and such a huge part of human existence. Truly the lands we live on are massive islands surrounded by the enormity of the sea. American artist Winslow Homer…

Personal Responsibility and the Gods’ Role in the Odyssey Essay

The gods play an important part in Odysseus’ journey home, bringing him closer and farther from his homeland. They constantly intervene in the lives of the many characters in The Odyssey. Though Odysseus is a hero, the gods control his life. It is as if he were the main character in a video game and…

Odyssey Themes Essay

When Homer wove the characters of The Odyssey into a story, he undoubtedly leftroom for interpretation of their actions. The characters, most of whom aredynamic, colorful, and three dimensional, are used by Homer to give a fun buttruthful commentary on the Ancient Greeks and their way of life. The actions ofone figure, the man-eating monster…

Iliad Essay

Role of Greek Gods In the IlliadWith our view of God, it can sometimes be difficult to comprehendthe actions and thinking of the Greek deities. The Christian God doesnot tend to take such an active role in the affairs of people’s lives,where, on the other hand, the Greeks regarded direct involvement bythe gods as a…

Homer & The Odyssey Essay

Homer, name traditionally assigned to the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, the two major epics of Greek antiquity. Nothing is known of Homer as an individual, and in fact it is a matter of controversy whether a single person can be said to have written both the Iliad and the Odyssey. Linguistic and…

An Examination of Similes in the Iliad – and how H Essay

omer’s Use of Them Affected theStoryAn Examination of Similes in the Iliad – and how Homer’s Use of Them Affected theStoryIn the Iliad, Homer finds a great tool in the simile. Just by openingthe book in a random place the reader is undoubtedly faced with one, or within afew pages. Homer seems to use everyday…

Simile in Iliad Essay

There can be a numerous amount of reasons that an author decides to write a particular work. However, the common goal of all authors is to catch the attention of the reader and eventually make an impression of some sort on the reader. There are many different approaches that the author may take in order…

Lolita, As viewed by Homer Essay

Lolita, As Viewed by HomerHomer’s Odyssey is the story of one man’s epic journey to return home and reestablish the proper order in his life. Throughout Odysseus’ journey, he encounters many obstacles that he must overcome in order to reach his destination. Homer describes Odysseus as ” . . . that man skilled in all…

Before it was written, The Iliad was a poem told o Essay

rally by the Greeks. The Iliadpresents modern day readers with information about the Greek society many years ago inthe B. C. time period. This poem portrays the important values of the Greek societyduring a heroic age. This heroic age is conveyed by one main character, Achilles. Achillesrepresents the tragic Greek hero in The Iliad, tragic…

Role of the Gods in the Iliad Essay

With our view of God, comprehending the actions and thinking of the Greek deities can sometimes be difficult. The Christian God does not take such an active role in the affairs of people’s lives, where, the Greeks regarded direct involvement by the gods as a uncontrollable part of life. Naturally, divine intervention was a major…


A Homeric man can be defined as someone who journeys to different lands and is also skilled in battle and council. We have read the previous books in which Athena aids Telemakhos with his first step towards maturity. Book 18 offers us another view of his transformation from a boy to a man. Telemakhos conversations…

Homer Essay

World Literature 10October 18, 2000How can one determine a writers feelings about issues by simply reading their literature? Often it seems, one can read more than just the words written on the page. We can read the feeling and emotion the words represent. Homers tone in The Odyssey shows his feelings about the past, present,…

Divine Intervention Greek Gods Essay Odyssey

Greek GodsWelcome to my report on Greek gods and myths. You will learn about thegods and what they did. It is also about the myths and legends of Greece. greek godsThe gods of Greece are alike many other types of gods. They werepictured a lot like human men and women. The Greeks didn’t worship any…

William Faulkner’s As I lay Dying and Homer’s Odyssey

“As I lay dying, the woman with the dog’s eyes would not close my eyes as I descended into Hades.” Both William Faulkner’s As I lay Dying and Homer’s Odyssey deal with the manifestation of fate ruling human lives, and the experience of an epic journey that ends with an absence of progress. Both stories…

Effects of Education in Homer and DuBois

W.E.B. DuBois is one of the most prominent African American and civil rights activists in United States history. Author of The Souls of Black Folk (1903), he advocated for the advancement of post-emancipation African Americans through higher education, which he believed would help his people overcome the “Veil” of racism that continued to separate them…

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Description: Homer was an ancient Greek author and epic poet. He is the reputed author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, the two epic poems that are the foundational works of ancient Greek literature. He is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential authors of all time.

Born: Ionia

Died: Ios, Greece

Resting place: Tomb of Homer, Ios

Parents: Krithiida, Meonas


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