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    Fine Arts Budget Cuts Essay (1634 words)

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    Theses budget cost will force students and teachers to attend new reduced programs at their schools. The cuts themselves are believed to be a “symptom” of a much argue problem- having genuine higher education still exists in our colleges today, Higher education is becoming “streamlined to fit into the demands of the economy, either in terms of conducting basic research that can be exploited for financial gain or by producing competent employees and managers to fill vat positions the economy can still provide. Surprisingly, private school art programs are experiencing the worst of the budget cuts. The percentage of private schools dropping their fine arts program is nearly double the amount Of private schools. This article focuses on thirty six connected Arts campuses in the United States that are struggling against keeping their fine arts program alive. It explains how one campus in particular is working tremendously hard to keep their academic programs, which is fine arts, alive at all costs.

    The campus is currently freezing all faculty staff members salary so that they will not have to result to laying-off any of their employees or start cutting any of their lesser taken classes or programs, With the hard and tremendous work that this art community campus is doing, with a little help off microscopic amount of raised action of four percent, it is obvious that this school is going to make it through the harsh economy struggles that we are facing today.

    The school even worked Taylor 2 to raise their financial aid double, to about eight percent, the amount of what their newly increased tuition amounted up to. That way their college keep the amount of students they had before this recession crisis. The extra aid this college is receiving will allow absolutely no budget cuts of any kind towards their college fine art program. Due to all of their efforts there will be no changes what o ever of the quality of the program, and there will not be any decrease in the type of programs the college has to offer the students to take.

    Clark, Steve. “Art of survival: New museum strives to remain open despite budget cuts. ” Brownsville Herald, The (TX) 15 Mar. 2011: Newspaper source. OBESE. Web. 17 May 2011. An arts museum in Brownsville, Texas struggles to keep open due to the economic crisis. Governor Rick Perry’s proposal to suspend funding for the Texas Commission on the arts was not welcoming news to Marcela Hindmost, Who is the executive director of Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts. Sadly, the BEMA has not received any money from the last commission.

    Perry suggest to axle the arts, which would mean that the arts would potentially lose one source of a grant that they were used to having towards their museum every year. The Fan’s share has dropped from two-hundred and nineteen thousand to fifty thousand dollars a year. The MFC declares, ‘”we’re running it as tight as we could possibly run this,’ says Rafael Vela, a BUMP board member. ‘There is nothing else to cut. We’re on a shoestring budget and it is a skeleton crew 12 months out of the year right now, every dab/” (par 6).

    Money really does matter at a time like this. The BAA is managing to make interest payment just under forty thousand dollars a year even With the fact that they still owe the bank a whopping six hundred thousand dollar fee. Sadly, the city of Brownsville just opened a new building for their town’s console which was paid from a grant from the Brownsville government that came out to a grand total of one point four million dollars out of the total of three point million dollar plan.

    It is depressing that the city can spend that much on a new building, which was not even a necessity, when there is so much need elf in the Fine Arts part of their city. After a lot of hard work on the museum’s part the government now understands their financial status and they are working hard, even though it is not this minute, to create a plan that can hopefully save the museum in the future. Oppenheim, Steve. “SPREADING THE WORD. ” Music Education Technology 4. 1 (2006): 6. Masterful Premier. Web. 7 May 2011, Readers of MET, the magazine, are painfully aware that many art programs throughout our country schools are struggling to survive. When your program is facing cutbacks, it is tempting for a person to fight only your immediate battles, and of courses, those battles must be won. It is important for educators nationwide to share their concerns towards the economic crisis. It is important for the schools to battle their fights alone, because they are only skilled at networking and at sharing their educational ideas- which is a good thing.

    These skills need to be leveraged to help strengthen the case to administrators and the public at large about how important obtaining funding for the arts education really is. As the article points out, must all hang together or surely we Will hang separately’ (Para). This is a famous quote from Ben Franklin and believe that it describes the economic situation and the general point of this article. Teachers within a school district should share information and ideas for enlightening their administrations and communities about the importance of the arts education.

    To get the point across effectively, educators throughout a district or even a state need to joining forces to apply grants, to promote music education and even go above and beyond and do more. Uniting educators and networking music programs is a great beginning. However, music educators need to seek out the common cause of all discipline in the fine arts department toward finance as well, As the article states, ‘We can only gain by hanging together (par 4). Totes, Arians “WELCOME. ” Strap 122. 1452 (2011): S. Academic Search Complete. Web. 7 May 2011, Even though an economic crisis is being held worldwide, the latest cuts for fine arts are taking place in the United States and the United Kingdom, The article is written to give motivation to teachers throughout the United States and United kingdom to actively work in their communities to save music. It would not be the best session for teachers to stand around and just watch as “younger generations lose their music enlightened-future” (par 3). However, those who seek a job, like myself, in the music world are sadly going to experience the worse of this economic crisis budget cuts.

    Even the legendary concert master violinist Robert Friend argues that colleges and conservatories are taking in and accepting too many incoming freshman. When schools Start to do this, it Will limit the chance Of even half of them not being able to find a job. At this point is just comes down to whoever is the best Of the best gets the job. Even With professional performing gig spots limits it to really if you are willing to move in the middle of nowhere then maybe you Will get the job.

    For example, if you are a clarinetist in college and you are looking to try out for a professional orchestra because it is your dream job and what you have been training for the last four years, you options are really limited. An orchestra clarinet position, one that actually pays a decent salary, opens once one clarinetist decides to retire so about every sixty years. And there are probably only thirty decent orchestras around the world and no sees then fifteen great orchestras in the United States. These times for musicians are tough and we are desperate to find a solution and keep our passion of music alive.

    It is such shame that musicians cannot find a break in this economy, but it will at least go down in history that we gave a fight and finally did something. Bach, Mozart and Brahms we all great composers and, yes, went down in history for writing music, but we will down in history for saving music, the thing that we care about most in our lives. Taylor 2 “University of Texas to Research Texas School Music Education. ” American Music Teacher 55. 1 Academic search complete. OBESE. Web. 17 May 2011. Sadly Scott, the maker of Music International, had to sign a deal with the Hal Lenore Corporation.

    Due to the recession Music International cannot keep their family owned and seed down for many-generation Company. Music International is a comprehensive music catalog and magazine that is distributed mainly in Germany. This company goes back to publishing Beethoven and Bach back when they were famous composers in the Baroque and Classical Eras. Today they can boast about having over forty thousand catalogs With over forty thousand publications. This includes everything from performance pieces, teaching materials, reroute materials, concert masterpieces, contemporary concert pieces and operas.

    They also make special books, magazines and multimedia items. It is now up to the Hal Lenore Corporation to keep what the company has done for so many years alive. Luckily for us, Schist’s products Will now be sold in the United States and South America. The article then jumps to the research that the university of North Texas is doing, Their research topic is to find out whether or not the Texas school children have to quality educated music programs. Bruce Orr helped to found the program Texas Music project.

    This is a non-profit organization made to help the music education programs in schools across Texas. The University of Texas used his survey in their research. His surveys purpose was to explain how music education was being affected by a lack of funding and an increased focus on standardized testing” (par 6), Sadly, music participation has dropped forty-six point five percent within the last five years. As state legislators struggle to develop a sturdy finance program, music educators become increasingly overdid about staffing and budget cuts.

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