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    The film ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ Essay

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    I am going to discuss in this essay the representations of Dracula and the female characters based on the choices of the director. I am also going to compare the novel to the film and will be looking at how this Dracula is similar and different. The movie ” Dracula” was directed by Francis Ford Coppola in 1992. I will also be looking at how women compare in this film, as women are the main victims in traditional Dracula movies who need rescuing or punishing if promiscuous. The opening scene of ” Dracula” is very important as it shows how and why Dracula transformed from a warrior into a hideous ruthless vampire.

    Also, this scene is not in the novel which has been the director’s choice. Coppola purposely added this so we know the background of Dracula and to get the audience more involved with the film. It also helps to project a further understanding of the film. Another interesting point is that Van Helsing is the narrator. Although Van Helsing doesn’t say much in the movie, he speaks of who he calls master (Dracula) quite a lot and reveals to us what Dracula has done and what he is going to do. This makes Van Helsing’s character quite interesting.

    In the opening scene, Dracula is fighting for his country and sets off on his mission to fight the Turks. He says farewell to his wife who he loves more than anything. During the battle, the mise- en- scene really informs the audience about the atmosphere and what it would be like if you were in Dracula’s position. For example, there are silhouettes to portray the men fighting as warriors who show no mercy. The mise-en scene is a red, orange sky and sounds of people dying. The denotation of the sky is a red and orange sky and the connotation of the sky is love, blood and war.

    The music is diegetic, very low pitched, dull and really gets the audience involved with the film. Dracula arrives at his castle victorious from the battle only to see his wife lay dead in front of him. Elizabetha had committed suicide after reading a note attached to an arrow which was shot at the castle during Dracula’s battle. The note said that Dracula had died. Seeing this, Elizabetha wanted to join Dracula in heaven so she flung herself off from the top of the castle into the river.

    The director has made many choices throughout this scene. One of the choices he made was the camera angles. The camera angles on Elizabetha were mainly medium- shot and close- up because the director wanted us to see the whole figure and how Elizabetha’s appearance was after she had committed suicide. The representation of Dracula in the opening scene is a warrior. This is to show his passionate love for his wife as any warrior would do and to fight for his country until the end.

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