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    Visceral and frightening movie Essay

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    “Do you believe in destiny? … that even the powers of time can be altered for one single purpose… the happiest man that walks this earth is the one that finds true love! ” stated by the main character, Count Dracula in Francis Ford Coppola’s sumptuous, visceral and frightening movie “Dracula”. The director portrays the message that true love is eternal, invincible, and persuasive. If love is not fulfilled in life then it is effectuated afterlife, even if one has to become the servant of darkness. This determines the ceaseless conflict between pure and evil and how virtue always prevails.

    Initially, love can make one do such activities that can hurt one and it is also capable of causing one to experience a long period of obscurity. For instance, Vlad the ‘Impaler’, a count and vicious warrior, leaves his home in Transylvania and goes off to fight in the Crusades. Falsely hearing of his death; his wife Elisabeta commits suicide. However, a monk tells the returning Dracula taking one’s life is against God’s law and her soul is damned therefore she cannot go to heaven. In anger, Vlad renounces God “Is this how you repay me? …

    I deny you… I will rise from my grave and revenge her death with all the powers of darkness… her blood is now my life! ” This quote proves that the love for Elisabeta has made Dracula angry and he promises to take revenge from God, lacking thoughts of what he is saying even though God is the most powerful existed. Furthermore, Dracula injures the cross by stabbing it with his sword, showing hatred towards God’s force. The church happens to bleed and Dracula drinks from the fountain of blood. “The blood is life… and it shall be mine.

    ” This quote begins the journey of his life as Count Dracula, embracing Satan in exchange for immortality since the death of Elisabeta turns his world upside down reasoning Dracula to take an evil phase. In addition, this iniquity side of him views things very different in contrast to the majority of the world around him. For example, Jonathan Harker leaves fiance Mina and journeys to Transylvania to meet Count Dracula to complete a real estate transaction. Jonathan dines while Dracula refuses, “You must excuse me, but I have already dined. And I never drink wine”.

    At this point, Dracula clearly demonstrates that he has changed when refuses to drink wine given that he now only drinks blood. He has adjusted greatly over time due to the past events occurred in his life; that he views things completely opposite of others, as proof “listen to them… the children of night. What sweet music they make! ” For Dracula, the wolves are the ‘children of night’ and they make sweet music to him where as Jonathan is irritated and feared by the wolves because he has been followed by them throughout his journey to Dracula’s castle.

    Hence, it is obvious that love can cause one to go against the norm without thinking of what he/she is doing and the consequences of that action. Additionally, if one’s love is not attained, it creates a major conflict between the sinful and the pure around. For illustration, Dracula makes free-spirited Lucy a ‘blood-sucking disciple’ and starts continuous battle involving the iniquitous and the humble. Dracula attacks Lucy one dark night; Lucy becomes very ill after his attack. Abraham Van Helsing is called for his medical skills to examine Lucy.

    After investigating Lucy carefully, Professor declares “We are dealing with forces beyond all human experience, and enormous power. So guard her well. Otherwise, your precious Lucy will become a bitch of the devil! A whore of darkness! ” At this point, Abraham Van Helsing discovers that this is not a normal case and after further observations of Lucy he determines traces of vampirism and decides to fight this evil embodied in shape-shifting Dracula. In addition, Dracula attacks Lucy again, proving that he is thirsty for human blood and weakening Lucy more.

    In the meantime, Van Helsing continues to study her and at one point explains, “Hear me out, young man. Lucy is not a random victim, attacked by mere accident, you understand? No. she is a willing recruit, a breathless follower, a wanton follower. I dare say a devoted disciple. She is the Devil’s concubine! ” Currently, professor clarifies the way Lucy has become a victim in this combat among the vice and the pure, where Lucy is the ‘pure’ and Dracula is the ‘vice’. Moreover, Professor Helsing then vows to hunt down and destroy Dracula forever. He illuminates, “Mr. Morris, your bullets will not harm him.

    He must beheaded. I suggest that you use your big Bowie knife. ” This confirms Van Helsing leading the group of men on a quest to Carthax Abbey to destroy Dracula. Thus, under these conditions it is clear that the continuous struggle between evil and pure is caused by a heart broken lover. Of even greater interest, James A. Baldwin quotes “Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up. ” This quote is similar to that of Dracula’s situation; seeing that he is fighting with the rest of the world to attain his true love.

    Not only that, true love is always accomplished, never quits thus prevails any problems raised. For example, Dracula does not renounce the search of his love. He arranges a chance meeting with Mina and introduces himself as Prince Vlad. “I’ve crossed oceans of time to find you” says Prince Vlad to Mina who is at once frightened by, but charmed and attracted to the handsome prince. They often meet, and Mina starts getting close to him. “It’s your voice perhaps so familiar. It’s like a voice and a dream I can not replace… it comforts me when I’m alone.

    ” This quote shows the creation of feelings in Mina’s heart towards Dracula. Subsequently, Mina rushes to Romania to marry Jonathan and Dracula needless to say he is devastated, then understandably angry. However, Mina can not take Prince Vlad out of her mind. “My strange friend is with me… ” Mina begins to think of him constantly and still carries a little hope for Prince Vlad to approach her life once more. Her desire is fulfilled one night, when Prince enters as green mist, and Mina says, “I wanted this to happen… I want to be with you always”.

    This quote explains the two lovers reuniting, and here he tells her the truth. “There’s no life in this body. I am the monster breathing men want to kill… I am Dracula. ” Mina recognizes that he has killed Lucy; she hits him in anger, and still accepts: “I love you. I want to be what you are. See what you see-love what you love. ” At this point Mina proves that true love is always accomplished and Dracula next states “Then… I give you eternal… Everlasting love. The power of the storm… and the beast of the earth. Walk with me… to be my loving wife…

    forever. ” This quote illustrates his love attaining since he now is about to make Mina his wife who is ready to give up everything for her love, she proclaims in deep passion, “You are my love… and my life… always. ” Additionally, Dracula wounds his chest with his finger and responds, “Mina drink… join me in the eternal life” This quote shows these lovers are impulsive since she is married still carries on and drinks blood from his chest, while he has his arms wide open. “No! I can not let this be… I… love you too much to condemn you.

    ” This quote explains that he loves her excessively and can not allow her to be treated similar to how he has always treated by others so Dracula refuses to take Mina among him. At the same time, Mina argues “take me with you… please. ” At this point, it is clear that Mina loves him deeply so commences to drink from his chest once again. Accordingly, Dracula’s long lost love, Elisabeta in re-embodiment as Mina is obtained after numerous inconveniences and proves that true love does not quit under any circumstances and constantly overcomes struggles. As a consequence, passionate love is endless and influential.

    It is clear that love is fulfilled no matter what, even if one has to go against God’s will and enter the world of shadows. A heart broken lover can appear as evil or pure since it does anything to reach its destiny-love. Dracula is portrayed as the deadly bloodsucker and as a lonely soul determined to reunite with his lost love. The movie “Dracula” is a tale of humanity, love and despair. Smiley Blanton’s following quote relates back to this entire move, “love is the immortal flow of energy that nourishes, extends and preserves. Its eternal gaol is life. ” It also makes one wonder if Dracula can really be considered a villain.

    The opening scenes portray him as a great soldier, who returns to his castle to find his true love dead, the victim of suicide, damned by God for eternity. An infuriated Dracula promises vengeance against the Lord, after which, many centuries later, he calls upon a London real estate office to close a deal on property in the city. His quest for his true love takes on a greater meaning, as he will stop at nothing to return to her. Hence, his true love prevails through its purity and innocence. So could Dracula really be considered the villain through out the whole movie?

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