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A Brief History of Syria


Words: 1898 (8 pages)

SyriaCultural History: The modern state of Syria was not established until 1946, after the Second World War, but it is a land, which has been inhabited since ancient times. Archaeologists have unearthed evidence of habitation dating back to about 5000B. C. and Damascus is probably the world’s oldest continuously inhabited city. Greater Syria, a land…

Israel And Syria Essay (660 words)



Words: 660 (3 pages)

The Struggle For Peace in the Middle East Continues. . . The Golan region, whichlies between Israel and Syria, has been a place of much heated contention formany years. While the Middle East does seem in constant disarray, recent reportsare showing that Syrian people are not worried over the recent delays in peacetalks. Certain things…

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