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    Cutting Fine Arts in Schools Essay

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    Music and art programs are usually among the the first to receive severe blows. “Fine arts are vulnerable to budget cuts partly because children are not tested in music or art under No Child Left Behind. ” said Benedict J. Smart, a University of Massachusetts music education professor (Defogger). School boards cut fine arts programs because they believe it is the easy way out of a financial crisis. Although fine arts programs are usually the first to be cut when budget cuts come to schools, fine arts can be considered the most important thing in a child’s education.

    A well- rounded education in the fine arts help students develop imagination, observation skills, critical thinking skills, deeper and more complex thinking skills, spatial reasoning and temporal skills, critical analysis, abstract thought, and pattern recognition (Hurley), Research shows that when students study the arts, it leads to higher achievement in other areas, especially when the arts are meaningfully integrated throughout different content areas. A Scientific American editorial which was headlined “Hearing the Music, Honing the Mind,” stated, “Music produces profound and lasting changes in the brain.

    Schools should add classes, not cut According to the “No Child Left Behind” act, the fine arts are counted as one of the ten core subjects. Also under “No Child Left Behind,” it violates federal law to cut arts classes in schools. It has been proven that schools With fine arts programs have higher test, graduation, and attendance rates. Schools that have music programs have significantly higher graduation rates than do those Without music as compared to 72. 3%, (Russell). The College Board reported that in 2004. Those who had taken fine arts courses did better on the Stats than students who did not take fine arts courses.

    Those who studied music scored forty points higher on the tat portion, and those who studied acting outscored their peers by sixty six points on the verbal portion of the test. Studies in Chicago indicated that scores of students who studied in schools with the arts went up two times faster than those in schools without the arts. Another study indicated that those student who studied fine arts in Minneapolis made substantive test gains; this was especially true for children who were considered to he disadvantaged. Famous actors, artists, and musicians would have never been what they are today it they had not taken arts classes in high school.

    If children are educated in the arts they will better understand and appreciate other cultures. A very famous band director who I meet once said “If you sit down in another country and play your instrument, act out a skit, or paint a picture you can have a conversation with the native people. The arts are a language that is the same for all countries no matter what language they speak. The arts are the gateway to people’s hearts and souls. ” (Mr.. Bruce Dinkies, band director at James Bowie High School in Austin, Texas) School Board members are not aware Of the effects Of cutting fine arts programs.

    By cutting public funding to public schools, school boards risk placing more pressure on private donors and Other such resources to help fund the arts. Studies show that schools that cut arts programs within three years are spending more money on education, and their test scores actually go down. ‘ Within two to three years, every school that cut arts showed a decrease in morale and attendance and an increase in vandalism and disruptions, and within three years most of them had to add extensive disciplinary staff to account for the problems that were created by not providing the full range of experiences that human nines need. Said Mailing Payola, a consultant for the Department of Public Instruction (Shrank). One of the biggest effects of cutting fine arts classes is bigger class sizes. If students are not allowed to take arts classes they will put in classes that were already possibly overflowing with students. Ay cutting money for arts in schools, we risk dampening our student’s desire to experience and appreciate the arts later in life (Stretch). If students are not given the chance to take a fine arts class in high school they may never have a chance to experience the arts at all.

    Without the arts in schools students will have fewer options when school is not in session This could lead to an increase in home entertainment which includes playing video games, watching television, and using social network sites. This will give students more time at home which could lead them to making bad decisions in the time that they could have been doing a fine arts program. When school boards cut fine arts programs they do not think Of the consequences that come. Although fine arts programs are being cut there is hope that the fine arts Will continue to thrive trough the coming years.

    There are several successful fine arts programs throughout the country and they all have characteristic traits that make them so successful (Stretch). Programs that have been successful included: community involvement, board support, a superintendent who supports the arts personally, an arts coordinator who is involved in the community, a principal who provides resources, strong elementary arts programs, well trained teachers, planning, and continuous improvement. These types of fine arts programs show that it is possible for art programs to flourish it they are not cut.

    Some people in he government are toeing to fight the cutting Of fine art programs, which brings hope to child across the nation. In the recent economic stimulus package the House of Representatives version included Fifty million dollars for the National Endowment for the Arts to help nonprofit organizations avoid closing or laying off workers, During the Great Depression the Federal Works Progress Administration paid thousands of unemployed artists to write regional guidebooks, produce plays, and organize symphonies President Obama has not proposed such a program but supports increased arts funding.

    Through the help of the government and successful fine arts programs arts programs should be able to last for a very long time. When schools are in an economic crisis they usually cut fine arts programs first. Educators are unaware of the effects on their schools and students by cutting their fine programs. One day educators will find out that the benefits Of a successful arts program outweigh the need for cutting them. Through the help of the government and school boards fine arts programs should nourish in every school in the nation. Works Cited Defy-roger, Jeannine.

    Fine Arts Programs Being Cut at Schools across Western Mass. ” Amassing 01 Gag. 2009: n. Page. Hurley, Ryan. “Cuts in Arts Programs Leave Sour Notes in Schools. ” Wisconsin Education Association Council 24 June 2004: n. Page. Russell, Scott. “Setting Standards, Cutting Funding for Arts Education. ” Daily Planet 19 Mar. 2008: n,Page, Shrank, Barb. “Cutting Fine Arts Coordinator Will Cost Money. ” School Intimation System 01 June 2004: n. Page. Stretch, Michael. “Importance of Fine Arts and Music in the High School Curriculum,” Suite 101 04 Deck. 2010: n. Page. John Franklin Honors English 12

    Mrs.. Bowels 7 November 2011 Cutting Fine Arts I Schools Outline Thesis Statement: School Systems around the country are cutting their fine arts programs without knowing the entire population is effected by the loss in their community. * Fine arts are being cut. A School systems are running out of money and fine arts are always the first to go. B. Board members are unaware of the benefits of having a fine arts program. C. School boards believe that cutting fine arts is a easy way out of their financial crisis (Defogger) II. Fine arts are the first of the subjects to be cut.

    A The fine arts are considered to be the most important thing in a child’s education (Stretch). 8. A good education in the arts can lead to many needed life skills, C, The arts are also showed to improve students’ abilities in their other classes. D. Under “No Child Left Behind” it is actually illegal to cut any tot the fine arts programs (Hurley), Ill, School board members are unaware of the effects of cutting tine arts programs. A By cutting public funding to tine arts they place more pressure on private donors which in turn places more of a strain on the general economy. B.

    Within three years of cutting fine arts programs schools showed a decrease in several key areas and an increase in several unwanted areas (Shrank). * Moral goes down. * Attendance goes down. Test scores go down. * Vandalism goes up. K Classroom disruptions go up. * Community crimes also increase. C. Due to the several problems due to the cut of the arts school usually have to hire additional administrative staff. D. If students are not allowed to take arts classes they will be forced to take other classes which will cause unleavened classes Which Will cause the general education level to decrease because teachers ill have more to deal with.

    E. Fine arts programs usually involve after school programs, but if the arts are cut then students Will be forced to go home. A. Students will then have more time to play games, watch t. V. , and use social networking sites. B. These activities can lead to other destructive activities. IV. Successful fine arts programs are the key to the arts surviving for many more generations. A. There are several successful arts programs across the nation. B. All of these have several traits that make them successful (Stretch). A. Community involvement .

    Board support c. A superintendent who supports the arts personally d. An arts coordinator who is involved on the community e. A principal who provides resources f, Strong elementary arts programs g. Well trained teachers h. Planning i. Continuous improvement When Schools are in crisis they tend to cut fine arts programs in schools. A. Educators are unaware of the effects on their school and students by cutting their fine arts programs. B. One day educators will realize the benefits of a successful arts program outweigh the needs for cutting them.

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