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The Greenhouse Effect


Words: 701 (3 pages)

Global Warming is sometimes referred to as the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is the absorption of energy radiated from the Earth’s surface by carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere, causing the atmosphere to become warmer. The greenhouse effect is what is causing the temperature on the Earth to rise, and creating many…

Destruction Of The Rain Forest Essay



Words: 686 (3 pages)

The Destruction of the Earths Rain ForestsIn the time you can read this sentence, eight acres of tropical rain forest will have been bulldozed and burned out of existence (Bloyd 49). However, this destruction has been neglected and overlooked for years. Many people do not understand the long-term consequences of losing the earths rain forests….

Lee De Forest Essay (906 words)


Words: 906 (4 pages)

Lee De Forest Lee De Forest Lee De Forest was born Aug. 26, 1873, Council Bluffs, Iowa. De Forest was the son of a Congregational minister. His father moved the family to Alabama and there assumed the presidency of the nearly bankrupt Talladega College for Negroes. Excluded by citizens of the white community who resented…

Rain forest Depletion Essay (1593 words)


Words: 1593 (7 pages)

Rainforest Deforestation: Do We Care Enough? The villagers walk the charred ruins of their village, looking for any personal possessions that can be salvaged after the fire. Looking out from the remains, they see the trucks already winding their way up the newly made dirt road. Soon, the landscape around their village will be irrevocably…

Tropical Rain Forest Essay (2793 words)



Words: 2793 (12 pages)

In this term paper, I will explain the great importance of the tropical Rainforestsaround the world and discuss the effects of the tragedy of rainforest destruction and theeffect that it is having on the earth. I will write on some specific plants and animals thatcall the tropical rain forests their home; there are many different…

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How do forest fires help the forest?
forest fire.jpg
  • Release seeds or otherwise encourage the growth of certain tree species, like lodgepole pines
  • Clear dead trees, leaves, and competing vegetation from the forest floor, so new plants can grow
  • Break down and return nutrients to the soil
  • Remove weak or disease-ridden trees, leaving more space and nutrients for stronger trees
What forest is same as temperate forest?
Yes, temperate rainforests are found mostly in coastal, mountainous areas with a temperate climate. Tropical rainforests are found in the warmer areas closer to the equator, while temperate rainforests are found near cooler coastal regions further north or south of the equator.
What is the meaning of forest?
  1. A growth of trees and other plants covering a large area.
  2. A large number of objects bearing a similarity to such a growth, especially a dense collection of tall objects: a forest of skyscrapers.
  3. A defined area of land formerly set aside in England as a royal hunting ground.
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